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20 Jan 2012 21:22:49
Does anyone no who the nine players are who have so called handed in transfer request? I hope dex aint one of em and cohen thanx

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Where has this story come from??

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Ive heard that they have told their agents to start looking, im guessing itll be Camp, Chamber, Morgan?, Mcgugan, Moussi, Derbyshire, Miller, Blackstock, Reid? And Tudgay? But they are just a guess

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You've heard it from where, because there has been no stories or rumours elsewhere saying this?

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I heard it frm a foret fan on this site.stateing 9 players want to leave y is all this happening to our beloved club it really does upset so many of us.

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The players asking agents to look for new clubs are the ones out off contract end off season its there way off seeing if the pays better else where before hopefully resigning

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20 Jan 2012 15:48:11
Nottingham forest have offered Wes Morgan a verbal contract including a testimonial.

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Load of bull,what/who is your source?We will take the money unless Wes is prepared to take a pay cut.

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This ain't bull... It's true! Whether he accepts it is another thing

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My source is paul taylor who writes for the evening post

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It's on Gary birtles column today that he rejected the verbal offer

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20 Jan 2012 15:19:16
Bid for Wes was rejected

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20 Jan 2012 13:25:28
Leicester have made an increased bid for Wes after having a £500,000 offer rejected. Sky

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It does not say they have increased there bid, so stop adding things onto to stories, just so you can write articles on here.....

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Must just been on your ssn, as it does not say that on mine

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20 Jan 2012 01:37:38
Wes to fester for 750k accepted and McGugan to Wolves for 1m

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Stop making fees up.We would take 750,000 for Wes in a shot as he is out of contract in 4 months if we want to sell him.

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But would we get a better or more dedicated centre back than wes for 750k? i doubt it. and surely if he did go somewhere, he wouldn't want to go to leicester? the man's forest thru and thru

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No we would not but HE WILL LEAVE FOR FREE IN it now?

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Not like Leicester would know anything about that anyway,he wants his testimonial.

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19 Jan 2012 23:07:49
Wes to join Fester tomorrow. Fee and 1 loan player to come in for season. Guessing St Ledger or Berner but maybe midfielder Moussa who was on loan at Doncaster for a period and did well. Defender obviously better.


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St Ledger has agreed to move to Ipswich.

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19 Jan 2012 23:05:50
Forest have rejected a 500,000 bid from Leicester for Wes Morgan

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They are considering it and have not rejected it.Fact.

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How has it got to this now we considering selling the only good CB we have at the club to raise a few quid which more than likely won't be spent on a replacement. Home come teams like QPR and even Bournemouth can find new investment but a club with a big fan base and proud history can't. Could it have something to do with the fact MA is incharge of finding new backers, he probably realises he's out the door the minute a new owner comes in, and to think I thought Scholar was bad....

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Right if these players are looking to engineer moves out of the club then perhaps we should just get what we can cash wise and move them out and then move on.
These players that have underperformed all season and are the cause of us being in a relegation battle would have had more suitors or commanded a better salary negotiation position if we were pushing for promotion.
This is one of the problems with football and footballers each one of them and their agents believe they are worth 'x' amount per week irrespective of how they have been performing. Just because Forest are finally putting their house in order financially and some of our prima donna players that have been overpaid in the past don’t like it then tough.
For example Blackpool didn't pay as much as us when they were in the premiership and did you know that Danny Welbeck (A full England international at United) is only on 15K per week the same as Miller!
So the fact that we have to start cutting our cloth accordingly and perhaps bringing through our youth talent (Laschelle's Bamford etc) and coaching better (O'Driscoll) is the better way forward even if it means we start with a blank canvas in Div One.
Sick of players making these 'contract and pay' excuses as to why they are underperforming (I couldn't believe Camp still whinging BEFORE the Leics match about not getting his move to Swansea !!).
Rant over.
Time to get behind the team and management and definitely time for the players to man up and start giving back to the fans what we deserve!

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Here,here.I posted the same on banter site.Tough it out and we will see an improvement.

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You might wanna check out the latest news if you think that danny welbeck is gonna be on 15G a week for much longer, the guy wants 60G a week on his new contract at Man United

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Morgan will go , forest can't afford to turn it down. Reality bites for forest now ND has gone. My feeling is we will go down and spend some time in the lower divisions, lets hope all the investment in youth will be the way forward for us. It'll take time but lets have young hungy players pull on the shirt instead of overpaid underachievers.

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He's on 15K a week at present and has been for 2 seasons, Of course its common knowledge he wants more.

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In reply to the first post, Forest have rejected the first bid which is suppose to be 500k and fester have now offered an improved bid! I would guess 750k-1m. Army

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Officially rejected according to OS

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Regular Sell him. Used to score 9s for performaces the season Hart took us to the play-offs. Decent enough s for a player who gets the Yips, even in League 1. Sell!...

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We will sell our 'best' players and the cream of ur youth will be picked off by the prem....l1 for a long time unless we book up

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Yeah cos our "best" players are doing a great job of keeping us out of L1 right now.

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