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13 Jun 2012 21:11:03
Big announcement about takeover coming in next few days, its a local consortium not mega money i'm afraid

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I hope it's not. Some foreign consortiums do have some serious money to buy success, but generally local ones are just a bunch of business men with big egos and not enough money.

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That complete bull mate. I know now for a fact its rubbish, so would amuse me by sharing your source...

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Which club does the guy with the 'local consortium' rumour think the Kuwaiti is about to buy? Second tier club with a big history?
I just can't imagine which other club in this division has a richer history! Like the other poster wanted to know, where did he source the rumour from?
This quote from Ron Atkinson in Sport 360:
Atkinson, who remains an influential figure in Midlands football and who managed the club for briefly in 1999, admits he is aware of the Kuwaiti bid.

"I've heard the Kuwait link, and believe there is interest in Forest from two other parties, but nothing has happened yet and I hope it does. It’s a smashing club and can only grow if they get the right backing," Atkinson told Sport360°.

Atkinson, in Dubai for Euro 2012, still retains close contacts with the club and believes the infrastructure is there at the City Ground, for the club to flourish under new owners.

"I would say Nottingham Forest are among the English clubs that can be called a sleeping giant. There are big clubs and Forest are a big club. They have a super ground, great fan support and history," he said.

"They could easily sustain a Premier League place. But they need someone to come in and help them achieve that.
"But it’s the sort of club people should be looking at if they want to buy a club in England."
Also a while ago on Sport 360:
Kuwaiti businessman Fawaz al-Hasawi has been credited with an interest in the club (N.Forest) after his spokeman confirmed to Sport360° that he was indeed keen on a club in the "English second tier".
Sattam al-Sahli, a respected football journalist in Kuwait, who writes for EurosportArabia among other publications, has said he is sure that al-Hasawi is buying Forest and not Championship rivals Leeds United, as had initially been reported.
Sources in Kuwait maintain there is genuine interest from Al-Hasawi, a Liverpool fan who has been an admirer of Forest since he was young, according to one source."

It's odd that there doesn't seem to be any other club, apart from Leeds, mentioned anywhere in articles about this rumour. Still, obviously speculation, which will, apparently, soon become clear and fans will either be elated or deflated, depending on the outcome - hope our luck is about to change - Will we be singing - Nottingham Fawaz, Nottingham Fawaz FC! (excuse the pun!) next season - or still calling for a new manager?

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It has been widely reported that Al Hasawi has not got the means to buy Forest or Leeds, so you can put that rumour to bed

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It has been widely reported that Al Hasawi has not got the means to buy Forest or Leeds, so you can put that rumour to bed

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13 Jun 2012 20:01:57
Forest have got a big meeting planned for tomorrow its not clear who with but all the days other business has been cancelled due to the importance of this 1 meeting.I am not stupid enough to say that we will hear anything tomorrow but it is a sign of things taking 1 step closer!!

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There is probably important meetings most days as the club is about to sold. Just like at the end of the day its night. It doesn't take a genius to take a guess at this info.
And to all those that said we would be wearing Adidas or Nike next season, dont you look silly now.

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Yep, I was one of the gullible ones going on what was on Wikipedia... Definitely know now!

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I read there having a wip round in local to buy the club. good times!

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13 Jun 2012 15:16:15
Sport360 say Big Ron reckons only 2 parties interested... Not the Kuwaits! Seems like theres a lot of people who no something...

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Does the lad work for merchant bank Seymour Pierce ?

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Kuwaiti owners and the other is maple leaf guy

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Maple leaf guy has already pubicily said he is not interested in forest, and the kuwaiti was all balls trust me, its a local consortium hence the local sponsor having inside info, all you lot better stop dreaming of mega money, cause i know for a fact that we arnt even goin to be as wealthy as we was under doughty. But at least we will have a club next year

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What would big Ron know?
He couldn't even get in the correct dug out

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Richard Branson - Virgin have a large interest on the table. Heard it from a close trusted friend. Massive potential/ opportunity when Forest bet to the Premier league.

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Is this friend on the board at seymore price? No?

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Maple leaf guy has already pubicily said he is not interested in forest, and the kuwaiti was all balls trust me, its a local consortium hence the local sponsor having inside info, all you lot better stop dreaming of mega money, cause i know for a fact that we arnt even goin to be as wealthy as we was under doughty. But at least we will have a club next year

No here never said he was not interested

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13 Jun 2012 15:13:53
Hi there, I broke the fridge magnet story a few weeks ago...

