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21 Apr 2012 21:08:06
Forest are not sold and sadly nowhere near sold.

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So youre saying a deal is close?

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21 Apr 2012 17:29:26
Funds aren't available to offer any other players a contract at the moment, highly likely chambers will go JPT

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Can believe this

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21 Apr 2012 08:08:26
Munto fianace to put a bid in for forest

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Ha ha what next sven as manager

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21 Apr 2012 08:05:58
Robbie finley is to leave club by mural concent along with greening

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So he's leaving by a pretty wall and a harmony of sounds?

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As always, the question is, how do you know?

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Findley to paint the town RED

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Who is Murial Concent? The tea lady? Please no, not murial..........

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I think he means mutual consent and we've all played enough football manager to know what that means.

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Finley.miller,derbyshire,harewood and mcgoldrick should all be waving goodbye to the city ground,and thats just the strikers,we should be looking to bring in 2 decent hungry strikers along with dexter and marcus tudgay to replace these wasters.

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Comments like the one above are silly !

Why should we lose all of our depth just because they have had a bad season, I agree that some of them should go but to get rid of all of them without a guarantee of strikers coming in it just poor management.

Findely, Derbyshire and Miller still have a lot to give to forest ! and some of our fans need to realise it !

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Agree with the above apart from Findley has no confidence but could be ok if he regains it and miller and d****shire are on to much

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Once Derbyshire and the others get a good run in the team, all the part time fans shall be eating their words and start kissing up to them, like they all have done so far e.g. radi, reid, lynch etc

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Most of the Mclaren era signings ARE on far to much money, it isn't there fault however. They didn't hold a gun to our heads and make us pay them the cash. I know its a cliche but every person reading this would never turn down an opportunity to earn well.

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I still think there's some point in trying to sell the McClaren era "flops" - i'm sure they'll have a market value of something, albeit heavily reduced after a poor season. It is a tad frustrating as Miller and Derbyshire can be real quality and have complimenting strengths.....biggest summer in years on the horizon

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If derbyshire gets a good run in the team we will be kissing up to them? somehow i dont think so mate, have you seen him play? well i say play, i mean run round like a headless chicken and get subbed when he came on as a sub,

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Bring back earnshaw if we can

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How can you judge a player on a handful of appearances? we all know how inept mclaren's tactics were. he knew bugger all about the championship. u can't blame derbyshire for playing to a system that doesn't work. i sometimes question the intelligence of some of our fans. give derbyshire a good run in the team and THEN judge him

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A player like earny would be great, but he flopped on return to cardiff and there is chat of a move to MLS, i think the fire in his belly has turned to dollar signs in his eyes...never go back, the only way is forward!

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I like findley i think he brings something to the team but you can get rid of the rest to be fair

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I'm still worried about murial. Any news on her?

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Last I heard arry was in for her, they just talking over the fine print on 5 year contract.

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21 Apr 2012 08:04:24
Gareth mccleary is in talks with Celtic they have offerd £20k 5year deal

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How do you know this are you his agent,sounds rather a lot for a player who has had one good 7/8th of championship football

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Rubbish. Why come on and post lies?

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If Celtic are forced into selling Forrest then i might believe this...

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Why would he want to go to Celtic? No competition I'm the spl! If he was going to go it would be to a premiership team

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Cheap trophies and champions league football. the same reasons anyone else goes to celtic.

got to be better than doing nothing in the championship.

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Listen mccleary wont be going to celtic if we want our club to go forward we need to be resigning mccleary,chambers and lynch on new contracts,mccleary is interested in staying to repay cotterills faith in him,surely by releasing harewood,boateng ane even paul anderson we could offer these 3 key players better deals

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Yeaa this definitely makes sense

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We dont need chambers

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I agree with the poster suggesting we release Harewood, Boateng & maybe Chambers & I'd add McGoldrick to that list, he's done nothing all season.
We need to sell the likes of Camp, Miller & Moussi. Camp doesn't look interested, Miller's legs are made of Cadburys Flake and Moussi is a headless chicken.
Base the team around Lynch, Reid, Raddi, Dex & McCleary.
Get rid of Rob Kelly too, he's useless.
The problem is, we're short of central defenders, I'm not sure we should release Chambers unless we have a definite replacement.

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Chambers for me has been a terrible captain... his new role made camp less vocal and cost us goals, this may also be cos camp spat his dummy at not being sold...
either way chambers surely wont accept signing n not being captain so let him go.
lynch plus 2 (maybe a third utility defender like elokobi to play lb or cb) signings at centre back with lascelles coming up the ranks would be the way forward

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Over the years Mccleary has been bit part, SC played him and he has shown alot of potential. Must be mad to think that anyone will offer him 20k as he has had a fantastic mid season. does anyone that reads this actually watch football?

to be fair i think that Mccleary is an asset that needs to be kept and he has shown that he can play well but its consistency over a season that is important.

Anderson showed immense promise for a while, player of the year at Swansea (if i am not mistaken) then now he has gone so far downhill.. could this also happen to mccleary? get in the comfort zone and then be crap?

there is alot or work to be done at CG over the pre season but we will come good.

in my opinion, Greening, Miller, Harewood, boateng (if not already) Anderson and Findley need to go. Good centre half in, Camp back as skipper and belief from the fans

finally, should Gunter go so we can spend the cash? or would that money be spent elsewhere?

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Joel lynch should be skipper....used to be captain of the reserves until he broke into the 1st team and shouts the most on a saturday aswell

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Harewood was on a 1 year contract wasnt he? Or a pay per play? So either way that does not matter! Gunter should stay he has been fairly solid and links up very very well with McCleary, i wonder how good McCleary would be without Gunter to be honest. Chambers had a poor start to the season but has slowly got better and become much more solid and confident again, so i can see him staying and building on that under SC but time will tell i guess.


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Lynch is vocal...however why ruin him how we did chambers... lets sign a proper stalwart defender... someone with the presence that chris morgan had for sheffield united, an out and out solid defender who is vocal, danny higginbottam would be an excellent although unlikely signing.
Lynch should now be given the chance to cement his place in the team, captain may be too much too soon

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Nobody ruined Chambers.

To be Captain or Team Leader of anything all you need to understand is this:
1 Know what you doing yourself
2 Know what everyone is doing around you
3 Recognise when they are not doing what they should be doing
4 Know what do do if they arn't

Question: Which of the 4 points above apply to Chambo

Enough said

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Chambers was ruined by being skipper too soon.
He had only just cemented a place at centre back instead of being a sub or a right back.
He was confident and the greater responsibility was too much for him,
if you had raised those 4 points last season when him n wes forged a great partnership he would have ticked all the boxes...which is why he probably was made captain (that and camps tantrum)

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