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23 Jan 2012 16:19:16
Leicester are ready to put a £1 million bid for Morgan. This would be bad news, but would be enough for a cheap defender in his place.

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23 Jan 2012 14:49:25
West Ham are looking at the possibility of placing a bid for McGugan.

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23 Jan 2012 14:27:00
West Ham looking at McGugan, source: Sky

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23 Jan 2012 12:27:25
West ham are after McGugan - This is brilliant news if true as McGugan has been dreadful this season gets some cash so no need to sell wes and can maybe get new faces in. Would also allow to offer new contracts to excisting players

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If they offer anywhere around 2m we should take it. He's a good player but inconsistent and hopefully would mean Magic restored to the side if he moves.

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How much do you think they will pay for him.1 player sold won't allow 5 new 3 year contract.It's Mcgugan not Messi.!!

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Actually it will if u think about it. chambers, wes and ando are all on contracts as it is so we can obviously afford to pay them at the moment. the issue is giving them a raise, an extra grand a week or whatever. so if mcgugan's on 8 grand a week say, u take 3 grand off his contract and distribute it evenly between the other 3. then u put the remaining 5 into other things. simples

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Why would we want to offer contracts to our players whose contracts are running down?

lynch has been decent but the rest have been appalling.

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Chambers, anderson and morgan don't deserve pay rises

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Hope he goes to west ham, he'll go there thinking hes the bee's, they'll go up, then in summer big sam will buy big. then he'll just be a 2 million pound upton park seat warmer

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SC speaking in NEP today about Raddi. Clearly something isgoing on re McGugan as he is laying path for Raddi back into team.

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23 Jan 2012 00:53:37
Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are looking into the possibility of signing prolific Nottingham Forest youngster Patrick Bamford. The championship club are in dire need of funds and would accept any reasonable bid. They are likely to let Bamford go for around £1.5 million.

Saw this but don't know what to make of it. Yes, we need the cash but something tells me Bamford could potentially be the answer to our problems. What dyou reckon?

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He's only a kid, stop putting the whole weight of the world on his shoulders.

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No, you made it up, clearly.

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Ever1s seen him for 3 mins and they think hes god

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If this is true it's ridiculous. We've got a misfiring squad, but young hungry players scoring goals and itching to get out on the pitch. If we start selling our future then the club really is doomed, get rid of the ones who don't want to be there for a knockdown price if we have to but keep the talented youngsters of the future. If we go down I'd rather see us go down with kids playing with pride and passion than with players who don't give a toss, who knows if we stuck Bamford up front now for the last few games in the first team what might have happened (a few goals perhaps..?!)

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I say give him a chance before you ship him off, scored 5 the other day for the youth team - lets face it he isnt going to do any worse than some of the strikers at the club atm

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Watched this kid in the 9-1 youth cup drubbing against wigan and thought he looked outstanding. Even though he scored 5 excellent goals, one being a penalty that he smashed into the top corner thought he was the most unselfish player on the pitch setting up 3 of the other goals as well. He was playing as a lone striker and after seeing his movement looks a very intelligent striker. SC gotta give him at least 20 mins so he can make an impact, no good last 3 mins of game. I would defiantly give him a chance at least he'll play with heart unlike some of the prima donna's handing in transfer requests when the club needs them the most!!

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Where did you read this?? link??

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He HAS handed in a transfer request.

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Same old comments and as usual no links/source to back it up.

Either put on here a link to the story or stop trying to make yourself look interesting by making things up.

Do you really think a player just coming through, is going to hand a transfer request in?? Really?? Didn't think so

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Sorry he is s**t and sod him if he wants to leave

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Who says he wants leave.get real pal he has never said that. Trust me he will be a forest legend our star stiker nxt season.but he dnt want to leave

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Tese people who say bamford not ready or good enough get ur head out the sand give him a chance.look at jay rodriges from burnley from the youth and wot a decent striker that y teams want him bamford cud b xactly the same.if sc gives him a good run of games.just my oppion thou

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He is not ready. Have you actually watched him? He needs to go out on loan as he is a rabbit in headlights at first team level. SC blocking loan as he has not signed new contract.

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