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16 Mar 2012 17:06:51
Just been reading on the freedom forest forum that we are being taken over as early as next week. The guy who posted it has posted the same info on other forums

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Didn't happen, did it?

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16 Mar 2012 14:14:26
The John Fredriksen rumour is not true, got a friend on the case and a journalist in VG (here in Norway) have been in contact with JF and he denies any plans of buying Forest. But a good dream it was:)


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a rich man wont buy us
probs met marthur

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Ive been in contact with JF to, he rang me when I was watching soccer AM. Cheeky bugger him, but anyways he said, "look mate, im not buying Forest an that, so shove it"..............Not really.....BUT why do some people on here have to lie soooo much. I remember Jan trasfer time and EVERYONE was Mgugans brother, cousin, mum, dad, uncle etc.... Your all liars

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It`s not true i am his lost brother

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Agreed people shouldnt lie... but definition...can a site be a rumour site without there being lies. otherwise it'd be

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16 Mar 2012 12:14:46
we have leeds brighton leciester and palace next four games 3 away 1 home win 2 draw 2 lose 0 would not be impossible we have to learn to score earlier and hold on to leads were not goin down remember positive thinkin does anyone think there is anychance we could sign adlene higgi elokobi wooton on permenant deals with the costs we will cut out with our clear out this summer and we do need clear out big time hopefully cunningham will stay too

Forest Forever

Forest fan in ireland

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Best set of loanees in a while, i agree with you stay positive and we'll stay up. And if the unlikely happens and we do go down then we continue to support them!

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Cottrill will take us down,not the new loanees, christ to think we have to put up with him for another 3 years, just wish he would do the decent thing and resign, give the gig to Sean o Driscoll.

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Anyone know about adlenes injury v derby
hope its not too bad
in the summer id buy
guedioura wootton higginbotham elokobi
and sell
miller greening and mcgugan to raise funds

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It doesnt matter what players we have while they are being managed by Cotterill we have NO CHANCE! And its not negative its being proven in his results and the performances.

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Look folks cotto has no funds he,s doin the best he can ..atleast he aint moaning lets give him a chance lets be true forest fans and stick with what we got cotto is not billy davies but saying that he aint spent what bd spent he cant make water into wine so lets just t say thanx for staying and doing the best he can with what he,s got ...thank you cotto from a forest fan in wolverhampton

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I think cotterill has to go, the only great performance i have seen this season is middlesborough at home,we played good passing football and defended well against a good team at the time.But he has to realise that the long ball tactics will not work in championship maybe in league one and two.He has left out good passing players like mcgugan,majewski,anderson etc everyone says there not good players but you all were not saying that the last two seasons.

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Anderson good at passing?! I bet you haven't seen many games this season. He's sh*t. When will people realise that cotterill WON'T LEAVE so stop moaning and get behind the team!

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Anderson good passing ? and mcgugan dont think as passed a good ball all season. so dont no were your looking majewski can do some good passing yes but lets himself down with his daft flicks and cant tackle he will be ok in a 5midfield but the loan players are better he needs to go aswell as about 11others sell or just go on free start again on players wanting to play football not just here for the money ?

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They hired cotterill to save them money, not keep us up, should of hired banker instead. Cotterill talks like a chav, looks like a chav, no wonder we play soo bad.

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Yes,i think there all good passing players,especially mcgugan i think you all have short memories,everyone thought mcgugan was a god last season.None of the forest players are not at there best,now where a long ball side.As for not seeing many games.

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I also remember mcgugan being useless last season until BD dropped him and said get into shape or ship out. Cotterill according to Notts county is good at man management. McCleary would be testament to this. The other players , I think, believe their own hype. Thats why raddy and lewis are out of the team, its better for us that they are, what did raddy do all season that made everyone outraged at cotterill leaving him out??

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