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16 Feb 2012 10:42:39
Senior management of NFFC have had their first meeting with the representatives of the estate of the club's owner, Nigel Doughty, who passed away suddenly earlier this month.

Discussions are at an early stage and NFFC will make a more detailed statement following further meetings planned during the next fortnight.

The patience of all those who care for, are involved with and are interested in the Club is greatly appreciated during this very difficult time.

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What is the point in disagreeing to this post when its clearly taken off the official site?!

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I think the club will be ok in the short term as i think something will be in place to help forest, its in a year or so that worries me a bit more. We need a new owner and fast if we are going to be safe

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Did Nigel Doughty give FOREST the 100 million......or was it a loan

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Did Nigel Doughty give FOREST the 100 million......or was it a loan

he LOANED us around 60m, the rest is interest

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75 million in loans he said he was writing off if they are not written off officially we need to pay that by 2014 2 years 75 million... Oh dear this is according to radio Nottingham

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IF Nigel Doughty (God rest his soul) has left forest in a good financial state,what will the OUTERS say about it,will they demonstrate and say they dont want it.

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I Can't see doughty throwing us to the dogs...god rest his soul. He cared for the club...but that aside he was a hugely successful businessmen and as such there will have been something in place surely. Lets just hope that it does not give Mark Arthur any further power.

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16 Feb 2012 00:42:50
Raddi off to reading in loan switch he needs games of football (not cotterball) to prep for Euro 2012 tournament otherwise he wont get picked...I think he should be usual Cotterball has got it worng

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I am so angry about how Cotterill is slowly taking apart our club piece by piece, Hes already pushing McGugan out and now hes cutting another ball player in Raddy out. DISGRACE from Sc and DISGRACE from FC for letting it happen.

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Radi is not the player he was when he first joined and it's about time people took there radi tinted glasses off and realised it.

If things are not going well he hides, always goes missing in games and is too slow and weak.

Why do you think Billy, Shteeve or Cotterill do not have him in there first eleven??

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Raddi hasn't really done his stuff since he eanred a full transfer to Forest. It stinks when players clearly have the ability, earn a secure contract and then sit back, take the money and wait for the enxt transfer to come along and another mug team to take them on.

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1 million totally wasted. Ta Billy.

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Theres not a player in our team that can pass a ball like raddi with acception of loanees he just needs a few games

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Add to that "when he feels like it (and rarely does)."

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Face it...we cannot truly judge cotterill based on this season. there is a changing room of players who have wanted out since the day billy left...boateng greening and derbyshire are mcclarens lads and want out as well. the game against watford and middlesborough were improvements...with some (I stress some) cotterill signings.
Cotterill is going nowhere for the foreseeable future, we cant afford to sack him. lets hope the squad is cleared out ...whether we are championship or not... and the likes of radi,mcgugan ,greening, derbyshire ,mcgoaldrought and lee camp (who, of the lot, has made it quite clear he doesnt wish to be a red) leave... we can cut our ridiculous wage bill, set the club straight and start again with a new squad that want to wear the garibaldi.
I dont wish to sound negative but we need to take a big step back before we can go forward.
Our debt is daft, our squad has grown stale. Cotterill has made no big impact on players but is it him to blame? an ex england manager couldnt raise them either so it suggests to me maybe the squad needs questioning as opposed to the manager.

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When cotterill does get the sack and he will he wont get another job in football the man is totally useless wake up frank action is needed now one win in fifteen speaks for its self

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There's not point speculating whose fault it is cu we don't know. If cotterill goes then we will find out

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Frank Clark needs to grow a pair of B@~llcks. yes he's a nice guy but he is also the chairman of the club and needs to sack Cotterill. The club is a disgrace and Clark needs to do the most constructive thing he has done in his short tenure SACK THE BUNGLING MANAGER

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What a waste of type and what idiots you are. Look at the finances, listen to the chairman, look at the length of SC's contract. He is going nowhere and FC is backing him. Try using your energy on supporting the team you bunch of negative clowns.

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