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20 Jun 2012 22:59:19
Check out #nffc on twitter. Links to a photo of Al Hasawis daughter wearing a top with the word " Forest " across it. Now I know it's not an official Forest top, but if this isn't a sign then they are the biggest wind up merchants in history.

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It is an official forest top!

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A 3 year old forest top. Too weird.

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Have seen the photo on another site and to me i cant tell but look like its been doctored. ill try and get a link on to see what people think but hopefully im wrong and we find out later

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Picture was posted by fawaz al hasawis wife doesn't look doctored to me and why would she doctor it just going to make them look bad.

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You do realise its Derby fans spreading all these rumours and they've suckered you in!

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The top is a fake! could be a business abroad!

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Its an offisiall Forest top - check club shop...

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20 Jun 2012 22:50:15
The reason pye's are saying 10 days is beause they are going to be the new owers of the club .The full details will be announced by 11am friday at the latest (but could well be tomorrow pm)

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If you actually watched the interview he didn't say 'there will be news in 10 days', he said 'let's say in 10 days time' meaning like an example, or meaning the 1st number that came into his head.

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20 Jun 2012 22:44:00
Takeover agreed. Kuwait it is.

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20 Jun 2012 22:16:18
No press conference at CG tomorrow. Statement to be released by club at 10am.

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10.25am now and no statement, have their watches stopped?, think you made this up.

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Its now well past 10 am, where's this statement..........................

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That didnt happen then!!

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20 Jun 2012 22:04:55
Have heard in the last hour from sources close to the academy set up that an announcement re future of the club will definitely be made tomorrow, Thursday 21 June.

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Another rumour bites the dust!

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20 Jun 2012 19:48:00
hi ed this just appeared on twitter is somebody just stirring or having a guess or does he really know something

Thomas Cobb ‏@thomascobb1
I've been told #nffc takeover is complete and announced within 48 hours hope its true.
Reply Retweet Favorite {Ed034's Note - I havnt heard of him and I would be very surprised if he was 'in the know', so I would take it with a pinch of salt. Would be nice if it is true and if it was, I'll resign and he can take over my role

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Hi ed

his response was

wayne williams ‏@longers375
@thomascobb1 is your contact reliable thomas cos adam pye dropped the hint we should hear something by end of the week
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38m Thomas Cobb ‏@thomascobb1
@longers375 would he sponser a team that wouldn't have a ownership done or near on I'll let u work that out ;) #nffc
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8:01 PM - 20 Jun 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Details {Ed034's Note - To be fair, when John Pye was announced, they said they hope something would be announced in ten days. Well those ten days come to an end over the next two, so he maybe just taking a punt in the hope he sounds like he know things.

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Im with you on that at least we know marthur is no where near any takeover deal

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What i foubd odd was that normally you would say a couple of days or a couple of weeks but he specificaly said lets see in 10 days, just seems like he must of known something if he said a certain amount of days

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Go watch the video interview, if you actually watch it he says ten days as more a suggestion "maybe 10 days lets say"

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20 Jun 2012 11:15:36
from twitter

John Pye Auctioneers ‏@John_Pye
Mornin #nffc fans Afraid we r unable to discuss T/O Adam Pye is talkng to Vital 2day on sponsorshp tho! Keep an eye out

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20 Jun 2012 08:36:59
Al Hasawi tweeted for the first time in English earlier this morning that the Forest fans would find out tomorrow - ie Thursday

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No he hasnt

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That wasn't his first English tweet

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Actually al hasawi did tweet it! @Dan_newham Care to explain? Is this news regarding forest? And Hasawi replied with "@Fawaz_alhasawi tomorrow you will no" :O!!

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I follow him on twitter and there is no such tweet! so...... prove it

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Didnt actually mention forest and the reply was to someone from chester just said tomorrow you will know could mean anything tweet was in reply to a comment that said i dont know what your saying

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Can't see it on his account!

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To be fair when the Rumours originally started all the Kuwatis said we will know 21/06 and i believe John Pye himself said ten days at the kit launch (think that was the 11th?) I think the fact he has tweeted in english show that tomorrow Leeds or Forest will have new owners....

