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15 Jun 2012 22:13:57
hearing that oldham loanie oumare tounkara will be joining notts forest after being released from sunderland

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Hope he enjoys his move, however never heard of Notts Forest. Where do they play?

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I love the fact we get so hung up by the use of the word Notts.

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He has been linked several times before. When is anyone going to get it that we will not be buying anybody until the takeover happens. Interesting also that all of you that suggested an Irish bid with Roy Keane as manager are very wrong as Keane is on a 4 man shortlist to manage Birmingham. {Ed034's Note - just because he is on there shortlist, doesn't mean he cannot also be on ours

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He is going oldham haha

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Is it true we cannot sign anyone til takeover because what if takeover doesnt happen have we enough players to start the season i suspect we can sign players as long as its from money raised from selling players

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If no one buys forest we will probably break into the 25m from doughty bless his soul

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If no ones buy forest then its bye bye championship and players and hello league 1

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15 Jun 2012 18:33:09
I have just discovered why Stuart Pearce was not given the England role for the Euros and Hodgson was ushered in at the last minute.

Psycho is working with the Nottingham Consortium to buy the club and he honourable informed the FA of his intentions.

The FA then took immediate action and brought in Hodgson before the summer rathe than give Psycho a chance. Under FA rules you can't be manager of one team and own another...even though it is England and not a club.

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I'm going to laugh at your absurdity when the season starts and psycho isn't there.

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I love Stuart Pearce and I'd love him to be involved with Nottingham Forest - but be real the reason he wasn't given the England gig was the FA wanted a fella with more experience and had more technical know how.
I like the 2 add 2 equals though!

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psycho wouldn't give you the steam off his piss, never mind throw all his money away buying a white elephant of a football club.

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Congratulations you win the prize for most ridiculous rumour of the week. Now be a good lad and get on with your homework.

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Really don't see this as being credible. I don't post on this site usually because i don't have anything of substance to add usually however, this time I do.
I flew back from Donetsk after the England vs France match and had the good fortune to sit next to Staurt Pearce in the departure lounge. He was flying back on the Thomson Sport flight to Gatwick. We spoke briefly about the situation at Forest after I had my photo taken with him. I know that he would not drop out that he was involved in any take over talks, etc but he actually seemed genuinely concerned and puzzled about what was going on. I don't believe that this was a cover for anything but that he really genuinely hasn't got a clue what is happening (like the rest of us really). His focus was quite clearly on the Olympics and was telling me about some scouting trips and preparations for them. He is an absolutely top man and spent lots of time talking with fans in the departure lounge besides being really tired. {Ed034's Note - the guy is a legend and is my hero

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15 Jun 2012 16:56:47
Lynch looking at a possible move back down south, possible destinations in mind are Watford, Millwall and according to my source Southampton WTF!

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So most clubs then really .... By the way I've known jo 4 a number of yrs now an he's more than happy 2 stay at forest the club he loves n feels at home with ( his words ) & is jus waiting for the sales to go trough as no other contracts can be offered until things are complete ( Matthias words on BBC this wk )

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If soton were offering anything he would have gone already and he's already turned millwall down.

I doubt watford would match his wages so he will wait until after the takeover to see what he's offered.

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Joel Lynch is on Holiday in spain. Even check his official twitter. Can't see him "looking down south" when in another country.

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15 Jun 2012 13:55:57
Nottingham Forest are looking to cancel a pre-season friendly with West Bromwich Albion after Sky Sports requested that the League Cup tie against Fleetwood Town be played on Saturday 11 August with a 5:15pm kick-off time.

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Rubbish they never play league cup games at a weekend there always midweek games

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And haven't you made yourself look like an person by responding with that.

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Cup games this can be played on the weekend before if both clubs agree to it the football league have said because the first round is before the season kicks off

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The final is on a weekend

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Football league have asked clubs to play the games that weekend if they can. This rumour is true. {Ed003's Note - I think the game has been overlooked by TV and will be played midweek,the fixture working party don't have a problem with league cup games being played on the weekend before though, because of the unique situation of the fixtures being early this year they are allowing the change if both clubs agree}

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Teams can move to the game to the weekend,heard it on talksport

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The league has given clubs permission to move the games to Saturday 11th and Sunday Sunday 12th

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And it's on telly

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Think the fixture date / time is correct & Blackpool are playing Morecombe same day up there

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Fleetwood Town v Nottingham Forest
Sheffield United v Burton Albion
Blackpool v Morecambe

Also read a link that the 3 Fylde clubs would be playing on the same day. But hey! You cannot always believe what you read. As you will all know by now.

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15 Jun 2012 12:16:52
Lee Westwood management company have just tweeted that Forest takeover almost complete. @tom_ifm "Forest takeover almost complete..."

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He did tweet that

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How can somebody disagree with this post? Its a fact he has tweeted it...

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Dont mean they believe it

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Can you post a link ? {Ed034's Note - They are not allowed, but you could always find it yourself. Sorry

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How would they know?

