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14 May 2012 10:02:42
Lynch has been offered a 12k a week contract. He asked for 14k but forest said no. Isn't 12k enough Lynch!

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Far too much.

hopefully he gets a better offer from elsewhere if we've offered him 12k.

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Who do these players think they are?! I think half of them need a reality check, some people don't earn much more than 12K in a year. If he wants that much, let him go. Bring in someone else who wants to play football for footballs sake rather than just the money.

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Not even worth 12k a week. Surely there are better options. Maybe we should have offered McCleary more money in an attempt to keep him.

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I think will have to let him go for 14k a week
he is a good player but i think we have to get real on the wages issue.That's why we make a big loss every season.the avearage wage is 4k a week in the championhip. so why do we have players on 10k + a week? when the ffp rules come in, we will be getting big fines and transfer embargo's if we don't sort it out now

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Why do people come on here with talk of wages.Only people that would ever know that do not come on rumour sites.

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Always ask for more than you want & that leaves a bit for bartering.
I think you will find Lynchy will be wearing the Garibaldi next season.

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This post is nonsense. According to the NEP, McCleary was only offered 10k pw.

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ALL of the pre madonnas have got a BIG reality check hitting them soon with the FFP coming in. Unless your in the premiership the wages will stay normal(ish) anything over 2k a week is mental for what they do regardless !

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No one knows what players wages are but I would be very surprised if we had offered 12k pw to JL.

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And the prima donna's too

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Any1 else regret voting 4 lynch/mccleary for player of season if these wage stories r true

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Not really because they were the players of the season and they deserved it as they played the best and saved us from relegation!

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I love how people come on here slagging players off and we don't even know this is true..."fans" showing their true colours

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Considering he is holiday in vegas, he can't turn down a contract over there can he!

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Why has he not got a phone? Or an agent mithering him?

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Rubbish! Actual offer is just below 8k. Take it or leave it Mr Lynch its up to you.

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I think the fans just need to leave the contracts issue in the hands of Forest! Lynch had a great season and I for one would like to see him stay! All these negative comments aren't any help at all

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Re above, I voted for Gunter as he played every game. Dont believe in voting for a player who didnt even play half the season. So no regrets here.

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Erik huseklepp would be nice to sign

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