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25 Jan 2012 19:00:19
A actual rumour according to various press some non league centre forward is on a 2 week trial his names Jordan O'Neill any one know anything of him?

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Yeah he's 13 and was found by the same scout who found kenny dalgliesh

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Yeah doubt he will make much of an impact as he's 13 years old. Six week trial from Partick Thistle. Spotted by the same scout who found Dalglish.

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Yeah hes 13 years old

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He's 13, not going to solve anything this season.

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25 Jan 2012 17:42:57
Just heard that King Billy has been seen at the City Ground. Get in!!

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God I hope so!

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Maybe cleaning the bogs.

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If only that was True, MA would never want him back, shows what he thinks of Forest Fans, Will he ever take the Hint and leave Nottingham Forest.

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I hope so to. I do feel that he may be our only hope of survival, under our current boss we are very poor.

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Hes the only one that can save us now, hope so.

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Perhaps billy wants to help finish the job he started at the end of last season - to get forest to the premier league - the Blue Square Premier League. For a club without funds why did all the players go for free? Wilson could have gone to Celtic in Jan for a sizeable offer for bell end billy to refuse and then not play him for the rest of the season when he went for free anyway. Its about time that people saw billy for what he was another nearly man who was no good for this club. Stop employing tactically inept, personality devoid and clueless clowns for managers and start to rebuild this club into the club it should be. MA is a waster and through his crass incompetence has led the club to its current situation and should do the morally right thing and move to Siberia

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The only way MA will leave is in a box. Where else is he going to get paid for being as useless as he has been for us for the past 5 years .

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O you lot are never going to get over him are you, very very sad, and yes the club was not in a mess when he was here i no before you start, but plz get over no wins away billy, he as left been paid let him go, not like the last manager ho was not very good but to his credit knew the club was in a mess and left without getting paid off well done that man, billy had his chance 2and half years now more on

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Billy won't be back with MArthur in charge. Time for a protest. THe last one got rid of the money man which wasn't very clever. Perhaps this time the real poison could be trgeted? Then we may get Billy in.

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Do you think he came to apologise for behaving in the way that he did? How Doughty stuck him for so long I'll never know.

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ND stuck with BD because he got us to two play-offs you muppet!
Great that were now fighting relegation due to the last two managers not being up to it!!

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25 Jan 2012 11:34:56
Any truth in the rumours from Lee Camp's twitter that Earnshaw will be back on loan with us ready for Derby away?

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Name your source because I cannot find any info on this

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Why make things up???

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Perhaps we can get Trevor Francis back too?

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Lee camps twitter is a fake account so why bother!

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Just looked on Camp's twitter page and there's nothing on there - why make stuff like this up you muppet

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Why does everyone jump to conclusions on this page, just instantly hating on every comment what they don't believe, this is a 'rumor' site not the bbc news.

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Lee Camp is NOT on Twitter.
If you want to know which players are on Twitter, have a look at who @Official_NFFC follows, as this is the official club Twitter feed.
Current players on there are Derbyshire, Miller, Gunter, McGugan's old account, Boateng, Findley, McCleary, Blackstock.

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Where on his twitter does it say that then?!/Leecampy1

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Lee Camp ain't on twitter, as the club's twitter feed has stated several times!

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Mcgugan has a new twitter LMcgugan 10

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