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18 Jan 2012 20:23:23
All over Twitter. Anouncement to be made on OS later tonight. Wont be related to BD or SC. Lets hope its the back of MA then!

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Assistant manager??

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Sean O'Driscoll brought in as first team coach. Posted on official site.

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Sean O'Driscoll is joining Forest till the end of the season as First Team Coach!! Best News as he will eventually replace the clueless Coterrill! Come on you reds!!

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18 Jan 2012 17:44:13

He's been told he can leave, without taking his pay off as we cannot afford it and leave with what's left of his dignity, but if he refuses and wants his pay off, he stays and if the current run continues, he'll quickly make sure he'll never get another job in English football again, as nobody will want him.

Expect him out the door VERY VERY soon.

Good source - from one of the first team players

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What source? Think his dignity is gone anyway, considering he"s still at Forest.

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Cotterill has obviously shared this with the players then - what utter garbage!

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18 Jan 2012 15:29:14
Currently Doughty is in London
searching for a new buyer for the
Club. If a new buyer cannot be
found by the end of March then he
intends to place the Club in
Administration in order to release him
from all obligations to the Club. He
has got so much grief he is happy to
take the financial loss.

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Where you heard this ?

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When he dreamt in armchair

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He lives in London!

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He owes himself the debt in which case why would he place himself into administration just so he could guarantee 10% back on the debt he owes himself (75m so gets 7.5m back).
With your logic he'd be better selling the club for 8m and write all debts off just to make himself an extra 500K.

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18 Jan 2012 07:52:28
Steve cotterill will get the choice of leaving forest or get sacked if we fail to get a result at west ham

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Just who will give him that choice?

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Well he will take the sack then and the compo that would be due, Idiotic rumour.
If only it were true.
I honestly believe if we lose at West Ham and then get a tonking at Derby he will be gone.

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Complete rubbish, yet again lets state the obvious...NO MONEY! NO MONEY! NO MONEY! When will you internet warriors realise that? All you are doing is undermining the team!

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18 Jan 2012 00:28:03
Right no more silly rumours about new players. It's official on the. Nffc website cotterill no players will be coming in. So this page will be quiet till next season in league 1 unless cotterill is a miracle worker. No money players out of contract dark times ahead.... Could of been so much brighter

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With Forest's defence further depleted by the absence of Luke Chambers, the manager was clear that there would be no players coming in during the transfer window, saying: "Unfortunately, and it is very painful to me and everyone connected with the club, if you can't afford to bring players in and have half of the back four out injured, there is no answer.

Says it all really, down we go!!!

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Not so dark times if we got rid of cotterrill

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Irrespective of players coming in or not this current bunch should be good enough to keep us up for God's sake! Not having players coming in is just another excuse for a poor manager who cannot organise or motivate for toffee.

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Right a message to Nigel Doughty and Frank Clark (and Arthur must be told).
And before any bright sparks say Doughty has left, He still controls the purse strings so is still in charge.
Billy Davies MUST be brought back before its too late.
Cotterill is a busted flush who's excuses become more pathetic and his demeanor more uninspiring after every defeat the latest being last nights 0-4 debacle at a poor Leicester side.
Anyone who watched Billy on ESPN can see that he still Loves the Club, Loves the Fans, Still believes the players are good enough (unlike 'not sure' Cotterill) and feels he has unfinished business. He even confirmed that he DID offer to come back but that fell on deaf ears.
The fans made it clear they want Billy back by constantly chanting his name throughout the match and the players before the match backed that up with their comments.
The only people who don't seem to want him back and as such are now purposely ruining our club are Clark (disgrace from a former Forest man) Doughty (obviously NOT a fan) and Arthur (is he the issue all along?)
How can these guys allow us to lurch from defeat to defeat without scoring a goal and putting in poor performances without taking needed action.
We are heading into Division 1 because of the decisions and now lack of decisions made by the Board and now it seems they are doing this to punish the fans.
Interesting Billy's comments compared to Cotterill:
BD "The players are good enough they need to be galvanized and told that there are enough points to play for"
SC "The players need to become more battle hardened"
One motivates the other doesn't add a thing!
If ND is a true fan then please Nigel its time to act before its too late.

