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21 Jan 2012 22:03:26
Rumour that we have accepted a bid from Leeds for £300k for Raddy. Cotteril doesn't rate him......why can't we sell the s**t......? Newark Red

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Really hope this is not true especially for 300k!

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Coterill must be an idiot!!

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If we could get anywhere near the 1 million he cost then I will drive him to Leeds myself.

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How much longer can Cotterill stay in the hot seat?.Im off to watch some Newark Sunday morning football and I bet I can put a team together from the drunks and wifebeaters on show this morning that would perform better than all the pre modonnas who play for us at the minute. {Ed001's Note - drunks and wifebeaters? Sounds like the Premier League......}

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Read that on a forum? Probably nothing.

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I really hope this isn't true. Raddy is a good player, it's ashame that Steve cotterill does not play him more often. I think if he got played more often, raddy could turn the games around. Would like to see raddy be in the squad and play in the next game at home against Burnley. Steve cotterill is missing out on alot by not playing this skilful player, everyone who I have spoken to about this agrees!

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Could be true as they need a good cm to replace howson, really hope it isn't tho.
Can't understand why cotterill isn't playing him?

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Cotterril cant play football...he only undertsnds Cotterball (ie Hoofball) thats why he doesnt get Raddy. If Raddy goes to Leeds especially for sod all then Frank Clarke and the rest of the board need shooting as well.

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What the guy above said. Raddy is to small to win balls in the air and seeing as this is all we seem to do now its pointless having him on the pitch.

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We payed a million for him so doubt now in the circumstances he will go for less than a million

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This information did not come from a forum,but from a number of friends who live in Leeds ! They have the money & they want a skillful midfielder, Raddy is the name that they want. On the forums it has mentioned Bristol City have made a bid !
Newark red

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We are doomed...its suposed to be a battle against relegation and instead of focusing on that all the players seemt o selfishly be looking for a way out... only the poor long suffring fans really matter when it comes to clubs like forest - we ae bigger than the board and all the squad and all of those closeted over paid w*nkers would do well to remember that

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I don't understand the fascination with raddy. He had a great first season but has done nothing since signing on full.
Too light weight, too inconsistent, goes missing far too many times.
If we can get rid and bring in a left-winger on loan, do it

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If Cotterill doesn't rate Raddy then he is a bigger person than I thought he was. Raddy is clearly one of our most gifted and creative players. Cotterill needs to leave, now.

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If raddy is so gifted and talented, why has he mainly been used as a sub by his three managers and why hasn't he demented a place in the side yet?

On his day he's good and when the whole team is flowing, he is good, but when it's not going to plan, he hides.

If we have to sell anyone, then sell him

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21 Jan 2012 20:31:14
It's pointless having rich owners as the new rules come into play soon meaning you can only spend money the club has generated from sponsorships, tickets and merchandise, we need to stop living off past success and get singing songs at the City Ground to help give the players a boost the last thing we want is relegation! COYR

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But they can sell naming rights for a stadium to make more money.

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And you really think this new rule will work? Clubs get round this so called 'financial fair play' rule through sponsorship. That's why Man City, Newcastle etc sponsor their own stadium.

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Naming rights of the stadiums have so far been quite small, but i imagine ethiads Man City sponsorship will go up to like 100m or something stupid so they can get round FFP.

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I think if we need money, and if were in league 1/championship next season, we will name the stadium after a firm to make money, hopefully one that we will earn abit of $ from but hopefully it wont be sportsdirect

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21 Jan 2012 18:38:00
Bit of news: there is a potential buyer of the club on the horizon. Eastern European investers want to buy the club off ND. It is rumoured that one of the consortium is a life long Forest fan from the old european glory days having followed Forest on TV. There is a catch. The buyers want to sell the city ground so that it can be redeveloped and build a new state of the art stadium to the west of the city... watch this space.

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Have a jbo selling the City Ground...we don't own it, the council does.

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It won't happen... Nigel will never sell up


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I swear we do as of earlier this season

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This is old news, i remember this story being thrown around about 7-8 years ago!

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Oh dear, we have a comedian

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MArther already said there have been no offers from anyone to buy the club, end of ATM.


