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26 Jan 2012 23:13:34
LEICESTER City have made an improved bid for Nottingham Forest defender Wes Morgan.
The Foxes have made a third offer of £800k, with add ons that could take the potential fee above the £1m mark.
The Reds have not yet made a decision over the bid, but are expected to discuss their options tomorrow.
Manager Steve Cotterill believes Morgan could still have a key role to play in Forest's fight against relegation.
But Morgan's representatives have, in the last 24 hours, said that the defender would like the opportunity to talk to Forest's East Midland's rivals.
It leaves Forest with a difficult decision to make, as they look to claw their way out of the bottom three in the Championship. While the money would allow Cotterill to bring in loan signings, it would also rob the club of one of their most important players - as well as their longest serving.
Morgan has played more than 400 games for the Reds since graduating to the first team and made a return to the squad last weekend as Cotterill's side were controversially beaten at West Ham, after referee Tony Bates awarded two penalties for handball.

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26 Jan 2012 22:52:24
Source: One of the first team players

Forest have made approaches to 3 currently unattatched central defenders as they're happy to accept they will now lose Wes to Leicester. Forest are stalling as long as possible hoping a bid comes in from a Premier League club (which is highly doubtful) as they don't really want to lose Wes to a fierce Championship rival.

Get ready to say bye bye for sure!

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Shame but I guess we all know it's going to happen now!

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26 Jan 2012 14:05:35
Host of Prem & champ clubs watched Bamford last night.Instead of trying to sign likes of Anderson,Mcleary on new deals I suggest we get him on a 3 year deal asap

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No they were not.

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Unfair of me to tell you who but a family friend was there who is employed as a scout for prem club and he told me there were 3 others that he knows from prem also as well as lower league clubs.

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Cotterill has said Bamford should sign the contract and then we'll send him out on loan, Another negative masterstroke from the useless Cotterill!

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How is that negative?

Give the guy some experience playing against pros and build him up. Great idea!! Isn't this what ferguson, wenger and the rest of the big teams do?? Justbecquwe sc says it and your ready to turn everything he sas into a negative, you have a pop.

Another negatcojment from a useless 'supporter'

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It's negative because we stand to lose this great talent due to SC handling!
If Bamford wants to stay then why has he not agreed to sign a new contract?
Wake up and smell the coffee of what is happening at our club you moron!

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Yes but Prem teams loan their players to Championship teams to get experience as the level of football is far lower than the Premiership. He is 18 not 16 after all!

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26 Jan 2012 11:36:39
Unfortunately Wes will be gone by the weekend to Leicester region of 750k...may sound good but who will replace him. SC favouring Danny Collins but expect SOD to ave some input and see a more ball playing centre half like Killgallon.

Forest Lad

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If he goes, where down. end of.

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Collins has already left Stoke and Killgallon playing 1st team at Sunderland due to injuries since home game v Man City so who else do you want to throw into the ring?I'll give you 1 and his name is Lacelles.Time to play the youth cos the rest ain't good enough.

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Going down anyway, thanks to martha!

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I dislike the guy to but Forest fans have got to realise that Marthur has never actually kicked a ball and we can't blame him for 4 goals in 12 games.We take it out on everyone but the players.

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Going down anyway, thanks to marthur, and the players!! OK!

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Collins has not left Stoke ! He was on loan at Ipswich but returned some time ago. This deal has been lined up for weeks. Pulis will only sell not loan though. Check your facts ...throw that one in the frame.

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Yep if wes goes forest will go down don't talk carp. have some believe

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I heard Danny Collins is on around 30k pw, if that's the case we will only fall about 25k pw away from that.

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Our top wage is 15k a week which Wes is on. Collins wants to play and if we can persuade Stoke to loan with a view to buy if we stay up then they will pay half his wage.

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WES isn't the highest paid player at the club, Miller is on excess of 20k a week, with Derbysh*te not far behind!!

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26 Jan 2012 10:08:19
Wes wants foxes talk, skysports online news

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Sky Sports understands Nottingham Forest defender Wes Morgan has asked for permission to talk to Leicester about a move to the King Power Stadium.

Leicester have had two bids rejected as Foxes boss Nigel Pearson looks to bring the 27-year-old to the club before the close of the transfer window.

The rugged centre-back is out of contract at the City Ground in the summer and no fresh terms have been agreed.

Leicester have made Morgan their top choice as they look to bolster their defence, but they have been frustrated by Forest's reluctance to sell.

Morgan, who has come through the ranks at Forest, has now informed the club he would like the opportunity to hold talks with Leicester as he weighs up his future.

A number of other Championship sides are thought to be keen on Morgan, but the Foxes are aiming to win the race for his signature.

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If he goes to Leicester, then he will be a Judas, traitor.

Some papers mentioned that he wants to stay and help them beat the drop, and to re-sign a new deal. Now all out of the blue, you here this ft sky.

Make your mind up Wes because if he goes, we are going down definately.

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You cannot blame Wes for wanting to talk to Fester. the lad has to think about the future and he has not been offered a contract yet. Come on Frank sort out a contract for the lad.

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Traitor? If Forest cant offer him a contract this will happen...

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Call yourself a fan writing such disgraceful things about Wes. That guy has given everything to this club, and personally I don't blame him for wanting to get out of the circus that Forest has become. If he goes then I would wish him the best of luck as he deserves nothing less.

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I would hate to see him go but lets be honest who could blame any Forest player for wanting to leave, we have no money, no owner. and nobody wants us....Sorry.

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Judas traitor my arse he is just a family man trying to provide the best he can
and lets face it leicster have better prospects than us at the moment

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"If he goes to Leicester, then he will be a Judas, traitor."

Why dont you grow up you child?, it's his living, his job, it's how he pays his mortgage, by playing football!.......just because a supporter has a club for life does'nt mean that a player has to stay at one for life whether he's a fan of that club or not, honestly, it's frightening to think that that mentality is walking amongst us!...frightening!!

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Maybe you should ask Stevie G when he could have doubled his money at Chelski whether you can have a club for life.Me personally would thank Wes for his services and accept like 99% of footballers that he will go where his agent gets him most cash.

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Festa bench warmer,good move for him

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I'm no child, I'm a 30 year old former player from the Nottingham Forest academy. I'm just surprised that he wants to jump the ship by going to the club next door

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I think that's told him, how dare he voice an opinion! To be fair it was a poor one though

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Unlike you he made it and has the chance to probably double what we will offer.Not sour grapes is it?

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Rats jumping a sinking ship

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Wes Morgan deal is off as Morgan himself wants to try and help forest and wants to sign a new contract with the club.

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Wes hasn't asked to speak to leicester, it's his representives have. They want to know have much they will offer to pay him. Leicester won't up their last offer

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If anyone here got offered a job paying almost twice as much despite working there for your whole career I still think you would leave. I don't blame wes in the slightest.

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Billy davies is in talks to work alongside cotterill & driscoe

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Assume you did not make it at the Academy (ha ha ha ) because your blinkered view on life hindered you?

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Leicester are not rivals so why would wes be a judas?

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To be fair Gerrard will be able to afford to turn down more money, not sure Wes is that lucky.

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Stevie G wasn't given a choice, he was told by the Scouse heavies, who his old man & he owed a favour, that he was going nowhere.

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Steve Cotterill will be sacked if we lose next game. Frank Clark is becoming more frustrated as we are not scoring enough and for the lack of ideas on the pitch.

From the Sponsor

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'Make your mind up Wes because if he goes, we are going down definately'
Yeah because weve been so brilliant with him in the side all season eh?

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For once in your life sponsor please be correct on SC getting sacked!
SOD should be the man in charge now!!

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