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19 Mar 2012 22:21:39
Deal to be completed tomorrow morning in time for Leeds game, Lukaku on loan to end of season from Chelsea. JPT

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Where's the money for his wages coming from ? Can't be cheap, but would like it to be true.

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Genius piece of BS this is ... numerous big clubs are after him home and abroad ONLY way this will happen is if we had a sell on clause on bamford and have agreed to waiver it for the loan of LUKAKU any other way he wouldnt come and we could afford him ..

dont get me wrong is wish this was true

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I didn't post this. JPT

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Lukaku on loan, are you mad?

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19 Mar 2012 14:51:40
There had been an expressed interest in Simon Lappin from Norwich, deal for Varney fell through earlier today. JPT

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Would be a good signing

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If we need a striker, why get Lappin who`s a midfielder and havent played ot scored in months...

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Just hate made up rumours where they dont even know what position the guy plays!

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Do u actually look at the post says we interested in lapin never says position and says varney deal fell through we might want players in other positions aswell

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19 Mar 2012 07:36:33
Nothing close yet in terms of signing a striker, but talks are on going with several clubs. JPT

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Wow,what a great post,you should tell us more!

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Well that's that then , cheers Jpt :-( , just wasted another 1min of my life reading that

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Luke varney deal fell thru,says chippers

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Dont matter if we get messi the service is that crap

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Messi doesn't need service. Bet you where of these guys who couldn't get in your school team.....planker

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To whoever said the service to strikers is crap obviously hasn't been watching us play recently because reid and mccleary have put in good balls in the box in most games lately

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And to who said Messi doesn't need service. Watch his goals, all of them. At some point, in the build up to most, I'm pretty confident a teammate will've passed to (served) him.

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Messi? Never heard of him

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Portsmouth wanted us to buy Varney at the end of the season...we should not be held to ransom for a s**t player anyway...Newark Red

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Who needs Messi when we've got McCleary...?!? ;-)

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If we don't sign McCleary up on a long-termer, we want shooting. It won't be Cotterills fault: just that plank Marthur. Cotterill has managed to unearth a gem and , if we're not watching it, someone will pick it up for nowt at the end of season car boot. Let's hope the manager can bring the best out of several more of his players. If he does, we'll all feel different about him.

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