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25 May 2012 12:38:48
Steve Harper at Newcastle looking for a loan move, would be a good stop gap for a season and allow Camp to leave and get something for him, also give time for Darlow to get more experience.

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This sounds like it would be a good move harper could pass on his experience to young darlow helping his development this could happen with the amount of good keepers Newcastle have ie krul, Forster, Elliot.I imagine camp could be quite selfish and unwilling to help young players I would let him go get some money and move on.

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Keep campi hes class

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25 May 2012 09:21:40
I heard from a board member of Liverpool football club that he is helping an Qatari/Abu Dabai consortium to prepare a final offer for Forest. He says a deal is not done but is close. #starman

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Yeah yeah yeah...(yawn)

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Might have believed it if you'd not mis-spelled Abu Dhabi and Qatar.. Would be magic if it were true though

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So by my reckoning thats about the seventh group interested. This week.........

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Qatari is right if its a reference to where they are from! As for a takeover bid, we've had rumour bids from virtually all over the planet, so one is bound to be right in the end!

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I've nothing to add on the merit of its truth or not, but doubting gossip on the basis of spelling errors is quite funny!! {Ed007's Note - Obviously you have nothing to add on it's merits. You posted the rumour.}

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This is true. We are going to have to change our name to Abu dhabi red bull Canadian billionaire Irish consortium pat newby f c.

Agent 279

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The new owner is Bonner who owns Orlando

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Whats someones spelling got to do if a rumours true or not ?

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It always makes me laugh when people think that grammar and spelling is the foundation for truth.
According to Nottingham Forest Board website, the deal should be announced next Friday. Now bearing in mind both Helen and Michael have given interviews on there, it could be the most truthful bit of info to date.

Fingers crossed

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What has the business of Forest got to do with a Liverpool board member, they don't know whats going on at Liverpool, never mind anywhere else

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Liverpool board should concentrate on their own club which they obviously cant run decently

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Care to share the link to this info that is apparently on the Nottingham forest board website?

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I think if you go to you'll find it there lol

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Link wont work

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Surprise Surprise dummy!

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25 May 2012 09:11:16
i heard that we already been taken over but it wont come out for a couple of weeks because they need to get everything finalized or something, personally i dont beleive it because i dont see what would be to gain by not telling everyone but apparently joel lynch let it slip...

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I can assure you that if Forest had been bought they would have told us straight away because they know most of the fans haven't renewed their season tickets yet, and wont until we hear some definite news!

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Why would we be told stright away ? any take over has to be cleared by the fa first

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Well it's not a takeover if they've not cleared it then is it?

The FA have leaks than a sieve: we will know about it once it gets to that stage.

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