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20 Jul 2012 21:09:16
A Hungarian football site on twiter claims akis buszacky is in talks with forest just now. A decent first signing

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Agree! also reports in bristol who are our competetion for the lad are that rumours linking him with bristol city are nothing more than rumours!

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I havent seen much of him but isnt he a bit simailar to McGugan and Majewski, attacking midfielders who you cant rely onto to play as one of two central midfielders?

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If you go on just about any forum of any team it says he's linked with them too! Good quality player on his day but approaching 30 now and only played 33 games in total over the last two seasons. Another ex prem free agent who we could do without!

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Be OK pay as you play.

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21 Jul 2012 10:28:06
Bristol City to sign former QPR midfielder Akos Buzsaky

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You don't obviously read whats been said about him going to Bristol city it's a rumour!

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20 Jul 2012 19:48:11
Lee Camp set to be given the captaincy with greening named as his vice.

Guediora offer has been made (1.2 million) but nowhere near contract negotiations at this time.

Aaron Mokoena is set to come on trial after leaving Portsmouth, experienced centre half. Sean O'Driscoll sorted that today and the player should arrive on Monday

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I would have thought Reid is better choice captain and he spoke very well on the BBC EMTv news report, so could do some of the media work that Sean O'D dislikes doing

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You should never have a goal keeper or defender as a captain. {Ed034's Note - Completely disagree. Goalkeepers and centre backs see everything and for me are the ideal players. I don't think a strIker should be.

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With all these trialists coming they will be renaming the City Ground The Old Bailey

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Tell that to Shearer, Ed :D {Ed034's Note - Shearer is an icon and there are exceptions, but as a general rule I think centre backs and keepers see more than any other player on the pitch

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I agree with you Ed goalkeeper is a perfect choice for captain

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What about left backs as captain? {Ed034's Note - All I'm saying is I think defenders and goalkeepers see in a better place to be captain. I want Reid do its not like I'm saying it's a must. I just think they see the whole pitch

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What was that keepers shouldn't be captains- what about Buffan, Casillas, Dino Zoff
Oh what's this about centre Backs not making good captains. What about-
Bobby Moore, Tony Adams, John Terry etc

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Campy was a good captain and gave everything he had to the cause. Gets my vote with Reid vice. There's no guarantee Reid or greening will be automatic starters next season anyway!! Although Reid is looking super lean and fit just now!

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You want your captain in the middle of the pitch, giving orders! Like McKenna.

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Just because they see the whole pitch, what does that offer. Doesn't mean they're able to give orders to their team mates effectively. I agree with you Ed on one point though, strikers shouldn't be captain.

I think we have greater things to worry about at the moment!

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The players with the most passion always get captain armband, as it usually rubs of on the rest of the team

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Whats the point in having an attacking player as cpt a cpt should be either a defensive midfielder,defender or keeper, a cpt should be able to read the game from a distance and organise the rest of the players incase of an attack, the cpt should be very vocal, hard working, and the players should look upto him

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Shilton was captain so why not a keeper yes zoff to and many more

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Central player can get the message across to anybody. [forcefully if need be].GK is limited.

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Spoiled Luke Chambers.

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Mokoena joined a south african side when he left pompy. so stop telling lies.

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Cb should always be captain never gk ,gk are never up with action and as for camp he is as thick as a deep pan whale slab stuffed pizza burger

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Best sign some defensive players then I guess. {Ed034's Note - Sounds like a plan. Who would be your choice??

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Ryan Shotton a good choice for CB along with Jack Hobbs or Turner .....Elokobi for left back and Freeman at right back. SOD likes ball playing, quick defenders so players like St Ledger are the type he will go for along with some experience like Danny Higginbotham. Reid will be Club Captain.

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20 Jul 2012 18:22:59
El hadj Diof and McFadden free agents to forest

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If diof comes I'm handing my season ticket back! Horrible player, sure I remember him spitting at someone!

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I really hope Diouf is not coming! He shouldn't be in a football shirt let alone a Forest one!

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He spat at jamie mackie when he had broken is leg

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Diof is a disgrace to football and i never want him to play for Forest.

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More than once, he's a disgrace, not wanted at the city ground {Ed034's Note - I think we can all agree with this, so will make this the last 'do one diouf' comment

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James McFadden is a decent striker though.

