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19 Jun 2012 11:56:28
Speculation should be over soon. Ive a friend who works at the BBC on London Road. She knew id be interested to know that there is a bit of a buzz going around the office of an imminent press conference being set up at Forest. She doesn't know any more than that, but something is definitely happening soon.

I know that, I for one will be glad to hear some good news for a change.

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I sincerely hope so - whilst the rumors were once generating some excitement they are now becoming tiresome and we are in need of moving forward ready for what promises to be a very competitive league. Leaving things much longer will see us getting left behind.


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By imminent does she mean today or within the week?

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I hope you a right.

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This is probably the most credible thing iv seen in recent weeks on here

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No reply from Paul Taylor, Robin Chipperfield or Natalie Jackson. Are they on their way to CG or bored of the speculation

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I hope there is no takeover soon: this page will be far less entertaining

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Ticket details for WBA and Villa - was this the big announcement today?

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Like theres going to be a buzz around BBC London of a Forest takeover ! another carlsberg moment I think

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BBC Offices on London Road, Nottingham, ya div

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London ROAD read it properly !!

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Just been talking to someone who has been past the city ground and says there is a lot of activity down there. not sure if its normally that busy down there on a weekday

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Just drove by myself got cob from shop had bet in ladbrokes not very busy to me o. hold on seen a window cleaner he could be a new signing

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Natalie Jackson has been told to keep her nose out of forest ;)

Agent 279

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Keep telling everyone all the takeover hype is doing my head in , but deep down i can't remember being so excited . {Ed034's Note - Lol

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Hi everyone, with the mounting speculation surrounding the takeover on the Bbc sport web page their is an article saying forest takeover imminent. There is a direct quote from mark Arthur saying we will know all within the next ten days. Good news everyone {Ed034's Note - I cannot see it myself

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My sister works for BBC Nottingham. She says they are on standby for a press conference on Thursday regarding the clubs long term future.when she told me the news I told her I was preparing for a big anti-climax. She told me that the word around her office is that no forest fan will be dissapionted. Apparently this is huge and my sister is usually very pessimistic, especially about forest

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I delivered a parcel to the BBC in Nottm today, i spoke to the main receptionist, who asked the sports desk and i spoke to mark dennison who is a dj there and PA announcer at forest and there is nothing in the near future apparantly.

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2/3 days to go. You heard it from me first last Sat. The intention was, and still is, to conclude a deal 'by the end of next week' ie this Friday. Sad day for Forest if we have foreign owners. {Ed034's Note - Why would that be a sad day??? I'm sure man city fans dont think that

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Ha ha your expecting us to believe that as a delivery driver the receptionist called the sports desk to answer your question.

Personally I don't think a takeover will happen this week. These rumours are crazy though!

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Would be nice if the "you heard it here first crew" would have the balls to leave their names.

If you were that confident of your inside knowledge you would.

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You don't really need the ITKs to leave their name as I'm sure the Ed can tell who posted what by their IPs

As for the BBC sitting on something exciting - I can't remember the last time they got an exclusive. I've know EMT to report 'news two or three days after it has become common knowledge.

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Nose being the operative word!

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18 Jun 2012 23:03:26
Luke Chambers will be staying at Nottm Foret

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I hope he doesn't

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Well if he desides to stay lets hope he has a better season, more like


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Do one luke

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Not interested, another player who thinks he's something he isn't, let him go.

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He was'nt in such demand from other clubs as he I don't want to see him in a Forest shirt again and definetly not captain.... Who do you all want as captain this season?

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Cohen as captain for me

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Chris Cohen

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I believe we are a million miles away from anything happening re TO! {Ed034's Note - why is that??

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I think we need to keep Chambers as cover but when the takeover is complete, I think we should sign another defender to partner Lynch. Maybe a return of Higginbotham?

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Totally behind a bid for Higginbotham, would consider him as captian with his experience or as i mentioned above, Chris Cohen as i feel he is an emotional leader.


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People need to get over Higginbotham and Lynch unless we are going to play 1 of them at left back. 2 left sided central defenders is a recipe for disaster a la Des Walker and Carl Tiler (obviously Tiler was shocking as well but besides the point). I think Higgingbotham would be a good signing but if Lynch stays then I cant see us playing both in centre of defence. If we get Chambers playing with confidence again (take armband away from him as it is just added pressure for someone who just needs to concentrate on their game and give it to Cohen in my opinion or depedning on who we sign if we ever get chance to) then him and lynch could do well together with Gunter (if we keep hold of) and then a good LB. {Ed034's Note - but most clubs play with two right sided centre backs, so surely theres no difference

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Agreed Ed but I dont see it work personally (my opinion). I would rather see 2 right sided than 2 left just going on past experience {Ed034's Note - I can't imagine there have been many occasions it has happened, but ideally I would agreed with one of each. It's funny we are discussing this when we havn't had a left back for I can't remember how long lol

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Yes agreed. Funny how we have got more chance of a takeover than signing a left back. Signing a LB must be going through due dilligence, etc as well!

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Carl tiler and des walker were never in the same team and reidy should be captain only player who had any heart this season

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Reidy plays with heart and chats but he is no captain, he is lazy in defence, the captain should be a mr dependable type character. Hopefully a take over soon and well sign a player with such leadership qualities... Higginbottham would be perfect but maybe unlikely... Cohen is the only man in squad I'd turn to

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A friend posted this on my facebook earliar "Apparently our first signing is rumoured to be Heidur Helguson from QPR once the takeover's complete..?" He always seems to know whats going on as he scours the net like me.

I would love us to go into the season on a high for once. Great club FTID

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