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26 Apr 2012 23:40:13
Millwall in talks with Lyncher! Oh fook

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I really hope this is not true, for his sake.

If my young son ever considered playing for Millwall I would never talk to him again!

Gary Charles was annoyingly rubbish but nobody could ever deserve the awful, racist treatment they gave him.

After once watching a game there V Forest when the ref waved play on during the 3rd pitch invasion as a riot police horse was on the pitch, just to get the game finished, I hope Millwall go bust very soon and all there player lose their jobs! {Ed003's Note - I completely understand your anger,but Millwall as a club are/have done a lot of work to improve that sort of problem,that does not excuse any of that behaviour though}

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26 Apr 2012 15:01:21
US consortium are leading the race for #NFFC and been allowed to do due diligence . i dont know what to think of this comes from a paper

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Which paper?

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Due who?

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'it comes from a paper'

Be more believable if you had actually written which, or even posted a link to the story

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Due diligence to see if they can support the club financially but it can take up to 8 weeks

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Toilet paper perhaps ? as it smells of poo

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I know a guy from the Mirrir keeps banging on about the yanks leading the race to buy Forest. He was on twittor again yesterday about it @jamesnursey.
But when have the Mirror got anything right!

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Yer I no a guy from the Miirror aswell.

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Me to,I no lots of Journolists

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26 Apr 2012 14:26:18
Lynch in talks with Millwall ! If we cannot offer much better terms than them even with the uncertainty about the future we are well and truely buggered

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Its not Millwall. Begins with S and ends with A,

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26 Apr 2012 13:08:36
lynches agent in talks with millwall according to the news now site.

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Keep at forest lad the lions won't do better next season than the mighty reds

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Why would he want to play in front of 11,000 when he is wanted at the city ground,cant see millwall paying him more money,keep him let chambers go dont rate him one bit

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27 Apr 2012 10:07:50
Even they dont think they will get him though


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26 Apr 2012 04:34:32
forest scout in Dublin looking at a guy called forester who plays for Saint Pats, good player last time out he scored 2 against rovers,

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Well hes got the right name we should get him

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This guy is a cracking player i seen him on tv last week, he played first half and scored twice, 19 years old and looks like he will be a blessing for any club plus the ROI

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Scored some good goals, young, from a lower league and would deifnately add a new outlet for our attack. ideal signing

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His name is Christopher Forester!

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Just get in there quick and get him if he s that good, before andersons wife gets new pots and pans as well

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To late, I have just been to Ikea and have just purchased a super 7 piece set. Silver in colour since you ask. Love Mrs A.

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26 Apr 2012 04:31:55
i have just herd that another Guy called Fred Olsen & co are looking to buy forest, anyone know anything about this company.

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Yep. think he's a Norwegian multi millionaire with several businesses (think maily based on oil) but he has two gorgeous daughters who sit on the boards of soem of his key businesses and run them for him. This is what Wikipedia says about him and his business.
The company was founded by Petter Olsen (1821-1899) in 1848 and, by his death, the company had 16 ships with offices in Hvitsten. Petter's son Thomas Fredrik "Fred" Olsen (1857-1933) or Fred. Olsen, whom the company is named after, took the company from a small business with a few boats into a powerful multinational shipping and ship building business. He had a vision of providing high quality service on a network of lines, at first domestically and, afterwards, internationally. To do this required steam ships, of which the first was acquired in 1897. By 1914, the first motor ship was put in use on the South America line. During World War I 23 of the companies 44 ships sank.

After the first Fred. Olsen's death, his sons Rudolf Olsen and Thomas Olsen took over the company. During their leadership, the company expanded, even entering the aviation business with its own airline Fred. Olsen Flyselskap in addition to later partial ownerships of Det Norske Luftfartselskap, Scandinavian Airline Systems, Widerøe, and Sterling Airlines. During World War II, the company's ships were in Allied service, though 28 were lost – about half the fleet. Rudolf died in 1951 and Thomas suffered ill-health from 1955, eventually dying in 1969.

Fred Olsen Express on the way to La GomeraThomas's son, also named Fred. Olsen (born 1 January 1929), is now in control of the company, after becoming director in 1955. In the early 1970s, Fred. Olsen entered the offshore business, with Dolphin drilling rigs and part of Saga Petroleum. The Saga shares were sold in 1991 while Dolphin is now part of Fred. Olsen Energy. Fred. Olsen also had a major share in the construction and engineering company Aker and currently owns Timex Corporation.

The company has also periodically entered the tanking business, operating a total of 40 ships since 1920. In 1973, it sold its tanking interests but reentered the industry again in 1986, creating the publicly listed company First Olsen Tankers in 1993 that was repurchased in 1999. Fred. Olsen Renewables has been involved in wind power since 1997 with wind farms in Norway, Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In 1980, it was involved in Nimslo, a company making 3D cameras, which later went bankrupt.

Fred. Olsen is today owned by Anette S. Olsen, the fifth generation of the family and daughter of Fred. Olsen. She took over ownership of Fred. Olsen & Co. in 1995 and has since been CEO, though Fred. Olsen has remained Chairman.

At the end of 2008, Fred. Olsen sold its part of Comarit and is no longer a stockholder of the Moroccan passengers carrier

Reckon he'll do!

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This rumour has been kicking around for a while. Maybe some truth in this one

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How did you hear this?

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Fred Olsen is now 83 and his companies are run by his daughters. It seems unlikely to me that he would want to buy a football club at that age, particularly one with so much to sort out as Forest.

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If fred olsen is now 83 and he buys forest what will happen if he dies?

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His daughter's aren't though.

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Fred Olsen or his sons/daughters could care less about a football team, so this is utter noncence. First came the Fredriksen rumour than was declined by Fredriksen himself....No Norwegian will buy Forest, simple as that

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Could anyone tell me anymore about him? Lol

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Paul McCartney told me that a Swede wouldn't but a Norwegian Wood.

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Lets cut the carp, what we need is someone like desmond ( Celtic ) with deep pockets and i myself would love to see Roy Keane in the managers job, but thats just wishing ?

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Why do so many people on this site talk carp !!!!! would you buy forest !! i didnt think so. so people try telling the truth it would be nice for a change ?

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Why do so many people on this site say carp? it's crap! just have a glance at what you're entering. and as for the oil guy, it's not going to happen. it said in the NEP today that a deal isn't even close.

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If you are going to complain about carp then at least get NP right. Its not been NEP for months.

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I say carp to be nice its nice to be nice !!

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Lets all be happy for once and look forward to building a good team for next season and never mind the prac ?

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I'm old school. therefore I appreciate good spelling and old newspaper names

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