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El hadj Diof = disgusting human being!

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SOD would NEVER sign the likes of Diouf. McFadden is a possibility as SOD has a reputation for taking wayward or 'lost' players like SHARP, oster, Hayter and getting best from them.

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Barton & Diof ?

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20 Jul 2012 17:56:20
lindon meikle to be signed by forest shortly, forest are looking at few player from the so called non league. Also looking at a lad from York, and a couple from Ireland.

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Lawrence to be1st in! turkish rob

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Greg Halford and Liam Lawrence would be good signings. Good luck Sean, good times ahead. Both players and fans like the appointment.

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I was the guy who 1st told you about SOD...AT 25/1..
You will not get Halfold due to him being poor at wolves !

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20 Jul 2012 17:43:50
Jordan Rhodes in advanced talks with Forest, Joel Lynch is a mate of mine, and he said Rhodes is in advanced talks with Forest! {Ed034's Note - Ok I'll post it, but it's with reservations ;-)

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I would be stunned if we managed to secure Rhodes. He is genuinely one of the most exciting prospects that I have ever seen. I think that there will be plenty of Premier League interest in him so, like Ed, I have my reservations.

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If we get him i'll steak down the road waving me forest scarf

wim {Ed034's Note - Not should what steak is and I'm not sure I want to find out either

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Can't see Rhodes wanting to join a championship club in the middle of a transitional period. This guy is destined for the very top! Amazing if it's true though

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Sorry "streak"


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I have reservations too, in that i don't believe it for a second ;)

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Jordan Rhodes might think he isn't ready for the Premiership just yet and decide to join us instead for a couple of seasons be also interesting to see how much these owners are going to put into the club for transfers. If we end up with too many non league players you will end up in the Conference! Lindon Mielkle and Jason Walker are good players at conference level i think they are worth a gamble!

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Never going to happen

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Is the op the same friend who was having a beer and pizza evening with Joel recently? The same evening he said he hated derby and huddersfield weren't big enough for him, and he was definitely staying?

Agent 279

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He is good but I'm sure Huddersfield rate him at 8/10 million..... Fulham and Reading and keeping tabs on him so it would a great signing but think he'll most likely head to Fulham as Reading signed Pavel Pogregnyak from under their noses!


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Professional footballers eat Pizza and drink beer? not very professional if you ask me. {Ed003's Note - if it's ham and pineapple it's ok ;) }

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Lot of talk about Rhodes to Prem but no one prepared to take chance. Forest would be a step up for him so not altogether hopeless but I doubt it.

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Ham n pineapple ed ? is that a new koppaberg cider ? lol


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20 Jul 2012 16:44:21
Just been told SOD is interested in Ryan Shotton as the type of quick, ball playing centre half he likes.

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Great signing if we can get him !

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Yeah we are after a player gtting 1st team in top ten pl side
sounds made up especially as he is a rb or rm {Ed034's Note - To be fair he isn't first choice and may fancy bring so. Woujd be a good signing

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Do we not need RB or RM players?

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And a left back. When was the las time we had one that wasnt on loan.

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Read Stokes own web site....Shotton is a centre half. He has played out of position as very quick and versatile. Wants to establish himself in favoured position and is a fringe player at Stoke. {Ed034's Note - You make an excellent comment. I wanted to oust your previous but I'm deleting ones that see having a go at fellow posters. Thanks for re-writing it

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Fair enough Ed, just very frustrating when people make comment witout checking their facts!

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20 Jul 2012 16:43:26
Liam Lawrence is in hush hush talks with Forest and he hopes to finalise a deal next week.

i have a massive source- name Liam

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Portsmouth are looking to off load as well, if they don't then they might not make it the start of the season! Liquidation round the corner!


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Liam lawrence ain't fit to wear the shirt! {Ed034's Note - ??? I think he's a decent player. To be fair I'm more concerned about our defence. Never thought I'd be more excited about defensive players, than attacking

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If its so hush hush and hes a mate, why would he tell you? so you could spread it on a rumour site?

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Lawrence was already lined up by SC but not a SOD type. More likely to go for Coppinger than Lawrence.

