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24 Jun 2012 09:58:41
In the back of the Sunday times it says forest are on the verge of a dramatic takeover.

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Good marketing idea,online access requires subscription !!

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Live in europe and cant get a copy please expand

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Not in my Sunday Times it doesn't.

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He obviously has a different Sunday times

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I will back the last comment up i couldnt see nothing

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Not in the paper or online

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How can people 'disagree' with fact?
It's not in the paper or online.

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I can confirm this is true, there is a small column at the back 3 pages from the back. {Ed034's Note - Can someone take a pic of it and post it please??

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Its next to an article about the European grand prix, it's in there

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1st time poster, was told last night by a person from the club(admin)that the takeover is almost sorted, just being finalised & fans will be happy!! no idea who the buyer is but it is still on.

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Is this in the sports pull out because still unable to locate it

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24 Jun 2012 19:52:26
when the takeover is complete, all Forest fans will have very good reason to be happy. I know it's difficult, but as fans we just have to be patient for a little longer. There are good times ahead!

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^ above comment word for word copy of Adam Pye's interview with Vital Forest :P

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How can you disagree? It's fact that they was taken from his interview with vital forest...

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Like must sunday papers the times is split into several sections and each page is numbered, to the people who have seen and read this article, I asked for everyone 2 questions, which section, business, sport, news etc and what page number, as the meerket say, simples

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I strongly disagree with most of the facts on here.

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There is no takeover just a season ticket ploy

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24 Jun 2012 02:24:23
I have posted before but time scale was out.I am lead to believe that the new owners will be the pye's and they are looking at bringing in a new manager.I have been told that they have spoke to stuart pearce but with his under 21's and team gb commitments it wouldnt work out at this stage. What i have heard is possible new managers could be either colin copper or brian roy this is by no means 100% true but people in the frame as ex players would buy the new owners with time with the fans!!

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As this was sent in at 2.24 a.m. I guess the author has had 1 or 2 too many. Let's wait 'till 10 in the morning and see what happens, if anything!!

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Fawaz is already the new owner, just waiting on the announcement.

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The pye's dont have enough cash to run a football club, end of. {Ed034's Note - I would be very surprised if it was the Pye's, but you don't know that. Of they do, I would suggest they are heading up a consortium

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Read pyes interview with vital forest, he says running a football business is alot different from a normal business so he wouldn't takeover

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You only need cash to run a football club if you run it at a loss! I agree though that you may need money to buy a club in the first place.

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Adam Pye replied to my tweet last week and said he could only ever wish to be in control of nffc.. So please forget that rumour

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The reason that Adam Pye got excited, is that a couple of Wednesdays ago an evening was arranged at the academy where the middle east consortium was shown round.

Forest brought in the youngest agegroups to show the future of the club. Adam Pye was part of the group and will have had plenty of time to talk to them and find out their plans.

This is where he will have learnt the names of the two young lads he mentioned in an interview.

The middle eastern group showed great deal of interest and spent lot of time talking with the kids.

It was a very positive night apparently.

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Can't see it happening just in case it doesn't go well. You can imagine the chants " We hate all the Pye's" ;)

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Pyes isnt that big he could not run a club hes pays his staff peanuts

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Not true. His kids are at my school and he has rubbished the claims. Lies upon lies.

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"The reason that Adam Pye got excited, is that a couple of Wednesdays ago an evening was arranged at the academy where the middle east consortium was shown round."

That is straight from vital and is still rubbish. Did none of the staff or kids tell anyone else they'd been pulled in on their summer hols to perform tricks for arabs?

PS. Jom is also Mark. And goodness knows how many other accounts too. Sort it out Kev.

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