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Yes, it doesn't mean they believe it, but they are disagreeing with the statement that he tweeted it. Which he did.

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Could lee westwoods management company just be referring to the statement made by the bloke from john pye the new sponsor

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By people disagreeing for the sake of it or because they think it's funny, the whole purpose of the agree/disagree buttons loses any credibility

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Point proven

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15 Jun 2012 08:34:06
hi all. i'm not a fan of forest as I'm not keen on football much give me a day at trent bridge anytime. however my son and his son are forest mad and asked me to post on here to give the proper fans some good news. i own a sign printing shop in calverton. now the customers name is as far as i can see nothing to do with the club but we are printing press boards ( like the ones you see behind players when they are being interviewed) with the NFFC club crest and with arabic writing. i have no reason to pull the wool over anyones eyes and if anyone wants prove of my company please provide your e mail address and i shall send a link to our companies web site

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I want to believe you but can't see why you would risk the confidentiality of your business and then not show an image . If your real give us an image as you've already broke the trust of the club you might as well prove it !

The Delivery Man

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Cant you just post your companies website on here so people dont have to post their emails? advertising eh!? I find it highly doubtful, even if we were taken over by Arabs, why would they have arabic writing on the board? As ND's name not on the boards....and the kits sponsor has already been established. Can you post a picture of said board to prove this?


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Have you a date for when these boards are to be completed by, therefore giving us fans an idea of when some sort of announcement maybe made.

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Could you show the signs please ? Thanks

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Printing boards eh ? should'nt you have chosen the word PROOF rather than PROVE ? Say no more.

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Sounds like someone might be ordering them for a joke. Is there any other advertising on the boards, i.e. Umbro logo, John Pye sponsorship logo? - don't think it would just be the Forest logo and some arabic writing. Most boards of this type have several different advertising logos on them like the one on google images with Roy Hodgson is standing in front.

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Sounds vewy promising

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Ooooo!.. Now that's a good rumour. When's the deadline?

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Why dont you just post a link of your companies website, then you have free advertising aswell? {Ed034's Note - Because it is not allowed

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If this was the case, why not just supply the link to your emails address and let us see.I for one would love to beleive all this stuff about rich arabs buying the club and ploughing in loads of money but until we actually see something official all this talk is just that talk. Nothing factual has been put on here for ages.

I get bored of all this, my brothers best mates fathers, cousin three time removed, cleaners aunty has just seen Wayne Rooney in the Robin Hood Suite.

I know that this is a rumours site but lets not forget one thing, the best Rumours ever was brought out by Fleetwood Mac {Ed034's Note -

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Whens the delivery date ?

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So what does this Arabic writing translate as? and don't say you can't disclose unless you've signed some confidentiality agreement.

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Any chance of a picture of these boards ?

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Decent rumour

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Why not just upload a link to show us the press boards?

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I don't actually believe this post myself but to call it a fake, based purely on a grammatical error, is somewhat laughable, especially as you haven't spelt 'shouldn't' correctly and have started a sentence without using a capital letter ;)

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I can confirm this not true, a firm in Mansfield have a contract till 2014 that makes all the signs for the City Ground. I don't get why folk have to lie.

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To many lies on here,i think you must believe john pye though he seemed really excited.But im sure he got told off for doing that on tv.We will never know until the deals done,remember these parties will be bidding against each other if there is more than no one will be allowed to say anything

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Whilst you are correct in saying a firm in mansfield has the contract for the advertising boards at the ground my company is a completely different side of the business and i'm told that the translation is along the lines of " welcome to nottingham forest" and its for the benefit of the media from the arabic countries.the order was made on tuesday of this week and will be delivered tuesday next week

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To be fair your sounding very convincing on this lets hope you are being honest and great times are ahead for the mighty Reds, if not well you will look a bit of a person but if its true lets hope i see your nice boards behind a rich owner next week at a news conference

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I'm bored to hear the board story........

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I run a print company too. The terminology used here is really inarticulate and reeks of fibs!

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Printing company in Mansfield? Is it Linney Print who make McDonalds and HMV POS?

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Not trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Sounds like sheep speak to me.

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Do you mean next Tuesday as in the 19th? Or the tuesday after? Cheers

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Any responsible firm would keep this info as confidential as it could affect future orders.
As this potential leak can be traced back to the source you are either totally irresponsible or making things up. I go with the latter.

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I live in calverton.... 100% no printing shop in calverton.

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15 Jun 2012 00:37:16
The veracity of my source is unknown to me, but he suggested that Briatore & Ecclestone are part of one consortium seeking to buy Forest.

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I hope not

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Haha omg this gets funnier

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Unlikely, they have fallen out since crash-gate. One of the reasons they got shot of qpr.

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I doubt that very much, they were in unison at QPR, once but didn't last long, unlikely to go down that road again.

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Just seen Nigel Clough coming out of the City Ground.What the?

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Begging for a job

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Nigel Clough is not even in the country! He's on holiday abroad!

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He lives in the basement

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I travel to all home games from bristol and for once i hope mid season spec comes true,i will still support whatever

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