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20 Jul 2012 14:38:25
OFFICIAL NEWS: NFFC's Chris Cohen and Lewis McGugan to join rivals DCFC for £18!” that's funny, as if they have £18.

Seriously though, GUEDIOURA is set to sign, just sorting out personal terms. {Ed034's Note - How do you know about pep/ads/gueds?

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Derby don't have enough money to buy Cohen's boots

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Haha thats quality - the original post is a post I retweeted from a Leeds fan (I added the "as if Derby have 18" bit)

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20 Jul 2012 14:09:03
Just found out we have 7 players currently on trial and trained today.. im best of mates with a youth coach.. as i have stated before .... and he was right about the new owners

a CB called Andy Iro english born but plays in USA

ST called Firas AL- Khatiba ... Ex syrian national captain ... wooooah check his goals to game ratio

ST Badar Al - Mutawa ... been alot of talk about him but not really many stats to go by but seems to know where the net is too

Gk Khalid Al Rashidi - played for Fawaz old team thats about all i can find on him

Winger Fahad Al Enezi .... if the youtube videos are anything to go by hes lightning and skillfull supposedly if not the fastest footballer in the world one of the fastest

Brian Howard - I personally thought he was on trial at portsmouth or training with them but hes been at training today with forest

Paul robinson which im sure everyone allready knows

there was another 2 kuwaiti lads one is a Gk and the other an outfield player but not too sure where he plays

lets hope soem of them turn out to be good additions Personally happy if Howard joins

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Loads of money going to be spent then....not.... wot are we a feeder club for the middle we know why nobody wanted the job.....the owners will have a big surprise if they think Kuwait players can just jump straight into the championship

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Howard is too pedestrian....prefer Lawrence myself or Norris if not signed for Leeds yet.

Iro is old news, he trained with us under SC and was sent packing.

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1. Why assume they are rubbish because they're from the middle east? If one of them turns out to be decent its a worthwhile exercise. Surely having your pick of a potential melting pot of talent is a good thing.
2. If well sell a few hundered thousand shirts in the middle east off the back of one of these lads signing its good business sense as well

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Delighted on SoD appointment glad he is giving Lascelles a chance he not much use been left in the reserves> I just hope SoD is given the right amount of funding. Im not expecting a miracle but lets make it a much better season than last season!

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The Kuwaiti's and Syrians will not just jump into the squad as it is highly unlikely they would get a work permit, unless they were classed as an outstanding talent during an appeal process! I think bringing them over is an astute way of promoting and raising awareness of NFFC in the Middle East. It also ensures we have enough players during training to put a 5 aside together - lol

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If we gain interest from the Middle East then that will boost income, which can only help where Financial Fair Play is concerned. So by signing a couple of players from over there it will be a boost for the club, whether they're good enough or not. Similar to what Man Utd have done with Park Ji-Sung and Kagawa.

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Our new owners want success at Forest. I dont think they would bring players over from Kuwait if hey werent of a high standard.
Bringig these players in raises the players and more importantly Forests profle on Kuwiat. This means money coming into the cub from shirt sales and possible TV money with possible live games being beamed over.
So far I like what is happening at Forest with the new owners

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Why assume that these Kuwait players can't handle the championship? Look at Arsenal they have sister clubs in Africa and get the pick of star players, is the African league much better or worse than the Syrian leagues??

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Think you sceptics regarding players from Kuwait should do a bit of homework on google and check out YouTube videos. Some awesome goals scored by the strikers and er the keeper {Ed034's Note - I understand why people think this, but none of us know the players and what harm is there in brining them over?? We may just pick up one or two bargains

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No harm in bringing them over Ed. But scoring a goal 35yards out on the first touch takes skill whatever league you play in. And if these players are a bargain even better

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Or just luck,different league altogether,if these players are so good why has nobody touched them?? {Ed034's Note - You could say that about players from all over the world. Whet is wrong with trialing them??

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Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Shirt sales wouldn't net us anything as the club shop is owned by Kitbag, which in turn is Owed by Man City. The club don't receive anything of significance from club shop sales. That's why season ticket holders no longer get any discount in shop - it's out of the clubs power.
The only revenue we might raise from Kuwait is subscribers to Forest Player, but as it doesn't do a translation service, probably not. {Ed034's Note - We still make money from sales. I think it would be good for sponsership revenue. John Pye are only one season and there also the stadium

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The Kuwaiti players have got to be worth a look but I think they were any good we would have seen a Premier league club take a gamble. After all we haven't seen many Chinese or Japanese players over here so maybe they aren't good enough.

