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17 May 2012 20:39:21
Gunter to be sold for 2.5m to Swansea by Monday, money being used to attempt signing of Higginbotham, Guedierra and Cunningham. Higginbotham to be named skipper when Chambers leaves...

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Would accept that if it was true

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Gunter is a key player and we need to keep him at all costs. Not only is he one of our best players but he has the dedication and loyalty that makes a club legend. He has already last season turned down better offers elsewhere to stay here and took a pay cut to join us from spurs in order to get first team football. He sorted out the Aaron Ramsey loan deal and hopefully his presence here will help us attract better players than we otherwise would. And he's still only 22.

McCleary was a one season wonder. Gunter is the real deal.

PS Anyone who says Freeman is an adequate replacement has not seen him play. Good potential yes; not there yet though.

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You never can tell, but both Forest and Swansea say this isn't true.

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Gunter may be good but at the minute he is our most saleable asset. Through any transfer fee received and the wages he frees up we could sign 3 or 4 players to cover other areas. Regardless of whether you rate Freeman or not, he is a ready made replacement for Gunter

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No one has said we need to sell. I've not heard SC complaining about not having any transfer funds. We're cutting the wage bill already significantly by releasing players and there are a lot of free transfers floating around already. Selling our best. Players would be stupid.

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Don't think so buddy, Swansea have formally denied a makin a bid for Gunter, and Forest have confirmed no bid was made

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We need to keep Gunter he's a great young player who will only get better and he loves Forest unlike badge kissers and ungrates like McCleary.

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Moloney is good enough for Championship and with Freeman there it is plenty. We have few assetts that are worth money, Gunter is one so the sale is inevitable unless a new owner comes forward sharpish.

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17 May 2012 17:44:10
Nottingham Forest will confirm the signing of Rotherham United striker Lewis Grabban at the weekend.

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Shame you are a selling club lcfc baz

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Not heard this myself but scored around 1 in 2 last season and has a good reputation. A young up and coming lads, eager to prove his worth, next to experienced dexter. Could be a good combo if true.

Hoppers u1

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We need to sign players soon as, at this rate, we'll be struggling to put eleven players on the plane to the USA for our pre-season tour. It's all depressingly familiar with fans kept in the dark at the very time when most of us are struggling to save cash to buy our season tickets. It happens every summer so I'm beginning to think that it is done deliberately!

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Well Baz, it's a shame we won't play you next season after that all the buying you've been doing has worked and you've got promoted

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Baz if you want to be a Pratt we don't sell players we give them away

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Is that a leicester fan spouting off - you should concentrate on your clubs FINAL attempt at promotion before FFP puts a stop to your transfer policy and fines the sh*t out of you for paying Prem wages

Matt Mills for 5m, as if

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Beckford for 4 million, as if

Any more suggestions?

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Morgan 1 million

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How about wes Morgan 1 million... As if

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Vardy more money than brains

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The 1 million from the sale of Wes saved us from relegation, allowing for loans to be done. Ty fester lol

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Lcfc know the price of everything and the value of nothing. They pay 40% more than a players worth, and top it off by paying 30% to much on wages.

Agent 279

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17 May 2012 17:36:31
Has any 1 heard any takeover rumours and how long untill the takeover will be comleted

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Comletely No.

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How come the talk of this Canadian billionaire has died down

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The Canadian billionaire was complete utterbull

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17 May 2012 14:25:55
Swansea City deny reports linking them to a bid for Nottingham Forest's former Cardiff defender Chris Gunter.

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Not to long ago young players like westwood from crewe and hall from southend were being mentioned on this page,maybe we should cash in on gunter and start building a team for the future.gunter has said he is not interested in moving,with mccleary already gone and chambers set to follow we are going to have to sell to bring in replacements

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Both clubs are angry that this information has been given out

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17 May 2012 11:07:16
In the post today swansea have bid 2m for gunter but it will be rejected forest want closer to 3m. REDMAN

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Swansea deny bidding...and anyway we want more than 3m 4m+ for arguably our best player - make the prem clubs pay up for fishing in a championship far as I can see FFP benefits prem clubs even more

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He cant cross

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He cant defend

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Whoever said gunts can't defend as no clue! You Moose

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Gunter is a good defender when its on the floor but when the ball is in the air he ducks . last season too many deep balls were missed by Gunts on the back post, when a player was attacking the cross. we need to take the money & re-build. we were all upset when Wes went to fester, but with the money from that we were able to move forward with the loan signings. We need to do the same again, but this time make them proper signings, young players are the key, low wages & keen to impress in the garibaldi red......Newark Red

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Gunter is a good player but we would be stupid to turn down big money for him, dont think he can cut it in the prem he backs off too much when a winger runs at him

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17 May 2012 10:27:50
gunter subject to bid from swansea...2 million

id sell if it meant we could sign guedioura

Gunter is good but i think he still makes fundamental mistakes, like constantly showing his winger inside instead of out to the tough line
Wooton , in his handful of games at RB, did not make these mistakes and he would be a great season long loan replacement

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Can't see Wolves letting Adlene go mate as much as I'd love him to sign for us.

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I would be happy to see wotton and cunningham back at the city ground but only if we sign them,not on loan,we have to start gaining something from giving these players experence,im sick to the teeth of loan players,cant see us being able to bring back guedioura again but we should at least put in a decent bid for him

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Lets get lynch signed up on a new contract,make him captain and build a team around him

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What games did you watch wooton at rb? he was dreadful he kept losing the ball and was subbed at ht or just after. agree if it will get us funds sell gunts for 3 mil minimum and get a replacement and gueirdirro or however you spell it

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Yeah. Need to bid for Pep with only 1 year left on contract

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17 May 2012 07:15:36
Swansea put in a £ 2 mill bid for Gunter.

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17 May 2012 06:04:38
SWANSEA boss Brendan Rogers has tabled a £1.8m bid for Nottingham Forest defender Chris Gunter, 22, to head off interest from Norwich.

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Youve just averaged the 2 reported figures of 1.6 and 2 mill .. good one

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