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24 May 2012 20:51:21
Not a rumour or no source but I think forest should go for the like of lee Novak fromhuddersfield if they fail in promotion and take the likes of the frees lee cook from qpr, I think higinbottom is, and potentially sell mcgugan to fund guidiorra and maybe give young freeman a chance

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24 May 2012 19:50:53
Nottingham Forest to sign dutch midfielder Etienne Esajas after his release from Swindon.

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24 May 2012 13:24:09
Daily Star says Harry Redknapp wants Jamaal Lascelles for 1 million. Apparently been watching him for 18 months.

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Like the old man from family guy

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Sell him, doubt he will agree a new deal which runs out next year and we need all the money we can get

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2m offered for him last season by Chelsea and Arsenal, so would be bizarre to let him go for half that.

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It was more than 2. More like 5 million. And before you tell me it wasn't 5 million, we sold Bamford off the back of two cup ties and with 5 months on his contract for 1.5m rising to 2/2.5

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At least get a season out of him even of we sell and get loaned back, Unfortunatly this is how forest seem to be directing a springboard club somewhere to get your name then go for the more lucrative wage and probably as fans we have to accept this and take the compensation in transfer funds

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I reckon arsenal will be in for him. He went on loan to Stevenage who are managed by wengers protege, I might be reading to much into that but stranger things have happend. ( like Robbie savage making it in pro football)

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Dailly starrumours are well rumours but i think we would sell for 2 mil plus add ons and maybe harry kane onloan

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Southampton did a great job in identifying the young talents of Bale, Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain. By playing them they were then able to request huge transfer fees when other clubs came knocking.

....... meanwhile we have two talents emerging who are allowed to reach the final year of their contracts without a new offer on the table. If we'd tied Bamford and Lascelles down to 5 year deals at the earliest chance then right now we could easily slap 3m/4m/5m price tags on them. Had we done this and followed the example of Southampton you could add another 10m on to those valuations.

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Forest management seem to have developed a penchant for developing great talent and then failing to tie then to solid contracts ...then they shrug their shoulders and say 'that's just the way it is' when a top club comes along and snaps up this talent for next to nothing...and yes unfortunately 1m is next to nothing in football 2012...even in the Championship..makes you wonder if they could get a management job outdside of really does!!

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They were/are on 5 year deals. It's just they started 4 years ago. Do you see this works?

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Bamford, or rather his agent, turned down a deal that would have made him the highest paid 18 year old at Forest ever, so selling him was the only option.

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"They were/are on 5 year deals. It's just they started 4 years ago. Do you see this works?"

Incorrect. They would have been on schoolboy terms, I'm talking about a professional contracts - get them presigned before they hit 18

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Clearly one issue here forest are not willing to pay the extra to tie these teens down one problem with business men it's profits and losses for now not later so they see giving unproven players even though they have obvious talent as a loss in regards to wages so are willing to let them leave to gain profit all be it peanuts

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Incorrect. You're not a schoolboy at 17.

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The actual figure for lascelles last summer was 7.5m and i cant believe forest were dumb enough not to accept it but suppose they expected to be premier league next year

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Redknapp the tax avoider can bog off...he knows where he can shove his derisory 1m

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We have no money and a great youth team development centre, it seems clear to me we need to bring up home grown talent and tie them into contracts before getting poached, and build a quality squad from the ground up with young players that want to prove themselves.

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24 May 2012 11:57:30
not a rumour really but if I was cotteril I'd look into taking bebe on a season long loan.

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You've been playing football manager again, haven't you? {Ed034's Note - I much prefer Soccer Manager myself ;-)

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Actually, i've never played football manager. i just saw that fergie's probably going to be loaning him out. not sure he's prem quality but he might do a job in the champ

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23 May 2012 22:17:26
Nottingham Forest Boss Steve Cotterill as been keeping a close high on a keen center forward, Emile Heskey. Emile as been released by Aston Villa and is looking for somewhere he can spend his last minutes of his carrier on a football pitch, but is looking for a team with great history.
Emile's wages is a bit high for the Reds boss as he was earning £40,000 a week at Aston Villa. Steve Cotterill is set to hold talks with the Center forward when Steve hits back onto UK soil after arranging a pre-season trip to the states where they will spend two weeks in an hotel and play against two teams that are well into there own season.
If everything goes to plan for the reds boss the deal should be sealed within the next few weeks.

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What twoddle

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Why bring in more old players

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I really do hope this is crap!!

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A return of Emile Sinclair is more likely than this and that's not likely at all.

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Emile Heskey is a goodgood player.. :l

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Our wage structure will be a fraction of 40k, so a deal for Heskey is a non starter.
On a different note the legend that is john robertson was in bridgford yesterday. That proper made my day!

Agent 279

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Cant believe the people that think this guy is actually being serious its called a joke!

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I dont think the issue is his age but rather his wages... he will join leicester

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Emile Heskey doesnt tick any of the boxes, he earns to much money, he's to old, he cant score goals, he cant play, and he cant even stand up for to long.
This rumour has to be a sick joke!!!

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Can't believe some of you have taken the bait. It's bilge.

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John carew would be better for a freebee !

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Heskey is BEAST!!

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Goodgood player. Did you mean good god player. As in good god heskey is getting warmed up.

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Lol Heskey IS BEAST! Quality YouTube channel that guy's got!

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Emile Hesky...OMG...take back everything I have ever said...let's keep Miller!!

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I agree, Heskey is a beast, it has a leg on each corner and goes eeeeeaawwww.

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I just wet myself laughing at this rubbish

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