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Have you seen some of their stats?? Higher goal scoring than 1 in every other game.....yes it might not be the best league ever but the team our owners own in Kuwait has had some top Brazilian and Portuguese players (including internationals) play there over the last 5 years and IS the biggest and most successful club in who knows these lads might be great! They are also mostly international players too!

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Feel sure i read on O/S about 5 players from qadsai coming over for trials but there was 2 keepers an 1 of them was 32 ? sounds a bit old for a trial ?


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20 Jul 2012 13:59:56
I have recently been informed from a Leeds fan that the rumour circulating their club was that Warnock has been spotted meeting with Mcgugan earlier this week, i don't really believe it myself but just passing on the information! I am also very pleased with the O'driscoll appointment and believe he is the right man for the job!

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Can have the lazy bum
we'll have Pep

SOD Red and White Army

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McGugan not good enough to get in our team now.

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Dont quite agree with above post while mcgugan is obviously talented i believe his attitude is all wrong and his desire and hunger obviously lies in the pantry and not on the training ground,another wasted talent

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His attitude was better when Billy was here,hopefully he'll get a shot at redeeming himself of last seasons failure now we have a new manager?

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One thing many have failed to point out is that McGugan's passing ability is one of the best in the league. If O'Driscoll can get te best out of him, he could yet still be a vital asset as once hoped.


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20 Jul 2012 11:53:27
I repeat, SOD will move quickly to bring in Higginbotham as Captain, Elokobi and Pep. All deals agreed in principle.

Has also sounded out Brian Stock and Liam Lawrence has already had talks before SOD's appointment.

He is happy to give Lascelles a chance and will bring in another CB when Prem Squad lists announced.

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Lascelles will be given a chance by SOD. Spoke to a member of the squad this morning. He obviously doesn't know for sure who SOD will sign, but has heard he will be bidding to bring all of the loan players back to the City Ground. There are whispers of SOD approaching Swansea for Routledge to replace McCleary. Finally, and before I say this please don't shoot the messenger. I have been told that Kelvin Wilson may be returning on season long loan. Pretty reliable source who knows him.

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He will not return because celtic are short on CB's they only have 3 and what more, so why would they then loan them out

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Why do you all want Brian Stock and Liam Lawrence they are all old and danny is past it.

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He was appointed last night so there have been no time for whispers.

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Kelvin wilson has rented out his old house, my gf went to school with him and ive met hiim a few times. so would be suprised if he moved back, unless its back in with his gf

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Kelvin Wilson effectively went on strike at Forest earning disdain of squad. He will not be welcome in what is now becoming a happy squad of players as per Reids recent interview.Its about moving forwards not back.

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Celtic have 3 fit defenders, wilson will most definatly not be coming in on loan

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Been following all the rumours etc. over the last few weeks. Although I think SOD good sound appointment I am beggining to get the impression that we are going a bit 'down market' with management and players. It all began with the new owners trumpeting about ICONIC manager and STELLAR signings with the likes of Michael Owen and David Bentley Then MM announces he is not interested. Also I don't know if the likes of GH and whichever other ICONIC managers they are supposed to have approached found out the same = namely - is the money to be invested and the ambition for the club really there? I hope to be proved wrong in the future but I can't help reading between the lines.

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I think andy reid will be captain he seems to have taken that role in the media he speaks alot of truth and is honest,as well as being our most senior player (except greening but he will be going)Carnt see hickingbottom coming he in my view is slightly past his best could be worth a bid on turner at sunderland

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Dont think that SOD is a stellar signing kind of guy and builds a hard-working squad. Have a feeling the owners will be looking at the stellar signings as they want to impress us fans and letting SOD have the final say.

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Only morons believe rumours like Bentley and Owen both of whom are hardly stella anyway! Read what owners said, it is about building for future, about using our youth and they do not expect promotion this season. SOD is the man to blend youngsters with experience and to build a happy squad not one filled with money chasing players on way out of game. Get real and get behind team or go back to Derby site.

