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25 Jun 2012 16:31:39
Paul Anderson has signed for blackpool.

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What has happened to all these people 'in the know' telling us all about an anouncement today, shhhhh.....tumbleweed, that's where.

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Where you heard this cos there has been nothing official

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Says in this sis nottingham he left but dont say who too

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He`s in talks with Hull...

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He is in talks with hull,he turned Blackpool down because he didnt want to live there,he'll listen to hull and any one else but will keep on the take over goings on or lack of

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The new boss is fawaz and no player is going anywhere

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If we are to have this mega money takeover, would Paul Anderson be a part of the big plan anyway? In my opinion if we want to stay up, we could do with Paul. If we want to go and stay up, Paul would be no more than a bench warmer

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No.. he turned blackpool down because they offered him worse contract terms than at forest..

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If anywhere he'll go to Hull , his family are Hull fans i think he is too , so assuming he as some roots there ? {Ed034's Note - i thought they were fester fans, but i maybe wrong

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Am i right in saying his families from Burton? {Ed034's Note - i thought is was Leicestershire, maybe Loughborough

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Anderson was brought up in melton mowbray, but he did start his career at hull.

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Remember him saying his dad was a hull fan before the 0-0 season before last

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25 Jun 2012 16:06:02
Not sure if is has anything to do with forest at all but just seen bryan roy in west bridgeford

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Just seen Andre Silenzi in the CG car park. Apparently he is replacing JFH as goal scoring coach.

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Andreas Silenzi! happy memories. How we laughed when he played his first game, then we remembered he cost 1m which was alot in those days.

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I've just seen silenzi aswell....well I saw his nose, his face will be with me in about a minute.

Agent 279

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Hope he brings in Rosario as his assistant

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Silenzi cost us 1,8 mill...

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And ive just seen pineapple head but he missed the barn door

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25 Jun 2012 15:59:02
It as emerged J Llyod Samuel is on Nottingham Forest radar. The former Aston Villa and Bolton player became a free agent over the summer. Sources close to the club indicate manger Steve Cotterill is keen to take the versatile left sided player on trial.

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No, this has nothing to do with sources close to the club. You've simply seen the report on sky sports news today.

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That sounds great.

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Thats funny cos he wants prem footy

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He wants to got a iran club where he spent last season.

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Samuel offered Iran stay
Defender keen on return to England after Esteghal loan

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He will get paid five times as much in Iran, so why bother getting boo'ed at a Championship Club?

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He didn't get paid more in Iran. And he wasn't on loan, he signed on a free for them last summer.

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He will almost certainly receive far more money for playing in the Middle East. I know nothing of his specific wage package, but generally speaking players get paid more and I'd be surprised if he was any different (compared to Forest wage potential).

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25 Jun 2012 14:22:51
Takeover is still on but will not be announced until the Euro final is over. Steve Cotterill be will made number two with Jurgen Klinsman taking over as manager. No news on signings, but likely players coming in will be from abroad and not the championship or Premiership.

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Whats your souce sounds like bs to me

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sorry best one ive heard today

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What happened to pat newby bid ?

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About as funny as Coles penno

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JK - of course he will be Forest manager, Liverpool and Spurs I guess not big enough for him! The only bloke we will have managing Forest with the initials of JK will be Joe Kinnear!

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Such a poorly conceived lie. And the completion of Euro 2012 has what relevance exactly?

*why am I replying to this rumour?!?*

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Liverpool and Spurs? of course they are big enough for him but they have managers. But in all honesty i don't think the takeover will happen until January. Maybe we could get Alley McCoist?

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Yeah what happened to the big fat pat newby bid?

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Spurs don't have a manager {Ed034's Note -

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Klinsman turned Liverpool down and Spurs do not have a manager.

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When will the first rumour about Mourhino appear on this board I wonder ?, not long at this rate.

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25 Jun 2012 08:46:44
Inside football (An Owner of another Championship club) told me Friday that Palladini is taking over Forest and Warnock is to become the manager. I have read all the rumours over the last five weeks but this is the first from this source.

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The Kuwait's have already signed, its just not public yet. Keep an eye on forest website because this is the first place the news will be seen.

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Must be true - Paladini and Warnock must be best of friends as shown on QPR documentary....

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No1 knows if its signed or not its just a waiting game now and no1 knows whose gunna take us over either! So much for the 10am announcment today

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Warnock is going nowhere my friend, Leeds are also in a takeover, rumoured to be big money and he has started his team building already. You seem to forget for all his flaws that Warnock is an honourable man, he will not walk away on a whim from some poster on a rumours site.

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Warnock honourable? The man who tells players to get sent off so a game will be abandoned....behave!

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Honourable man is not the first thing i wud call warnock

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There may be some truth in this rumour.....