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Grow up man it will not happen!

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Couldn't agree more. mark arthur is the one standing between our club and billy davies. i understand that doughty had a much steadier relationship with him. (afterall, davies was earning his wages with wins). cotterill is a good bloke but he's not cut out for the job at hand. i look at him and he doesn't inspire me at all. he wears that stupid gold chain, he looks a bit of a spiv. if i were a player i wouldn't take much inspiration from him

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Will you get real.Billy wasted millions and whilst I want rid of SC Billy Davies has had his chance and blew it.

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Billy will not come back,forest are doomed to relegation then administration,then gone the future is very very bleak

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Billy wasted Millions are YOU real??Another typical Anti-BD who is happy to convince themselves that the unbeaten runs and two play-offs under BD never actually happened and would rather we get relegated than have BD back.

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And while a so called forest fan sits back and watches it happen

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L agree what a dimwit, billy spent millions its all his fault my a**e

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Totally agree. Under BD I saw the best football Forest have played since Frank Clark. Any one who was at the Hawthorns 2 years ago will agree with me!

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Totally agree and frank clarke inherited the team from the big man , - i like cotterill hes a lovely bloke but its not enough what as he actually achieved honours wise? dont say got county up because that was also an inherited team

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I'm forest through n through but I Agee all BD did was spend then complain that he didn't have enough yes he got us to the play offs but bottled it both times then blamed lack of spending don't want him back

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Davies can cook my socks. It was him who turned the fans against the chairman in the first place which led to protests and then him leaving.

Does no one remember the constant whinging? The bizarre team selections and tactics? Knee-gate? Celtic-gate? Paying but not playing Kelvin Wilson?

Cotteril may not be the best but he's all we've got. The players need to man up.

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Billy didn't waste millions in players. Doughtys the one who never wanted to buy and getting s**t loans like kochesky. Massive wage bills, had the chance to buy Nicky storey but didn't follow through it. Billys a fantastic manager, yer he had a winge and a moan but doesn't every manager? He also has an emotional attatchment with forest which shows how passionate the man is.

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Billy blew it? He was the one who got us 2 consecutive playoff spot . Have a word with yourself.

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The only attachment Davies has is the salary he is still collecting.4 games v Blackpool,10 men for 89 mins v Swansea,only 2 wins from last 11 away matches after that very good 45 mins at West Brom.No left-back but 9 strikers after 3 seasons.Loud mouthed nearly man!1 play - off win doesn't make you a great manager in my eyes.

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FYI Davies & his staff were paid off in full so he's not still collecting a salary. How people can not now see just how good Davies was is beyond me! The same players under Davies were poor before he came to the club & are now poor again now he's gone! Our wage bill is now higher than it was under him, so when people say he spent a lot - look how much were spending/ wasting now?! Also Cotterill was going to get sacked from Portsmouth, even though they couldn't really afford compo, until we came in & gave Portsmouth compo for him! People should look at the mistakes our board make & not try to protect the board by blaming the best manager we've had in years

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How do you know anything about Cotterill and what was going to happen?If Billy Davies was that good why hasn't he got a job back in management?

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I think you must be the poison dwarfs agent.

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Too many people living in the past ! billy this billy that !! its quite pathetic grown men and all .All we CAN DO is to get behind the team and get a bit of positivity going and we might just stop up !!!!

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Positivity will keep them up ?-do you not go and watch the drivel purported to be football? Even when the fans are behind them the best the team can manage is mediocrity. As for players - what sort of manager with injuries in defense then loans one out to another club? Steve Cotterill more like Gerry Cottle the man is tactically inept and uninspiring - which is why since he left Portsmouth they have improved. Rant over!

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Has anyone not noticed: We get the same number of points as Doncaster and Coventry and three more than Millwall in the next 18 games and we will stay up - beleive it or not but we're not relegated yet!

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To answer two above yes i do go to games !
never said positivity will keep us up but negativity gets nobody no where

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