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25 Mar 2012 16:37:41
i was told by someone close to the the club today that J.P McManus could be buying forest in the summer, he was a main shareholder in Manchester united until they were was sold to glazer. Anyone else heard this ?

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I've heard the same thing and the players are talking about him as the favourite, with Quinn and keane being the figure heads

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There's three potential buyers but they are waiting to see if forest stay up or not before they buy.only going to invest if they stay up

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This is true, there has been an offer to buy the club from J.P McManus for over a year now. I mentioned this over 6 months ago and got no end of abuse. Any way it would be great if it happened as he has the money and contacts to steer the club into the Premier League. Good post fella.

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25 Mar 2012 13:00:41
Whilst i understand the clamour to get players coming out of contract (some) signed up, I think the greatest thing would be to get Sean O 'Driscoll signed up as assistant mgr. Reds upturn has happened with him on board. i am from Donny and know what an excellent coach he is, maybe not a front man but an excellent no 2, the best we could have since one Mr Taylor!

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25 Mar 2012 09:54:06
Listening to post match interviews on Radio Nottingham yesterday one of the last interviews was Chambo. When asked what his thoughts on Adlene Guedioura were, he immediately made comparisons with Chris Cohen. I think CC has made some great contributions to NFFC but does anyone think that AG & CC are in any way similar.
I for one do not.
Speed, ball control, creativity...............just to mention a few assets that AG possesses.

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I was thinking something similar.

guediora certainly adds the energy we have been missing since cohens injury, i think he is better technically than cohen though.

we could do with getting moussi out of there and having cohen and guediora together.

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I think he was talking about the energy CC brings to the team, but would say CC has good control and is a creative footballer aswell

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I think he didn't have anything positive to say about AG & totally bypassed the question as to what he, (AG) had brought to NFFC.
As for Chambo, he seems to me like a little boy lost.
Just hope when Higginbotham is fit again that Lynch doesn't get dropped again in favour of Chambo.
The guy is a footballer.
Why did Cotterill blame Lynch for Camp's total bolax of a simple free kick.
Lynch is one of the strongest defenders we have seen at the City Ground for years & improving all the time.
Enough said I think.

Great game yesterday but when you hit the woodwork so many times you start to think it isn't your day.
But Joel L was there in the thick of it to rescue a point.

One last thing....did Miller look as though he didn't give a $hite?

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AG & CC together next season would be amazing,heres hoping

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El capitanio has said something then?

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Worst thing mclaren did was make chambo captain to be fair there's only a select few that's had great seasons we can't turn our back on chambo but also taking the captaincy from him will break him - who would you sign out of the loannees if we could?

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Cohen would be a great captain next season, real work horse and players respond to that.

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Adlene Gedioura is a much better Lewis Mcgugan.

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Seeing how Freeman is a left back! Yeah We could let Gunter go! Doh!!

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Freeman is actually right footed, but he is nowhere near gunners level yet. Not saying he couldn't be, but Gunter is a very good full-back, who for some strange reason, get a little bit if stick from some fans.

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When is Cohen fit?

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Freeman is right footed and playing right back for County his entire loan....moron check your facts. He is ready for Champ level and would replace Gunter easily. Gunter is an enigma who is a decent player but not a team changer.

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Forest have been training freeman up as a left back ever since he was 14. I know this because I know him and his family and have spoken to him about this.
Whether county play him at right back, centre back or in goal, forest and he see his future at left back.
Those facts good enough for you??

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