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18 May 2012 22:13:12
Just seen Paul Taylor (football journalist, forest fan) say there is no news regarding takeover or transfers coming to forest at the moment. So all rumours are false.

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Including this one?

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Paul taylor is a notts county fan

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Paul Taylor is usually the last to know about anything new re Forest have you not seen his columns!

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Ps. Paul Taylor is a Notts County fan and they hate saying anything positive about their Greater more Successful rivals across the River so bear that in mind.

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He wouldn't know if there were.He totally made up the Gunther bid from Swansea the other day.

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Well paul taylor knows everything doesn't he. he works for the evening post, the worst reporting newspaper on the planet. he does not know the ins and outs of the clubs and never will. some people will know what is happening, but not journalists who immediately tell everyone, hence why sites like this exist.

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He's a Notts County fan

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Lets face it no one is coming to forest until someone takes us over

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No..not true we mite not get taken over...and we do need at least a few defendersespecially after chambers goes, (hoping hard Lynch doenst)

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Newspapers and Journalists create 1% rumours and people always believe them

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Taylor is a County fan and a collasal stirrer that knows as much of the takeover as my dog does.

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After speaking to your dog, I can confirm he knows a lot more.

Agent 279

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18 May 2012 21:56:54
hope its true we are in talks with stevenages scott laird,deccent left back with an eye for goal,available on a free as well

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God we are so desperate if we're hoping for a Stevenage player that's been released.

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He wasn't released. He got offered another contract and turned it down. Get you facts right before putting negative comments up

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Sorry but he's been released because he didn't want to sign again at Stevenage.Whatever way you look at it he's been released.You his agent or something?

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So he has been released then hasent he? To be released means that you leave a club during or after a contract. This is after his contract has expired and after failing to agree a new deal he has chosen to be released from the club!

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The cheek of that 2nd poster,we were very close to being a league one club ourselves,scott laird is an attacking left back who has turned down a new contract,he wasnt released

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You mean like mccleary was released?? He got offered a contract and decided not to accept it. That isn't being released, that's deciding yourself to release the club.
An attacking forward with an eye for goal....could be our new psyhco ;/) lol

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Just to clarify - you're released from a club if they don't want you. Did we 'release' GMac? No, we offered him a contract and he turned it down to go somewhere with better prospects (supposedly). Same for this lad - he wants to play at a higher level so has allowed his contract to run out and refused to sign a new one. NOT released, and NOT a reject. Stevenage can't force him to sign a contract but they've tried to. They want him.
Right, hopefully now we can get on and avoid these stupid arguments.

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He's young and looked accomplished against Tottenham in the fa cup
I think he suits the criteria for our vacant left back spot

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Excellent player imo, has a bullet of a shot on him and looked good in League 1, give him a year or two and he'd probably be a solid Championship player. I doubt he'll go to else though.

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18 May 2012 14:38:44
Forest (and others) keen on Dulwich Hamlet teenage striker Omarr Lawson....if it comes off one for the future...unlikely to be in 1st team action next year

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How is he one for the future when he has been on trial at portsmouth and they thought he was not worth paying a little bit of money for

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Miller and Dex upfront next season, both fully fit and firing, would terrorise oppo defences.

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We had grant lot fr how long, let him go and now look at him.
We had wright-Phillips and let him go.
Means nothing

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If you think like that then i will, we cannot sell mcgoldrick because he will become a prem striker.

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Childesh comment.
I'm just saying just because a player doesn't catch the eye of one manager, doesn't mean he won't another. Look at mccleary

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Just because Pompey let him go that doesn't mean he's a bad player. Seeing as they were willing to sign Benjani on crazy wages I would take their judgement with a pinch of salt

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Miller fully fit....I would be laughing ...but I find little to laugh about with this 'millstone' around our neck!!

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Its not aboout fitness with miller...he just needs a large roman candle inserted in his ar*e and told to try harder

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Miller has never had an AMAZING season so i don't know why we bought him.
Do we really need another striker atm?

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18 May 2012 14:16:11
Intresting news regarding ish miller. He has been in extensive trainging as he wants to prove himself next season and score 30 goals. don't shoot the messenger just the ball.

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He may be unfashionable but like it or not he will be one of our main strikers next year.

He should look at Joel lynch for an example of a guy who went from hate figure to hero.

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He can't do that much training, he would get injured for 6 months

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30 goals ? prob 15. ishmael is good when he is on form and i hope he has been training hard we need him .

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Look a good player when he first signed and I'm hoping his lack of form was down to injuries.

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Remember 3-1 birmingham at home, after a stale first half on both sides. first opp camp kicked it long and he just popped it in.

hes obviously got a striker brain, but needs to prove himself.

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Could be a good partnership and miller can drop onto the wing if needed. Will be interesting to see how the team will line up next year. I'd like to see

Gunter - Lynch - Higginbotham - Shorey
McGugan - Majewski - Reid
Miller - Blackstock

Foreter (St.Pats)

This is providing we miss out on guediora, who would slot in instead of mcgugan

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Can only have 5 subs.

