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18 Jun 2012 21:49:04
A Nottingham based consortium are I'm line to buy forest,funds of over 100million to be injected into the club,Stuart Pearce will be offered the job whilst carrying on within the England setup,this isn't from a friend of a friend {Ed034's Note - So where is it from?

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Their head, thats where!


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It's from his imagination

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So how does FFP fit into 100 million?!

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Further to my last post, my colleges wife said it will either be this week or next that the takeover is announced although she hasn't stated who ive been told a lot of documents have that Arabic writing on them.
(if you didnt read my last post she works in admin for a Nottm based solicitors)

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I a not the OP of this thread but i did break the news last week about Psychos involvement.

I do not know how much money will be put into the club; however because of FFP they intend to invest with ground re-structuring and academy development.

I do not know if that means a new stadium; however the current ground does not earn enough money away from matchdays.

Increased off field revenue coupled with academy development is the long term plan.

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Just my imagination runin away with me {Ed034's Note - but it wasn't you who wrote the original post

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Ok His

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I'm the op for this and I heard from a certain mr laws's son,his name is Jamie

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Jamie is in Bangkok getting Married and i have talked to two people who play for us and they no nothing at all

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So if someone is abroad does that mean you aren't able to contact? And the players won't know,there on holiday

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Unfortunately there isnt 100m in any nottingham company wish there was

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No it's a consortium made up of people's from different local companies all investing 20million,boots,Paul smith,John pye,dusk till dawn and 1other

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18 Jun 2012 21:46:22
Fawaz al-hasawi will be the new owner of NFFC! Most of the takeover details have been completed and some formalities being glossed over to try and benefit every party the
most.. Should become public at the end of the week if not officially announced! :D

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Was that end of this week or last or was it week before that,

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Hasawi = no cash, he has not got the funds to buy a club in England, accept it.

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This post is spot on...just as I posted Sat & Mon. SO new owners to be announced in 2/3 days time. Just hope they won't inject cash - I want Forest to run at breakeven, not to continue at an ongoing trading loss. {Ed034's Note - Totally disagree. I hope they come in and hope they want to put money in as well. There will be ways around the ffp rules and I don't want us to be at a disadvantage to other clubs who figure this out

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I think with FFP we have to have proof that the FA have the guts to back up their own rules. I can forsee clubs entering into the spirit of this only to find others (like Leicester and most of the Premier League) basically ignore the whole thing and go on to win the trophies while the others fight it out to be the best of the mid-table teams and relegation avoiders. So i say, if they have money, use it but use it sensibly and once we'e in a position of strength (I bigger crowds, more tv money, more commerical cash), then consider FFP. {Ed034's Note -

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Who is Hawasi? Neither him nor his family feature on any Kuwaiti rich list
Only search reference is his last football club and family cooling business.
Seems to conduct his PR on Twitter which should tell you all you need to know about his suitability to run our club!

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I'm pretty sure he's not on any rich list as he is related to one of the royal family's or something like that? Obviously a royal family would not want their wealth publicised to the world :L

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Given the population of Kuwait you would be hard pressed not to be related to Royalty!
Unless he has personal control of a multi billion dollar fortune then we are not likely to see much investment in the club. We really do not want Munto 2 fronted by a Tweeting wanabe?

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18 Jun 2012 21:17:33
Forest been linked with Victor Moses from Wigan Athletic in a 4.5 million deal and Darren Abrose from Palace once the take over is in place and announced tommorrow-wednesday. Time. There's some un happy Norwich players looking to move including Pilkington which has been linked with club before.

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We will not be getting taken over on wednesday so dont get ya hopes up

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If we get taken over cotterill can eff off

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I heard whispers of Wednesday so it could happen

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Is this the same victor Moses who has been linked with chalsea this morning?

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Yes the very same that have had an un-disclosed bid turned down thought to be in the region of 10 million.

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Considering Chelsea have had a bid turned down for Moses, its looking unlikely!

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He`s ours then if we bid 15m:)
With 100 mill coming in we got 85 left....

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Moses is mint, why would he come to forest?! Worth at least 10 million

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If it wasn't for Cotterill we would be playing league 1 Football this season and all the players he got were outstanding in my view. How can you say that about Cotterill. {Ed034's Note - agreed

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Moses to forest?,get real ,lol

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18 Jun 2012 21:12:47
Just heard that there's going to be several initially managerial interviews when the new Arabic owners are announced tommorrow. Seeing that even Harry Rednapp us in there means it's positive times ahead, I've heard from other sources that Roy Keanew is also interested in the vacant position when SC us relieved of his duties.

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Paul Ince is one of the several to be involved in talks when SC goes.

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I feel really sorry for s.c., if he is going. He has never been given a chance under normal circumstances.

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When Steve had money at Portsmouth he was clueless

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Give me SC every time if Paul Ince is included!

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I agree, it is unbelievable that Cotterill will get the boot before even getting a decent chance. He did ok under very difficult circumstances and is obviously very passionate about his football. Keane, great football player but give him money like at Sunderland and he certainly spent it quick enough with poor results.

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Didn't he actually get them promoted at the first time of asking when he took over 5 games into the season with the club on 0 points? because that doesn't sound too bad to me!

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Steve Cotterill has been banded about for years as being a top coach yet his record suggests different.New owners probably have a name in mind and that is the nature of the beast.We really should hope that any new owner has someone young with fresh ideas and a team that plays great football.Anyone watched MK Dons under Karl Robinson?

