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15 Jan 2012 19:38:46
Steve cotterill be going in next few weeks, watch this space.

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Why waste time making stuff up, what a maggot.

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Hope its the next few days!

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I've been saying for a while that he's not up to it. I respect him for taking on the job in the first place, I think he's passionate and hard working but he's not what this club needs. we need a disciplinarian LIKE billy. not necessarily billy himself, altho i would love to see him back. we need a strict manager. the lads clearly enjoy themselves too much at training. i know through a friend who lives near a few of the players that the players didn't like billy because he was strict. i also know that they like cotterill. work it out. sc needs to go and sharpish

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COTTERIL OUT NOW not in a few weeks...its too late then... WARNOCK in pronto or face DOOM

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15 Jan 2012 19:31:36
forest to accept bids for 4 key players this week. 9 forest players have asked their agents to find them new clubs before the end of as lost the dressing room. QPR and norwich to bid for gunter.norwich have had a bid accepted for lewis and camp.

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Absolutue b****cks

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Call yourdelf a fan maing up crap like this...oh yes a Direby fan maybe.

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Otherwise its Div One for sure!

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This is interesting.......No it's not. It's bull.

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Only offer made for ANY player was for Gunter and he did not want to go. Stop making crap up pal!

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15 Jan 2012 00:04:39
This is interesting.

According to the son in law of a Forest director, the following things are going to happen...

1) Mark Arthur will be leaving within a month.
2) Despite Cotterill having a 3 year contract he will also be leaving.
3) As it was Arthur who blocked Billy's return, him leaving will pave the way for Billy to return.

I reckon the guy who started the thread was telling the truth, but I'm not sure of the source. Surely he wouldn't be lying, but you never know.


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Sounds like we'd be in dreamland, unfortunately thats all it is, a dream. Unless ND is going to do a HUGE U-turn and re-invest, maybe one last swan song i suppose, a parting gift? I think he'd establish himself as a Forest hero if that is the case.

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Love that! but cant see it! You would need a cro-bar to get Marther out!

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It would have 2 happen befor the end of January in order 4 king billy 2 get a few players in. I gonna this is just rumour dreamed up by a fan that's as miffed off as me

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Iv heard Nicky Marshall (academy director) to take over, Frank Clarke wanted that when he became chairman but MA had all ready spoken and offered job to SC.

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Hope so look what stoke did pulis and now look at them

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Unfortunately I don't think that the likely financials associated with making either of these things happen are viable for Forest, and hence as much as I would love to see both happen (after yesterday I'm convinced that Cotterill is not the man for the job) I ust can't see it.

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Please please please be true, Although very doubtful.
Being as were still paying Billy it wouldnt cost anymore than has already been budgeted for either.

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If this happens I will be over the moon. In fact, tell me where King Billy is and I will approach him on behalf of the club

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No directors have left forest since Doughty gained control and those that did were not on good terms with the club. I highly doubt any news is leaking that way.

"1) Mark Arthur will be leaving within a month."

This is entirely possible.

"2) Despite Cotterill having a 3 year contract he will also be leaving."

This is entirely un-possible.

"3) As it was Arthur who blocked Billy's return, him leaving will pave the way for Billy to return."

This is ballcocks. No-one at the club wants Davies back nor does he want to come back. This fantasy rests entirely in the heads of some delusional fans.

"I reckon the guy who started the thread was telling the truth, but I'm not sure of the source. Surely he wouldn't be lying, but you never know."

Cos no one ever lies on the internet do they?

Furthermore, Davies' contract was paid up in full when he was sacked. NFFC are no longer paying him anything. The only thing stopping him getting a new job is his personality, which is entirely his own problem. I understand he is funding the salaries of his staff out of his pay-off, just give you an idea of how generous it was.

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I think we should stop blaming cotterill, the defence yesterday was appalling, and no manager can do anything until that is sorted out
Although he needs to stop moaning and blaming everything else but the team

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Oops, I read that as "former directors". If you're talking current directors that makes it even less likely. Excluding ND there are only 3 and one doesn't have children and another's are only wee. The only one it could be is Frank Clark and I doubt he's leaking.

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Of course it's Cotterill's fault. He had two options after Chambers got red carded...

1) Go in all guns blazing and try and get an equalizer or maybe more (I'd have put Reid on for Greening, switched McGugan into the centre and Reid on the wing to get crosses in to the box).

2) Sit back, defend and take the 1-0 loss.

All he did was kneel down and write on his notepad for ten minutes, and by the time he decided to do option number 1, INSTEAD of making his mind up straight away when the melee was going on, we were 2-0 down and the game was over.

So yes, it is Cotterill's fault.

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He has to be replaced this week, Forest will never recover from being relegated this season, A new manager could not be any worse than cotterill!

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Get the clueless c**terill out! Nick Marshall, Eoin Jess or even John Pembo could get the players firing on all cylinders! How can he play such a defensive team at home??!! Even McClueless wouldnt have gone this long without scoring at Home!

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Cotterill needs to go.

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Arthur is the key to all our problems, he brought the cricket club to its knees now he's done it to us. GET OUT NOW ARTHUR!!!

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As happy as I would be for Cotterill to be sacked, I can't see it unless he walks. 3 & a half year contract is not easy to get rid of unless you expect to pay out big time, which we obviously cannot do. MArthur to go would almost be like a new signing, he's caused so many problems, been at the heart of so many mistakes in untrue. He isn't a fan of the club, that's plain to see. MArthur needs to go, now, before the window shuts & he can screw us over some more. I'd like Cotterill to go, but cannot see it happening.

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If sc stays we will go down and heres no way he wld bring us back hes not a winner like billy

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Martha and Cotterill OUT NOW otherwise we are doomed for L1 perhaps for ever this time as no Doughty dosh to help us back up...make changes now or suffer for years

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I feel a Sheffield Weds coming on...oh my gawd

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