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23 May 2012 21:56:56
the mirror says we have bid 600,000 for steve davies dont know where the money has come from

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Probably the snooker player knowing us!!

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Are we not due the rest of the money from morgan and bamford. ?

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Link the article

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The golden nugget...

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Rather Dennis Taylor,remember 85 final.

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Mirror Newspaper = useless

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Heskey = Useless

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Morgan money not due until January. Bamford money is performance/appearance related

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23 May 2012 20:12:43
Spoke to an ex forest player today, (sorry not saying who, not cool to name drop) he said that his sources tell him that there has been a number of interested parties, but none willing to agree to the Doughty familys terms. It seems fair play to them as they are honouring Nigels wishes for the club to go into good hands that are prepared to invest a minimum amount over the next coming years. He said that they are aware that the club has no great value while they are losing money each year and therefore wanted a cut of the money from gaining promotion.

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His sources are probably guessing,just like the rest of us

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"spoke to an ex forest player" not quite name dropping but not far of eh :DD

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23 May 2012 18:31:27
mcgugan is getting interest from everton and liverpool

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Great, if that means we can buy Gedioura with the money.

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Must be a namesame from europe

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With no manager

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That's great news, provided they stump up 1m or more. That would be the 1m 'icing on the cake' on top of the planned cash from McCleary, Camp and Gunter. This will give Cotterill decent funds for building a new squad for next season.

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Are you lewis mcgugan and are you trying to make yourself feel important?

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Dont talk wet!

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Ahaha sorry?

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I say keep mcgugan for next year but only on the condition he plays each game with a large firework inserted into his rear passage

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23 May 2012 16:22:27
Paul smith to join notts county as number one goal keeper.

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No their number one will be Fabian spiess from their youth team

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Camp to go, Paul Smith to be Forest's keeper next season.

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Great GK at that level for us

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Speiss won't be number one, there boss said they would bring in another as number one inside the post today

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I'd rather play Darlow than smith

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Paul smith is a better striker than keeper
his shots at camp prematch are awesome

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Smithie has NO command of his box..that his biggest liability - let him go save money on the wages

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As a shot stopper smith is quality, but you always get the feeling a mistake is never far away.

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Etimov has a bright future

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23 May 2012 08:39:54
Re: Nottingham Forest Ownership.

The club have turned down a couple of offers so far as they didn't meet the stipulations required. There is one strong bid from a life long Forest fan, but an agreement is not expected to be reached until probably late next month.

Preparations for the new season are nevertheless continuing apace behind the scenes.

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That is rubbish. No bids have been turned down at all.
What is the point if coming on here and making up rubbish??

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What were the requirements

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You can tell it's silly season can't you? Now for a couple of simple facts - unfortunately, Forest are nowhere near to being taken over, and nowhere near to any signings. Now go away, finish school and have a nice summer.

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I have no idea what's true and what isn't, some rumours are more plausible that others but until it's official then nothing set in stone. That's what makes it a rumour.

But why is everyone saying the original poster is talking rubbish and then making statements that a takeover is no where near happening? What makes your information any more reliable?

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How do you know if they haven't had any offers and how do you know they've not been looking at anyone? Are you on the board? Work as part of the backroom staff? I'm guessing NO so shut your hole you hypocrite

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It's Seymour Pierce doing the business and everything they do is confidential. How do you know OP what's happening, and how do you know the second poster that no bids have been turned down?

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Agree with the above. You can't say that we haven't has any offers because nobody knows.

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The truth is out there!
Jesus you lot........
How do you know its true?
How do you know it's not true?
Listen to yourselves you bunch of bickering kids!

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Anyone coming on here talking about what the club are turning down or otherwise are making it up. The club has no say, it is down to Seymour Peace who are acting on behalf of the Doughty's and no-one will get an inside track on that until a deal is done.

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The club do have a say, just follow your own post back where you have told us that yourself. The club is owened by the doughty family, who hired Seymour and I'm sure they have both directed Seymour and are being consulted about every decision. So yes the club has the final say.

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23 May 2012 06:45:02
Nottm Forest are looking to replace Gareth McCleary with Gai Assulin recently released by Man City. wages should not be a problem as he was on less than recently offered to McCleary.

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Not a single one of man city's squad is paid as little as the highest earners in ours.

Assulin will go back to spain or sign for wigan or some other dross prem team.

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This player will be linked with every club in the championship. At least one poster will be able to say 'I told you so' if he does sign for one.

Hoppers u1

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You have just decided that as he has been released that he will come to us.By the way he is left sided so don't think he replaces McCleary at all.

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More likely that we are after Mustapha Caroyol from Bristol Rovers.They have turned a bid down from an un-named championship side today.

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Mccleary was on a very little wage as we signed him from non-league, doubt this guy was on less, very, very much!

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I thought we should sign him when the news broke
also heskey available to add to our list of hopeless strikers

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What about that young lad for doncaster bennet I think hes called

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Yes lets go for heskey complete the set !! hoho has any side ever put out a full team of hopeless strikers ?

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23 May 2012 01:18:39
A team meeting was drawn up today by chairman Mr Frank Clarke. All players must report for meeting concerning the future of the club. Details are being kept close to the chest. Rumour has it that frank wants to hear from the players who is really commited to Nottingham Forest Football Club. This news comes shortly after Mark Arthur and Steve Cotterill landed in Boston New York some hours ago.

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A team meeting without Mark Arthur and Steve Cotterill ? what are you on ?

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Stupid post. As the first reply states, no meeting would take place to the magnitude, without both present

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We have device called telephones these days, Even video conference is possible :-)

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What a tool whoever posted this.The players are on summer hols around Europe and States.

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Read the post says drawn up no date is put for said meeting why does everyone have to put down every post written

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I don't necessarily believe the post but don't really see why some feel it is okay to abuse the poster. At this rate everyone will be too afraid to post anything.
I hope that there is some sort of activity taking place and that we are not just sleepwalking to another debacle pre-season!

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Funny that as I saw Mr Arthur at an event in Nottingham tonight? Could there be two of him!

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God I hope not

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22 May 2012 23:01:27
from a reliable source there is set to be a massive exodus within the next 4 weeks leaving us with very little our team will be filled with inexperienced academy and lower league players next year and harewood leading the strike force

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You clown get back on your own site !

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Harewood's already gone

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Clown !

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I'm presuming three of the last four posts are all by the same derby fan, trying to be funny.
It isn't going to happen you silly sheep. No plod off and get dipped

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Harewood already gone ? haha thats the massive exodus...jeez the size of his waistline these days!

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