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01 Apr 2012 22:56:04
There are 3 interested buyers for Forest.
1- Victor Chandler.
2- John Magnier and J. P. McManus.
3- Magners who want Niall Quinn as chairman and Roy Keane as manager, but this will never happen.
Keane has history with the club and wouldn't be welcomed back.
Nothing is concrete but the Doughty family are working hard to make sure the club gets passed on to good hands.

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Who says he wouldn't be welcomed back?

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Keane would be welcomed back. Wy wouldn't he?

Hoppers u1

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01 Apr 2012 14:18:12
Ishmael Miller defiantly off in the summer now, Boro is the most likely destination.

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This is good news, (if it happens). His wages will go on 3 or 4 players under the new wage system. And its a given that they won't be out injured at crucial moments of season.

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A fully fit miller would be a huge player for us.
Forgetting wages and anything else, I'd like to see him with a full pre-season under him and then given a good run in the side.

Hoppers u1

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I hope they buy him i don't rate him and he always injured.I think he is on the highest wages at forest?

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He is on about 14k pw. He is the top paid player. He has scored 3 goals all season. If you look at his injury record all thru his career it makes bleak reading. He isn't terrible but we need loads more from him.

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He's on closer to 20k/w than 14k. Regardless of how good he could be with form or fitness, we can't have championship players on premiership wages. Recipie for disaster - Portsmouth. Sell him and other high earners (Greening, Derbyshire etc..) as well as fringe players, as soon as possible, if only for financial reasons.

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I agree that if that's his wage and it is stopping us bringing in a couple of other players, then he has to go.
But if it isn't and he falls within the new wage structure, I'd like to see h stay.

Hoppers u1

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Hes on 17 k we could easily share that out to the likes of mccleary lynch and buy guedioura who actually deserve it

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Can we afford guedioura?
- especially as Wolves looked doomed

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I am amazed that people have the knowledge (supposedly) of the players earnings. My Grandson is a regular in a championship team and I have no idea of his earnings.

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Your grandson is also on 17k

I Miller

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I hope we can buy guedioura but wolves will come down this season,i think alot of there players will go and they will want him back.hopefully not he fits in well at forest

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I will buy bubble wrap and air bags so he don't get injured on the way to middlesborough

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He'll stub his toe on spuggy from byker grove on the way..........

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Player's approximate wages are easily accessible if you know where to look

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01 Apr 2012 08:57:42
I work at Sat Bains and we are catering at the City Ground next week.The menu has very strict halal instructions and is very extravagant.No name has been given to us but Sat says that its a Karafi (spelling?) company.Never heard of them but thought I would share the news


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There must be a few april fools around!!!

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Forest have their own contracted caterers

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It's nice to know we've got someone on a contract.

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Also the hospitality for the match is Italian according to the official website.

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Any of you fake fans still think raddy can't play football,is he still too weak for you and can't pass? maybe you should get some glasses for your arm chairs girls

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Are there two potential buyers that are interesting in buying forest,if they stay up??

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Thats one good game for radi then yes in 2years, put him back in 4man midfield and watch forest lose games doesnt mark up carnt head carnt tackle can u see him as a striker every week ?? time will tell? and yes a season ticket holder for 8years not a arm chair radio man

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It's no coincidence that we've started creating lots of chances (and not lost) since he returned to the team (at Leeds).

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Easy has been poor for a while now, but he has got better during this run of games.
If you actually go to matches, there's no way on earth you can say anything different to this.
Sc got it spot on in today's nottm post. The formation we are playing at the minute, is the only formation that can accommodate radi. That is until he is prepared to also do all the dirty work a midfielder also has to do.

I only know of one buyer that is interested, but by all accounts there is more than just one.

Hoppers u1

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'Any of you fake fans still think raddy can't play football,is he still too weak for you and can't pass? maybe you should get some glasses for your arm chairs girls'

it's not that he can't play football, it's that he usually doesn't.

i put it to you that you must be the armchair fan if you think he usually plays like that.

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I wish Radi would have imposed himself more. We all know what he can do with the ball but the comments about defending & heading are spot on. Hope he comes on again from this because those 3 goals were top class. One good game doesn't make a season. Come on Radi mate, we're with you. Step it up again.

BC Stand G28

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Raddy is talented no question - sometimes he is too clever for those around him but by far he is my favourite player and he does need to play more often, but who do you leave out.

Get behind Cotterill

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Raddy has been scoring good goals since he came to forest i think he is a good player.I hope he gets to play more often now,the last four games forest have really stepped up. hopefully we will not see the long ball tactics again now

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I for one am very pleased to see Raddi back in the team...can't understand how a player can be considered to go from good to crap so quickly...the truth is ...he didn't ...he's always been good...what's changed in recent last the manager has shown some confidence in him and he has responded...good on you Raddi!!

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