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Of course we make money out the club shop! even if Kit bag own it we would get a % of sales. also Kit Bag have contracts to distribute most clubs kits.

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20 Jul 2012 11:06:29
Heard rumours from a good source at the CG that SO'D is keen on good lower league talent, apparently having York's Jason Walker at the top of his shopping list. You heard it hear first.

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Great we a good million to spend and were doing a ruddy derby.

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Wtf why shop around lower leagues when its rumored we've got about 20 mill to spend or is that bs need to be aiming a bit higher

Agree6 Disagree5

Woeful - they must have told him to do a Brian Clough and bring lower league players to win the European cup. We could be doomed. {Ed034's Note - Theres no proof of this, so let's not start calling them yet

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I'd be happy with building a solid foundation of players without going out for just big name signings / premiership failures. We have had one of the smallest squads in all of the leagues for a few seasons now, its about time we had a squad of players who can fill in for each other.

Being as we probably need about 8 signings it's sensible to look at overlooked talent in lower leagues, rather than spank 20+ Million in the coming 3 weeks.

Build it properly, start with the basics.

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Why do people want us to brek the bank. if we can find the talent in the lower leagues for pennies, lets spend pennies and not risk the clubs finances

Agree5 Disagree2

It's when you go shopping around bigger leagues that we bring in overpaid deadwood. Young, hungry players with lots of potential are the best way to build the club for the future, and keep in line with FFP rules too.

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Response to: "Wtf why shop around lower leagues when its rumored we've got about 20 mill to spend or is that bs need to be aiming a bit higher"

Looking for team players with a hunger & fire in their bellies, not overpaid prima donna's

Sean can spot a proper footballer a mile off. His Donny sides have played us off the park in recent seasons. Think about a certain Billy Sharp who went to Donny for 500k We dont need to spend big to get out of this division we need players who are up for it & know how to play football.
Quite simple really.

Remember: We let a cetain DP loose with the cheque book & we were still paying for before we taken over by the Saints from Kuwait.

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SOD rejected Walker when at Doncaster!

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Where do you think most of these stella players start off?

Yes, in the lower leagues!

We have found these talents in the past and developed them into great players only for clubs with more money to come along and offer them better contracts.

I would much rather have a team of youngsters that can play together and have the money to keep them at the club when their potential is realised.

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Yes we all know that we desperately need quite a few players to rebuild the squad to even recent levels what with all of the loanees returning to their clubs and the amount of free moves away from trentside. This is why we are looking at taking a lot of these free or cheaper players on trial and for free moves. the money invested will come once we have the basic squad to add the final peices of the jigsaw or for the push in January should it look like we are in with a shout. Blow money this month when we could build a decent squad for relative peanuts just continues the Forest vicious circle of wasting money.

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20 Jul 2012 09:11:47
First through the door will be Doncaster duo George Friend and Brian Stock (if SOD can stop stock proposed move to Burnley)

Believable3 Unbelievable10

We need better than that!!!

turkish rob.

Agree8 Disagree2

I heard Coppinger also in the frame

Agree2 Disagree1

If we're nabbing donny players, i'd put Kyle Bennet at the top of my list!

Agree10 Disagree3

I would happily have Stock, he is a decent midfielder. Uses the ball exceptionally well and very rarely gives it away cheaply (are you watching Mr. Moussi!!!) He works on the basis of don't try and do anything too flash, just make sure that you pass it to someone in the same colour shirt as you, and preferably those that are actually on the pitch, not sat in the stand!

Agree9 Disagree1

Brian Stock would be a good addition to the squad but not so sure about his Friend ;)

Agree5 Disagree3

Coppinger too please.
Then get Rudolph Austin from Brann, Norway before Warnock gets him. Come over here and get Kamara and Solskjaers wonderkid Eikrem too - but asap,please:) TorofNorway

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Need better? Get your head out of the clouds. We will be rebuilding not buying in flash failed Prem players. Stock is a superb midfielder and Friend able to cover both left back and centre half.

Agree8 Disagree1

If were taking most of doncasters players we wont be getting promoted any time soon

Agree2 Disagree3

Get tarik Elyounoussi from Fredrikstad FK

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