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21 Jan 2012 09:01:21
Forest have valued Wes at £1million but festa have
Only up their bid 2 £650,000

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Leicester Mercury, January 21
Race to recruit Morgan hots up

Nottingham Forest have rejected two bids from Leicester City for defender Wes Morgan, and are holding out for 1 million.
Forest turned down a bid of 500,000 on Thursday evening and City immediately responded with a second offer of 650,000 yesterday, which was again refused.
However, Forest are unlikely to reject a third bid for their longest-serving player, who is out of contract at the end of the season, as manager Steve Cotterill knows he must sell before he can strengthen his squad.
A compromise offer of 800,000 may be enough to land the 27-year-old, who has spent his entire career at the City Ground.

From forest Press Talk.


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It's weird how people know the ins and outs of a deal??stop making up stuff!

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No, festa upped their bid to 650,000 and THEN forest demanded 1 million.

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You say demand like it's a bad thing. Forest are entitled to ask whatever they like, within reason, to any contracted player.
As much as wes is forest through and through and I'd hate to see him leave, if it's for the better of the club, then so be it.
Wes will be a legend whether he stays or goes and will always get a standing ovasion from us fans

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You talk as tho its a disaster that wes mongo is going! let the useless overweight overated donkey go. if hes sooo forest through n through why is he in the last few months of his contract and not banging on the managers door asking for another ? because he knows forest are down and wants away and quick. he cares as much about forest as kris commons did. zero

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How do u know wes ain't been banging on the managers door the club don't tell anyone anything so u never know!

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To the person who doesn't know wes........well imdo and I know he loves this club and for your infomation, he has been asking for a new contract to be sorted.
How can any fan of forest say anything bad about wes? He's given his all to us and has never once complained, been in the papers for any bad reason, he's been consistent and the main stay of our defence for for how long now?
And the dig about being over weight. The guy is one of the quickest and fittest guys in the squad. If he was that bad why are there several clubs wanting to sign him? And it's that way around, it is not wes banging on th door saying he wands to leave.
Im just glad wes doesn't read these comments because I know he would be gutted a so called forest fan has said about him, after the years he has given this club.

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Slightly harsh my boy.I think he has served us well and had his day.Interesting reading the Leicester fans though,they think they are getting a fantastic player better than Bamba & co.Shows the level of intelligence I suppose.

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Or because Doughty said he'll pay for all current contracts but not offer new ones maybe?

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I think Wes Morgan has been a vastly overated, always fell short where it mattered in defending and at best just doing enough. Never the top class player you all seem to think and IF he was forest through and through wouldnt keep disappearing in a defence thats letting in so many goals.

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Great guy, unfortunately he's a jonah. We've never had good season since he joined.

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Try reading the evening post and mercury
Be4 slating any1 , all the info is their

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Even if we did sell him, then what? we got like a week to find a permanent replacement, I could only see this happening if Cotterill already had someone lined up who was cheaper and could at least do a job

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We dont want the useless lump here at leicester, i'll tell you now, the fans DONT want him, he will not be accepted by the fans here, we have a lump or two of our own that we need to shift on without adding another dick.

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800,000 for a player who is now 28, probably won't get better, hasn't been at his best this season and is out of contract at the end of the season? Its the perfect deal on paper.
Give Lynch a new deal and start to bed in Lascelles.

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Me and our was went out for a few swift UN's last night and he said he couldn't wait to leave. Summet about F ..... Forest I'm done with em. And further wants a bullet, that's the only way he will leave. Heard it with my own tabs my friends

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For effort & commitment Wes gets 110% every time, its his last chance for a decent contract at his age so good luck to him where ever he can find it.

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Voted in team of season last year by opposition players. Obviously a handful for the opposition. Plus we have no money to offer him a contract!

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I dont know what to make of this. If he goes it could free up money to give some players contracts and even Iro and Torres meaning we get two defenders for 1, so i can see the logic. I am a season ticket holder and I never think god hes amazing or god hes awful, so dont know how much he will be missed, especially compared to the 2 we have had on trial, one being 6ft 5, meaning he will win in the air every time! But he is a very loyal servant and that could be more of a moral and mental blow to lose him for the players and fans if anything else!


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