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Morgan? As in Wes Morgan? Hate to break it to you, but he has left.

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I think he meant the young midfielder david morgan? from the youth?

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Hasn't Joe lewis gone to cardiff?

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Hate to break it to you too - but we got a superb talent in David Morgan at the Academy....

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Yes i mean David Morgan, apprentice of the year, recently called up to the U21 Northern Ireland squad, and only 17 years old.

And it would seem the league is reverting back to seven subs (Ed-do you know if this is correct) {Ed001's Note - I don't know, I know the Championship clubs are trying to bring it back. It is a bizarre thing to do, all those clubs saying they could only field 5 should try looking at their youth team if you ask me! If they can't put a couple of youngsters on the bench, there is something seriously wrong with the club.}

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Miller has the worst first touch, it's like his boots have springs around them the way it bounces off 30 goals he has only scored about 10 his whole career

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I'm confused? Shorey?

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I suppose the poster was looking at the fact he has been released by the baggies and suggestng he might be a useful addition. Decent player would bring bags of experience but would probably be too expensive. He may also have other suitors that look a little more attractive than us.

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Shorey is on a free now. It's highly unlikely he'll join us, but not impossible. Plus, he has history with us and we all loved him when he was on loan.

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18 May 2012 11:51:55
Does anyone think that the longer it goes with us not signing anyone that this could be good on the takeover front. Or do we think that Forest are being Slow out of the blocks as usual. {Ed007's Note - Slow out the blocks? Maybe show some patience mate, look at the date.}

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I have to agree with the editor. the season didn't finish all that long ago. it just feels like a long time 'cause everything's in limbo atm

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As usual too usual miss the opportunities...come on guys we all want sucess and to hold onto players like Lynch...we dont want leftovers at the end of the summer...please get the takeover(if there is to be one) sorted...we just need to know how the land lies

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Free agents available usually at start of june soletssee who becomes available

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Patience Patience Patience

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Patience with so many players out of contract and anyone decent gettting snapped up now...! Less patronising more thought.

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18 May 2012 00:16:08
My brother's girlfriend works for a company who are currently printing the new Forest shirts. She is not directly involved with this contract but knows they are made by Macron. The sponsor has been kept very quiet as it was leaked out when they did the Leeds shirts, though it is not Victor Chandler.

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Are you kidding me another shirt I will not buy

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Macron make some of the most cheap and nasty kits I've ever seen. If this comes off, which I doubt, I will not be buying another shirt or any Macron products from the club.

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Adidas' contracts with Liverpool and Derby have finished and they have signed for Sunderland and Forest. Next seasons kits will be Adidas not Macron, and Derby will have Kappa.

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What is your source? Why would Adidas finishing with Liverpool and Derby (if that is even true) have any bearing on whether or not they did Forest's shirts? I'm afraid it is Macron.

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Crappa!? Haha I'd settle for fruit of the loom!

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I can confirm forest kit will be adidas but not sure if vc still as sponsor.

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Sorry boys, but i think you'll find its going to be made by Pony. and the sponsor has been confirmed as skol lager

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Wikipedia says Adidas will be kit sponsor for 2012-2013 season - make what you want of that.

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The truth is that liverpool has definitely been rejected a new contact by addidas as they already have a new kit out without addidas. As for derby, i hope so and i hope they get the worst brand ever as thats all they deserve. On the forest side ANYONE can change wikipedia, so do not believe anything that says.

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17 May 2012 21:26:12
I've heard that the new owners will be revealed next week and they also own Victoria centre and broard marsh centre looking to heavily invest and float us on the stock market I. belive the company is called central shopping centres formerly the liberty group looking aswell to redevelopment and obviously new stadium - arena and inter link all 3 and the surrounding areas ie meadows , wilford. Clifton also creating more jobs in the area and good for the economy the reason I know this my friend of a friend is very good friends with counciler john Collins nottingham county council

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If you're going to make up a rumour then do some better research, The group that owns Broadmarsh is called Capital Shopping Centres Group plc.
Capital Shopping Centres Group plc is a United Kingdom-based Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), largely focused on shopping centre management and development. Formerly named Liberty International plc, it changed its name to that of its major subsidiary in May 2010 after demerging its Capital & Counties business unit as a stand-alone company. In addition to 13 shopping centres in the U.K., Capital Shopping Centres Group also owns the California-based subsidiary Equity One. The firm's shares are listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges and it is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

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That is one hell of a rumour. Nearly too good to be true but......who could have possibly dreamt that one.

Hope there is some substance to it.

Not weed!


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We have been floated on the stock market before and didn't work out to well. I cannot see investors buying into that again.

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Isn't John Collins a City councillor ?

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Capital shopping centres have just brought the corner house on foreman street and are looking to sponsor forest in some way. this was done last week it as been in the papers.

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