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01 May 2012 20:59:16
Greg Halford is expected to move to Nottingham Forest-The Sun

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01 May 2012 13:40:46
Nottingham forest will sign greg halford and luke varney

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Wasn't Greg halford the one who was calling our club on twitter a few months ago when we played down at Pompey

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Why what did he say?

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01 May 2012 09:35:20
Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cotterill is ready to to raid former club Portsmouth for David Norris and Luke Varney. (Daily Mirror)

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Norris? Why do we need yet another journeyman midfielder? Luke Varney is a useless sack too, no better than the strikers we have. Praying this is utter BS.

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Not heard the Norris story till today, the Varney link is one that won't go away. Pompey fans say that he is good on the ball but doesn't score enough, therefore just like what we've already got!

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Thats what we need. another 30+ midfield player and a striker that doesn't score. sound. yeah, heres 20k a week to warm the bench boys. but they are a good buy, they brought nothing but success to pompy... oh no wait... they didnt

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Varney i dont want but norris could be a good shout, very very experienced and champ level an pompy wanted him to stay out of most players, norris halford and huseklepp.... Now thats what we need

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A lot of players might be leaving these players might be a cheap shout

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01 May 2012 01:26:44
Forest will release all players that are out of contract at the end of the season and make sure lynch , mcCleary and chambers stay. Then the priority lies on guedioura and a new left back on a season long loan from a league 1 club. If the club is take. Over then expect a few more signings in the form of strikers and wingers from lower leagues that have potential.

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A left back on loan from a league one club......your talking rubbish youth.
Cunningham on next to nothing here and there has already been discussion with man city about a season long loan.

Hoppers u1

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I wonder how long it took you to think this one up. Utter dross.

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Why buy a league one left back when we have freeman!

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Greg halford to sign

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Isn't Freeman a right back, altho he played lb v Leicester?

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I'd like to see Halford at the club . . He has a throw and half on him. Something that we dont have in our armoury at the minute. It always look like we are going to lose the ball as soon as we have a throw in.

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Chambers is off anyone can see that. Good riddance, too big for his boots anyway.

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Freeman is a left-back but he's been playing at right-back for Notts County

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Id like to see nath tyson back, that should be our priority, not guedioura. such an over rated player.

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Id like to see nath tyson back, that should be our priority, not guedioura. such an over rated player.
Shows you know your football keep of the do dah fool

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I do know my football actually. you cant blame tyson for leaving. As a forest fan, it pains me to say it, but derby are the pride of the midlands at the mo. they will be going up next season, not us. and with tysons pace, they are gonna be un touchable! forest could have used his flair this season. fact.

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Freeman is actually a right back. He's played left back & centre mid... But his natural position is right back

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Yeah, tyson was quality, but that was a year ago, we need to move on. i think we'd all have him back in a heartbeat. He has moved to pastures new, and has taken his place in the forest hall of fame with kenny burns, chris bart-williams and andre silenzi

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Derby going up hah, you can't call that the Championship is to unpredictable. Who knows what next season will bring. I for one cant wait especially if we get some decent owners.

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I bet it killed you saying 'as a forest fan' lol
I work with one of your lot who's a season ticket holder and he has said Tyson has been awful. He said you lot thought you had a gem on your hands but are all now as frustrated at him, as we ended up when he left.

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See what your saying about tys, gmac on the right and tys on the left, there would of been some pace going forward....but boy...D**by are not the pride of the midlands by a long shot pal - crikey me!

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Is this the Tyson who has scored 9 league goals in 4 seasons. And scored 0 goals for Derby this season ? Why do we want a player like that ? He's injured most of the time. Derby will be paying him a good wage to sit on the side lines & not score.

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No, freeman is a right back! I went to school with him so I should know!

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Freeman is a right back, but forest have trained him as. Left back from around th age of 14.
If you went I school with him, you should know this, as he started to use his left foot at school and told his friends the reason why.

Hoppers u1

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Erm, tyson has been Awesome for derby! yeah, he has been inconsistant through injury, but when he is on form he is just as good as ronaldo or lampard.
deffo a better player than flash in the pan macgoldric or mcgugan

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And dougie freeman was a forward

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Freeman is a right back and is right footed, it just so happens he is able to also play left back but not as good as rightback. A bit like Gunter who could play both fullback roles but was better down the right, so stop trying to make out you know rubbish to make yourself look

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This guy must be derby fan,how can you say tyson is better then guedioura? he reckons derby are pride of the midlands? what a idiot

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I'll tell you what, you think what you like. It doesn't change my life if you believe me or not.
Th funniest thing is I am agreeing with you that he's right footed, I am just telling you forest have trained him up as a left back, but you are too stupid to realise that.

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Is the person that said Tyson is better the Guedioura still high this morning what a spoon!

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Doesn't it do your head when you get people trying to make out they know this player and that player, when really they think they know them because once upon a time they bumped into them somewhere or they went to school with them. Freeman is a right back playes right back for both Mansfield and Notts when on loan there. Also plays right back for under 19 Wales. He is able to play at Left full back and forest noticed this which is why they played him there as we have no left back at the club. However his best position is right back which him himself says. Now for the plonker and Tyson. Take your silly derby head from up your backside. Tyson was a sack or crap the best thing he did at forest was when the goal v Norwich bonced in off him last season. If Derby truly think he is their best player then we can sit here and laugh all night long.

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I love rants from fans like that. Moaning about people that know players, by saying you know the player.
It doesn't matter who you believe, because at the end if the day, it's all about facts.
You can find facts that state freeman, since the age of 14, has been played as a left back by forest.
You may have met the lad once, you may be just saying it to prove your right, even though you don't know him. We'll never know.
What we do know is, for the last few years, he has been played as a left back, by the club that pay his wage, regardless of where his loan clubs have played him.
Now stop your stropping, put your dummy back in and just accept there ste actually people out there who are on speaking terms with players

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Tyson is just a sprinter with a pair of football boots - the sheep can keep him.

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Guedioura stood out a mile every time I saw the reds this season. Over rated or not, he takes control of the games and works his tits off. He got the team ticking again and helped kept us up. Id like to see him back!

Sack Chambers off, let him go....I've never rated him...

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