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The interview in which Adam Pye said it would be in 10 days time was 12th June on the BBC website, however this just could have been the date the article was published and the actual interview may have been the day before which means by my reckoning it should be tomorrow or friday {Ed034's Note - It was put on the beeb website on the same day as the interviews was given

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I follow fawaz and he has not tweeted in english he is going on about the federal court and a club in kuwait

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He has tweeted it 10 hours ago it says tomorrow you will no (thats how he spelt know too before anyone talks about spelling)

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This is the conversation

Fawaz AL Hasawi @Fawaz_alhasawi 11h
علماً بأن المحكمه الفدراليه سمحت لنادي القادسيه لضم محترفين جدد واصبح الخيار متاح لنادي
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Dan Newham @Dan_Newham 11h
@Fawaz_alhasawi I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!!?!?!
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Fawaz AL Hasawi
@Dan_Newham tomorrow u will no
11:30pm Tues Jun 19 via Osfoora for iPhone

Sunny @sunbeam007 10h
@Fawaz_alhasawi @Dan_Newham How can we know tomorrow if your deadline to @Qadsia_News is 21/6? Or does that not affect #nffc? @Supermomo76
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Dan Newham @Dan_Newham 10h
@Fawaz_alhasawi Care to explain? Is this finally some news regarding Forest?
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Wasn't his first English tweet he said 'we are happy for England' after the Sweden win. And it won't ago if you're following him because it was a reply to someone so you have to go on to his profile and scroll down.

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If it does happen tomorrow the board should get out there and get nicky shorey back as he is a free agent atm

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And who'se going to pay Shorey's wages? {Ed034's Note - If it has happened then it will be the new owner whom will pay

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Can I just say, those who are disagreeing with the initial post, please take a moment to look at Mr Al-Hasawi's tweets from about 1am today

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One of the recent tweets on Hasawi's page is congratulating him on buying Forest, and God will be on his side, summet like that anyway. It's the one where the tweets got the picture attached with Forest underlined

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There is nothing on mr hasawi twitter congratulating him on buying forest

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Get ya translator out sunshine and have a butchers at his tweets, you'll see it.

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Just found this tweet on mr hasawi that everyone is talking about, dont know if i should but i now believe that something may be announced tomorrow and am very excited!! Could this finally be the boost we need to get us fighting for our place back with the big boys?

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20 Jun 2012 06:03:03
Matty Darbyshire could be about to resign for Blackburn Rovers. JR

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Good luck to him - sounds feasible. He's a decent lad, just the wrong fit at Forest.

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I doubt hed buy himself out , but if there's a termination of his contract i'll drive him to lancashire myself.

hes been a waste of space, and his whinging on twitter, from him and his ex physio (i think it was) was pathetic

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Matt derbyshire has been working really hard during the break even on his family holiday he was hitting the gym everyday he is so eager to prove himself after a spate of injuries and a serious illness i know this cos ive spoke to his wife a few times i also think he is more of a winger than a forward {Ed034's Note - Where was this??

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Good player just never had a good run in side dont play for england u21s and be not good

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Have to admit, I had high hopes for him as he was a good prospect & scored some cracking goals for Blackburn before his move abroad. Sadly, injuries & Shingles wrote his first season off with us. He got some stick on Twitter for diving too much, which really needs to be ironed out of his game at this level. Ended up closing his Twitter account I think. Shame really.

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Milner did and hes cac

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He has never been a winger. He would be a good player off a fit Miller. Scores goals inside the box but I agree that his attitude has been poor.

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I speak to her on twitter and she was really concerned when he got shingles last november cos she had never seen him so ill last time i spoke to her was just before she went to dublin around a week or more ago

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Of all the strikers at the club i think derbyshire has the most potential but any striker will struggle in a side that doesn't create chances. {Ed034's Note - More than blackstock and miller??

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Why are people actually considering derbyshire as a possibility?
1) not a proven striker at a good level never has been
2) he didnt even play a quater of the season this year
on that basis why give him another go
dexter blackstock who was out for over a year scored more goals in the birmingham game than derbyshire did all season

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If you look at last season's stats derbyshire is our 5th best goal scorer per games ratio

dex 1 goal every 2 games
mcleary 1 goal every 2.3 games
miller 1 goal every 2.3 games
radi 1 goal every 3 games
derbyshire 1 goal every 4 games
mcgugan 1 goal every 6 games
tudgay 1 goal every 4.3 games
reid 1 goal every 13 games

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Addition to last comment

findley 1 goal every 2.3 games

derbyshire 6th best goalscorer

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Not true. He's happy at Forest and wants to stay for the long term to keep his kids in school here. He's going nowhere!

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