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There may not be any truth in this rumour

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25 Jun 2012 08:35:09
well according to all the rumours we will be taken over at 10.00 this morning by a kewaiti, a local businessman.
who says so well the local school kids ect ect. cant wait till /if we do get taken over what the rumours wil be on player signings. i know we all have forest at heart but lets wait and see, i know its hard but we are nffc and like england we do things the hard way.
om prepared to get moaned at ect but no one knows anything till its released and i wil believe it when i see it on the os
rant over

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Is anyone else finding it difficult to understand this piece of literature? {Ed034's Note - Good England lol

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It was meant that if you believe al the rumours on here thats what will happen sorry im not that good at explaining myself as i have trouble with my health.
well its nearly 10 am

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I'm wondering what local school kids have got to do with it! It's 10 o'clock...... I'm waiting!

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It's 10.05 and nothing's happened. Nothing on the radio,
2 news, nothing on radio Nottm. .........

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I'm finding it difficult to believe any of the rubbish posted on here ED.
Suggested announcement timeframes come and go without any news.
As always we will find out when the club releases the news and not before. {Ed034's Note - I would take most things put on here with a pinch of salt. I think we all know it is odds on to happen, but it's just a matter of when

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We know we have to patient but its painfull waiting.

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Well it needs to happen this week, Lynch and Chambers contracts run out on June 30th. If nothing happens before that date then I seriously dont believe there are any potential buyers at the table.

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This is a RUMOURS site (by definition means just that - something, someone has heard/seen and wants to share it with the other fans). I for one have been entertained by all the oddball and even possibly true rumours that have appeared here since end of May. I very rarely go on this site under normal circumstances, as there isn't usually anything so important going on, but I now open it up every day at the moment and I have even posted info on here during this period, taken mostly from newspapers. If you don't take everything as gospel, it can even brighten your day. Like most people, I cannot wait for the announcement and one thing is for certain, it will be before the start of the coming season!! - then other rumours will start - like which players Forest might buy, will we get a new stadium? etc. etc. - I think at last Forest might be having the luck they deserve! UREDS

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After last night's, best of English show, I would like to see our super academy , coaching passing & retaining the ball

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'After last night's, best of English show, I would like to see our super academy , coaching passing & retaining the ball'

no chance, it'll be 90% fitness based, that's why our so called academy hasn't produced any talent in 10 years, just clones who can run up & down but little else. {Ed034's Note - bamford, lascelles, mcgugen, freeman???

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Thats hardly a good return on 10 years of the academy editor, come on..
just look at southampton, similar sized club, and look who they've produced last few years: Baird, Bale, Best, Bridge, Wallcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain {Ed034's Note - the quote was '.....hasn't produced any talent.....'

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Bamford : untried at first team level
Lascells : untried at Championship level and would have to improve alot
Mcgugan : ability in abundance but mainly in his head

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Exactly, no talent. there no good if they can't contribute to the team {Ed034's Note - Mcgugen has contributed by a scoring plenty, bamford has contributed with the 1m fee, lascelles has yet to be given a chance but the fact arsenal put in a big bid suggest he will.

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So as far back as 2002
hmmmm.... i can think of Dawson (Bit injurry prone but Playing at the heart of spurs defence), Reid (ok never quite reached his potential thanks to guiness and pies), Morgan (dont need to comment) and Perch (under rated and sorely missed in my opinion) then on to mcgugan and the current crop... will say not a vast amount but there is some talent there..... but i have a mate who is a yoith coach at teh club and he says Jack Blake is red hot and should be in the first team picture along with a few others

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Oh and before anyone asks.... hes a freelance youth coach who has his own soccer school and works with Villa, Sheep, Leicester and The black and white from over the river... i have asked him if he knows anything on the takeover but he says he doesnt and if he did he couldnt say..... i have also met Jack blake a couple of times at functions for the coach in his personal life, (engagment party and local team presentation) and seems a really grounded lad and looking at the time when Bamford was banging in the goals it was Blake who made a fair few and scores a few as well so could do with more like him in the first team

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Oh dear 2.25pm and no announcement, why am I not surprised. Rumours will only get worse than this one when the kids break up from school.

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I think everyone is a bit unfair pinning ridiculous rumours on kids. If you look on twitter for example, most of the silly rumours are from fully grown adults

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To be fair billy davies released a few 'up and coming' youngsters, others often never got the chance we often heard of players coming through only for them to be released look at Sinclair he has scored a free for Peterborough

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25 Jun 2012 07:59:06
Former QPR midfielder Marc Bircham lined up as new Director of Football under the new regime. Source Dean Jones (People Newspaper via Twitter @DJones_People ).

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Im getting a bit concerned with all this QPR connection, palladini, warnock, bircham etc. palladini should be nowhere near british football, like him or loathe him warnock would get us up. I wonder if Michael Doughty is the QPR influence?

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Isn't michael doughty still a child to all intents and purposes?

i seriously doubt he'd have anything to do with it whatsoever.

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He plays for qpr

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