I'm getting lots of vague info at the moment about the possible takeover including the v kuwaitis or a wider middle eastern consortium but also other hints too

I did get a tipoff a week or do ago about a QPR connection from a different source, I assumed this was al-hawasI but I've since got wind of a different tip associating Former hoops owners who have unfinished business in football which might explain the Paladini links... or maybe others

Nothing firm to any of this, I'm finding the dots and joining them best I can... If I find more I'll bring it


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Is your source by any chance? Everything you very vaguely hinted at there is already on here, twitter and the Forest boards

Nice try though

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13 Jun 2012 00:09:34
Both Kenny Burns and Adam Pye both clearly know something as they have bith passed comment on the matter. Pye during the new kit launch and KB not so long ago on Twitter. Yet Mark Arthur still denies knowing anything. Is he stupid enough to think we believe him? Whoever it is who comes in, I sincerly hope that MA is first out of the door. The club needs honesty and clear communication. If he is restricted legally to hold his tongue he should state that rather than lying to all the fans.

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Why would kenny burns know anything and MA don't?

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Maybe MA out the door and KB become CEO,now that would be funny COYR

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MA is doing what he does best and burying his head in the sand and taking a massive wage for it. Hopefully he's first out the door.

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What are you talking about? Now you're inventing things to have a pop at mark arthur. Of course he's not going to tell you if he has some confidential info. We're not at school here.

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As CEO, there's no way MA is not in the loop. So far as yesterday's interview is concerned, given the current situation, he did what he had to do. Of course he knows more than he's letting on...

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Read what the man said....he is in the dark as are we. He and FC answer any questions and wait. The bank are representing the Doughty's and all others are just employees who will be told in due course. MA is clearly trying to force some info by what he has said. I detest the guy as well but this brainless ranting is pathetic and boring. {Ed034's Note - he also gave a hint that he knows more, but he is doing the right thing by not sayinmg, as it is what has been asked of him to do. Let's be honest if he thought he could get away with telling us something, he would, even if it is just for season tickets sales

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Totally agree with the original post, think that interview was a complete joke and showed no respect to fans. on a positive note the new sponsors look decent atleast they are forest fans and will have the clubs best interests at heart {Ed034's Note - It showed respect to the potential buyers though, which is more important in my opinion

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What a load of nonsence. He may have made mistakes in the past but MA has done nothing wrong here. Of course him and FC know more then they are letting on - although they're not involved with the takeover I'm sure they will be kept updated with progress. They obviously cannot say anything publically for various legal reasons but mainly because it might jeopardise any deal. It is in no way being disrespectful to the fans - obviously they would like to tell everyone what is going on to boost season ticket sales, but they can't so get over it!

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Mark Arthur's interview was excellent - he showed huge dignity in what has been a hugely difficult time for the remaining directors. Sad that a few on here feel qualified to pass judgment when they are so clearly out of their depth.

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Look at BBC Sport
Looks like we are nearly there???

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Is it just me or does everone else want to wind the clock forward 10 days?

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If I was palying the guessing game and trying to read imbetween the lines on the comments by MArthur I would say the numerous interested parties stated are an assortment of business men coming together to form an alliance to buy the club. There are enough business men out there that fly our flag and it is probably why its taking so long to formulate a deal

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I think by saying he's dignified and others are out of their depth, that too is passing judgement. But if you feel as though you are superior and 'qualified', please continue.

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Don't agree with you there ED, without investors we would be in league 2 but without fans we would not be a football club {Ed034's Note - I'm not saying stuff us fans, but on this occasion, if an investor has asked for nothing to be divulged, then he is surely doing the right thing??

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I am by no means a massive Mark Arthur fan, but do we want him to say its nearly done and it to fall through and we feel worse at the end or alternatively he says too much to the press and breaks confidentiality agreements with the interested parties and then they pull out because we've shown a lack of trust. No CEO at any other football club would have acted any differently and what's more I don't think they would have in the last 6 months. Give the bloke a break!

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Woah ok. People massively interpretting what I said wrong. My point was that he lied and said he knew nothing when later on in the interview he makes hints that he does. My point was for him to cut the crud and be honest and say from the beginning "I'm not at liberty to divulge any information due to obvious reasons."
Instead what we got was half I know more than you, half I don't. My point was his lack of consistency. And for the revord, I hope no information comes out about the deal until its signed and sealed, we don't want to risk it.

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