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18 Apr 2012 21:25:05
We have made an undisclosed bid for Nick Powell of Crewe; the reason to buy is to raise our stock value and invest for the future.
£500k plus add ons

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Unless Frank Clark discovered a hoard of nazi gold in the cellars at the city ground this is unlikely.

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18 Apr 2012 19:30:16
blackburn to bid £750k for Lee Camp regardless if they are relegated

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Rubbish tosh

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Tbh i wouldnt be gutted if he went, his heart ent been in it this year and theres some other good keepers out there that i think are better, if we get some decent money in from the new owners then id go for julien speroni from crystal palace

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Speroni is quality but if he leaves palace he will go to prem.

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18 Apr 2012 19:09:21
Forest have expressed an interest in doncaster rovers winger kyle bennet

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Good player

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Hope so he's quality

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18 Apr 2012 15:44:00
There is possibly an internal issue at board level.
Mark Arthur is working with an investment company and they have put in a bid for the club.

However (and here is the issue) Frank Clark has been asked for help by Tony Woodcock and a team a team of German investment bankers.

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Mark Arthur will NOT be influential or involved in the decision its being handled by Seymour Pierce on behalf of the Doughty estate end of.
Stop making up such useless drivel.

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A-Team, a team of German investment bankers. Sounds great to me!


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Please accept my apologies; what I meant to say, and what I typed could be misconstrued.

Let ,me re-phrase; Mark Arthur is working with a team (not the A-team lol loved that) to put a bid to Seymour Pierce.

Sorry for the confusion

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So how do you know this? I'm nothing funny but it does sound like a pile of you know what.

Hoppers u1

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How does this poster have this info?
But MBO's do happen

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That's because it is pile. Anybody interested would by now have signed confidentiality contracts. Whoever is buying the club are purchasing a multi million pound business. (One that does admittedly employ at least one wrong un)

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18 Apr 2012 10:09:03
DANNY Higginbotham has returned early from his loan spell at Nottingham Forest admitting his long-term future at Stoke is up in the air.
The 33-year-old defender is back following a recent injury and because Forest boss Steve Cotterill wants to play his out-of-contract players.

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Sc wants to play his out of contract players. Or as I like to call them the first team;)

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No mention of this of OS as usual!

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Probably saves a few s too...

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Love the way that several people mark this as 'disagree' despite the fact that it's all over the papers and the man himself has been giving interviews. Must admit though, I'm a little surprised that we've allowed him to go as it doesn't suggest we're interested in signing him in the summer yet a lot thought he'd be a handy squad member. I reckon he'll be pretty miffed and not happy to return?

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We dont know what has been said,
SC could have told DH we want to sign him

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He has a slight injury,so has returned to stoke

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He was on 45k a week and stoke were paying 42k of it We could not afford him

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There are only two games left and they're meaningless. If he's injured he might as well go back to stoke and they can pay for his treatment.

This has no bearing on whether we sign him or not. He would have had to have gone back to stoke until the transfer window opens again anyway.

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45K a week turn it up!

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18 Apr 2012 20:49:45

Its on SSN. Dont know how much we need him, could be useful squad player, but id rather see some youth in there first.


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If we lose Chambers/ Lynch or both he would be a good squad member to add experience to the side. He has experience in the top flight and was solid when he played earlier in his loan spell.

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I think higgs could be more than a squad player, excellent pro.

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45k? What are you on about? He was on 19k per week, of which we were paying 9k.

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If he dropped to championship permanently i think he'd consider himself a starter...if chambers went and we got his wages down he'd be a great new skipper

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18 Apr 2012 00:06:50
With nottingham forestly championship safety assured, they will attempt to rebuild the defence by signing Krystian Pearce from notts county

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Hope not! Army

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I'm very forestly

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Dont be ridiculous, You're taking the pearce!
Why rebuild with rubbish.

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Pearce is rubbish, he's a County player.

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What a crock! Forest will keep lynch and sign Higginbotham. They with Lascelles will be cb"s next season!

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Higgys gone back to Stoke, cant see him staying with us if hes gone back from his loan early? Could be possible but cant see it myself!


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Returned as Lynch and Chambers playing well and Wootton still there. Been injured gone back to recuperate....just a question of money and if we have any. Could well be skipper next year.

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He's a beast on fifa, bought him for huddersfield

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