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20 Mar 2012 21:43:27
you reds......come on!! what a game 3-7....we have to offer Mcleary a new contract...Newark Red

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Newark Red- would you know if Forest are looking at a lad from Newark called something Watson whos prolific in your local leauge. He is also known as the beast and is a proper old fashioned center forward with a excellent non league scoring record

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20 Mar 2012 21:38:15
I am checking on the right game, aren't I. 7 goals ( so far ). What happened ?

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More goals than we have scored at home all season !

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Are all the haters going to come on here now slagging off the players for tonight's performance??oh no probably not they probably love all the players cause we won....oh how people can change their minds....forest fan forever not just on the good days

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Daft comment...obviously tonight was a good doesn't excuse the bad performances.
Some fans are fickle and some are pretentious....some are just realistic

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Warnock you can tell forest had a week off,what an a*** he cant admit his team were battered

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Definitely agree about that last post

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Nice to see cotterill on the post match interview video he's moaning about goals being conceaded but cant hold his smiles back he looked ten tears younger in that interview .... 20 years if you compare it to the leicester cup beasting interview

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Poor guy - Cotterrill has looked terrible in some of the post-match interviews. If we can get 3 wins in the remaining games, we've done it

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Lol never took Colin to be a sore loser!! I bet the fact they got it to 3-3 then promptly folded upset him even more!! :-D

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The Leeds boards are making the point that two of our offside. And they wonder why the rest of football hates them.

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Ok take them 2 off thats 5-3 n their peno that (sir) steve cotterill said looks harsh so thats 5-2

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Cotterill you tool - let that be a f****** lesson to you!

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There was not 1 goal any where off side
Just sore losers who were well and trulhammerred coyr

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Take the goal from their throw in off as well because it was a foul throw! 5-1 then

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Looks like the officials had a 'mare then...

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The record books say 3-7
End of!

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The only mistakes by the officials in were awarding the penalty and only giving Robinson a yellow card. Of course, you won't find Warnock or any Leeds fans mentioning these. Even when they're put to the sword like Tuesday, it's still someone else's fault as usual.

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The only debate we should be having about the game is which of our goals was the best!! Guedioura's rocket? McCleary's volley? McCleary's 4th? Blackstock's header for the cross from Reid? Personally, I'm thinking McCleary's 1st for the build-up, because it was nice to see us play a swift counter attack..

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Easy contest i think Guedioura's rocket beats the rest of them from conceding a dodgy peno to 2 mins later sticking a 30 yard screamer in you've got to say that was a game changer. all the goals we're magical really being there :D

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The technique of McCleary's volley though.. Wow!

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20 Mar 2012 11:26:35
Nottingham Forest are looking at non-league midfield player, Chris Clements.


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Another Midfielder???? God why!!!

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Because our midfield is rubbish, half of them will leave in the summer regardless of whether we stay up or not and the rebuilding needs to start somewhere....................?

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Because Anderson is injured and we only have one out an out winger in mccleary

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We need good strikers not more midfielders

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