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18 Jun 2012 21:01:32
Notts Forest to sign Luke Varney, Emile Heskey and Luciano Beccio {Ed034's Note - I'll say it to save having to edit the same post over again......IT'S NOTTINGHAM

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This poster is clearly not a forest fan. I suspect a sheep

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Typical sheep fan ^^^^

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Bechio will not be leaving Leeds, so wrong with that one.

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Varney nothing special. We'd get more fun out Reg Varney and he's dead. Heskey spends more time injured than on the pitch and when on the pitch spends mmore time on his backside than on his feet. Becchio is good but no way will Leeds let him go and his salary is probably too high anyway.

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18 Jun 2012 18:34:21
According to a journalist at EMT there's big big news on Tommorrow evenings 6:30 show. Exciting times people. {Ed034's Note - Didn't see the programme. I am presuming they said about us.

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I didn't hwar anything

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I must of got ringing in my ears at that time.

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This is because, if you read the post properly, it is tommorow {Ed034's Note - So can anyone confirm that there was something mentioned that there will be big news on us tomorrow???

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Ed i never heard them mention anything about Forest other than the fixtures {Ed034's Note - Marthur gave a big hint that it was progressing by saying there are more than one party interested and the sponsors seem extremely convinced

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The only thing EMT said about exciting news happening tomorrow is that they will be behind the scenes at the kit launch at Loughborough Uni.
Doubt it will be about us though :(

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The oringinal post doesn't mention anything about big news on today's show.. He's claiming to have 'inside' knowledge on what will be on tomorrows show

But we all know nothing will be on EMT :/

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Wouldn't this go in line with the other rumour claiming the lot at the BBC are running around for a press conference? (Or it could just be a reasonably well thought out rumour confirmed by the same person from a different angle). Anyway fingers crossed, I would like us to have a team to face Fleetwood Mac

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18 Jun 2012 16:01:06
Forest will make another move for Luke Varney, in the summer, in an atempt to bring him to Forest permanently. Personaly I don't think he will add anything to the squad we already have.

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Not worth it at all

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Varney is no better than the strikers we've already got. Once the takeovers done, offer QPR 1m for DJ Campbell, him and Dexter up front would cause havoc

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18 Jun 2012 10:49:46
I Work for a Catering Company called AZ*** (purposely blanked out- google it if you want but im not naming more than my jobs worth ) who provide all the catering for forest.... we have had a request for Wednesday for an Arabic Mezze and Arabic coffee and tea to be provided and new supplier details for lentils, rice, almonds and various breads and meats..... so reading between the lines i would say the new owners are not likely to be a nottingham based consortium.... but you never know

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I work for a well known pastry company (Ginste#s) blanked out on purpose. We have been asked to supply pies/pasties/saus rolls @ the city ground but on Thursday...Clear sign that the consortium lead by Heather Trott & Russell Grant will announce the takeover of NFFC!

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I work for a well known drink company called car**ng, again purposely blanked out. There has been an order for 1000 crates of beer to be sent to the city ground for a meeting tomorrow so I think that Paul gascoigne and Liam Gallagher have some sort of involvement in the takeover

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I work for a company called Mr K**lings (blanked out in fear of loosing my job.) We have been asked to supply 500 boxes of cakes for the meeting. I think we may be signing Commons

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I unlike all the rest of you agree with the original poster, I think there should be some news by friday, if you disagree fine but we can all live in hope

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Ive been doing some work at the CG and saw several Arabic men wearing white sheets. As they walked past they said yer cant wait to get this place. I no they said because I speak 10 different languages. Honest

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Interesting, because my girlfriend works for Azure as well and azure have done no catering since the end of last season, and do not plan to until the start of the season according to her..

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Well i can assure you that i have personally been at work at the CG with said company again i will not use the name several times sinc ethe end of last season for various corperate meetings from outside football (pitchside diner) and have also been on the meet and greet seat alocations for briefings and presentations held at the CG (Robin hood) so your GF may be correct about the actual match day service but the corperate and hospitality requirments are a year round comitment, i have personally seen the emails and order sheets for this "event"

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Your girlfriend obviously isn't important then

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The name of the catering client for the cg does not begin with az, pretty sure it's elior as I applied for a job with them, they also do museums and Glasgow rangers

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Venue elior are our sister/ partner company who do country estates and museums

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You may be right then, she's a waitress in the pitch diner, so maybe she's not high enough up to know this stuff, where-as you probably are, in which case you should probably have not said anything at all

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No Elior is for staff like the bar staff and counter staff within the stadium, pitch diner etc is azure

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The reason i said something is because alot of the stuff on here has been total tripe but.... as a forest fan myself i couldnt keep this sort of thing under wraps thought you guys might want to know... i didnt use the Company name for that reason... just thinking back to the other day when someone posted about owning a sign writers company... he was slated for not giving compnay name etc but the timeframe he gave for delivery of the signs seems to correlate very well with what i have posted... it may just be a coincidence or it may actually mean something a little more fruitful

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If your right, fair play to you mate.

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Just been on the elior catering website and its true there stadia, sports and leisure sector is called azure & nffc is a client

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I must say , whether there is any truth , or not , its a lot more exciting these days, glued to every rumour site going.

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Why does everyone believe that arabs require a special diet? I'm sure they're quite capable of eating crisps for lunch like the rest of us.

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We should give them some of our delicacies, prawn cocktail, chicken tilkka bhuna, and a rice pudding (with them receiving the skin). It will truly, truly knock em bandy

Agent 279

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Pork scratchings and a pint of Mansfield smooth

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With you on the Mansfield smooth, but pork scratchings? To Arabs? Mind you if Mr A is involved he will probably do a hog roast.

Agent 279

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