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19 Apr 2012 17:32:28
Anderson has been in talk with Glasgow rangers and will move there at the end of the season if rangers get there selfsame out of there financial mess.

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Rangers are no position to offer anyone anything. They will be lucky if they can keep the ones they have.

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That's a not moving then.

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Get your coat paul were going for a long drive, btw do you like mars bars? Perhaps deep fried?

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Anderson has already been talking to Derby and it is unlikely Forest will offer him terms.

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That's bulls**t

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Anderson will not stay but also will not go to Derby after the spectacular there of Commons and Tyson!

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Cotterill wants to keep all the out contract players

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19 Apr 2012 15:30:27
Luke Chambers is mulling over a new 5 year contract worth 16k a week. SC, is keen for Chambers to sign and wants to build his team around his skipper.

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A 5 year deal before the new owners come in? Dream on! Make it believeable before posting please!!

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Has luke chambers written this as part of his wish list??

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With no new owners guaranteed i doubt the estate will sign anyone for 5 years... however if it happens ill apologise and buy you a drink...where did you hear this?

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16k pw? Never in a million years under the present regime.

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Made up and way over weekly wage!

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As everyone else has written, the club are in no position to offer 5 year contracts or 16k pw.

Any contract offers will have gone out with a post-it note that says "Please wait until we know who the new owners are before you decide..."

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Weekly wage cap? Miller got 22k a week, mate

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22k a week money well wasted

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Miller is on 16k

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Miller, mate, is on 16k plus appearance related bonus. Check your facts ...mate!

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Miller is on 18k plus bonus I know this cos he and a lot of the forest lads have bought cars where my mrs works and she had to see their wage slips for the finance

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Well she won't be working there much longer now...

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16k a week and a car on finance. whats wrong with good old fashioned "saving"

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19 Apr 2012 14:16:43
Gunter to be sold in the summer £2.5m

To be replaced by James O'Connor, right back from Doncaster.

Money will buy Gueidoura £2m from Wolves a nd Cunningham Man City £0.5m

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A made up rumour but seems feasible

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Lies !

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How do you know this? Are you the new owner everyone is talking about?

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Just want to point out...

Why would we need another right back when we have 2 perfectly good one's in Moloney and Freeman.

Forest will never spend 2 million on gueidoura plus his wages on top it will cost us at least another 500k to sign him up permanently through wages and signing on fee's...

And city won't sell Cunningham he's another Ryan Bertrand.

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I do like gunter though he puts a lot of effort in and he has pace,but i like gueidoura more and it would be nice to get a left back that's not on loan.But who is going to buy gunter for 2.5million? is it Norwich? who?

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Moloney is nowhere near Gunter: remember he's actually older than Gunter. Freeman hasn't played a first team game for us yet; again no way he's suddenly going to step up into that role.

Far from selling him I'd imagine Gunter is one of the core players that Forest will do their utmost power to keep.

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Keep gunter he's a good lad,lets hope some body buy's the club who has money to buy some new players instead of selling one of the only good players we have left.

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Freeman has played a first team game vs Leicester at home.

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Sorry, yes, I forgot about that. Still, it doesn't change the fact he's not ready to start 40 games for us next season.

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If there good enough their old enough !

forest need to start pulling their socks up how many youth players have flourished with game's ? Bastians, Sinclair and Thornhill to name a few...

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Bastians, Sinclair and Thornhill. Yes all household names now.

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Bastians has played for the german national team.

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I always thought Matt Thornhill had a chance with us. Shows you what I know. I heard bastiens is now playing in Germany as a wing back.

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I've heard somewhere that Gunter has already agreed a fee with a Prem team. Not sure who though.

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Thornhills currently wandering round clubless too

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It was in the press in feb that Norwich had been told if they wanted Gunter they had to pay 4 mil for him! Also did he not sign a new 5year contract beginning of last season?

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Never mind Bastians, Sinclair and Thornhill; what about Jenas, Huddlestone, SWP and Liam Lawrence? some of these young lads might be stars in the making.

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