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26 Mar 2012 19:17:20
Forest on the verge of tying up a deal to bring Andriy Voronin to the City Ground this summer after a disappointing season for Dinamo Moscow. Great signing!!

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Where you heard this?

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Sounds like someone at the right level for the Championship but I'd have thought he'd be on ridiculous wages compared to what we'd offer. Suggest this one's a rather leftfield wind-up?

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I wish

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Voronin im guessing would demand at least 15k a week... no way will we restructure finance and wage bill then offer 15k to such a high risk player

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Shocking at Liverpool, although I suppose he'll be excellent at this level. Won't happen because he's probably on ridiculous wages, and he'd need a new caravan.

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Forests wage structure, I'd imagine, will be around 5k pw next season, therefore linking us with players of that ilk is pie in the sky talk.

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Derbyshire was shocking at Blackburn but he isnt good enough for the Championship, so i doubt Voronin would be good enough either. And i expect Derbyshire to be on around 15k p/w.


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26 Mar 2012 16:20:34
Umbro's contract with Forest is up this summer. Kitbag will look to take advantage of this by lining up a more lucrative deal with another manufacturer, ending a partnership spanning over 2 decades.

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Anybody also heard the pat newby rumour , the sausage and bacon heir has bid for nffc , not sure but would be BIG

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Heard the same on Saturday , big pat would be good

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Yer is some truth in this pat and jim newby may invest only if forest stay up , they are unknown but are big big people who like to pick up a bargen or two , let's hope

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Wrong it's Martin and pat newby that are the big part of this Family , jim is a quiet partner ,

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Have looked them up on Internet they are from Kent , Orpington , they have a big intrest in morrisons ESP pat

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Interest in Morrisons?
So have I, Cracking sausages!

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26 Mar 2012 16:13:45
Derby county are looking to sign Joel Lynch on a free this summer. JPT

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You're getting worse.

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To be fair, derby probably are looking but I reckon they'll just be one of many clubs checking him out

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26 Mar 2012 09:39:43
Norwich are targeting chris gunter and garath mccleary come on forest cant lose these players espealy mccleary REDMAN

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Happily see Gunter go to keep McCleary. Freeman is as good a right back any day.

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Now we see the meaning of the Doughty undertaking to "honour all the contracts I made when chairman" and its similarity to the commitment of the Doughty estate of support until the new season: if most of the big earners are out-of-contract in the summer, as Cotterill claims, the amount payable under both formulas are the same, whereas the first formula sounded as if it was for support over several years. We should not worry too much though; the game is in such a state that we will be able to get a new mid-table Championship squad over the summer for less money than the current low-end squad is costing.

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I think you will find he was referring to the long contracts given in the summer to Miller, Greening, Derbyshire and Reid as well as the current crop. Amongst all the doom and gloom don't forget we have an income of approx 14 million per season to pay players contracts. Future contracts will need to be more realistic which isn't a bad thing.

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Gunter has to go.

he isn't a difference maker but gets paid far more than we need to be paying a full back at championship level

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Gunter is the best full back in the league and "fans" want to ship him out..what's the matter with you lot

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Not gonna lie but having players like gunter is holding back the likes of freeman and moloney, Free, cheap and quality players we already have :)

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How is Gunter holding anyone back? He's the best fullback in this division, so why would we want anyone else there?
Freeman has great potential, but Maloney is not good enough. He is too slow for a fullback and will be league one at best.

Gunters still so young, he is only going to gt better and better and I hope it's wearing the garibaldi

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There is being a fan and being blind to the truth....Gunter is not the best fullback in the league by far! Clyne is which is why Man Utd are after him.

Freeman is an excellent replacement for him and Gunter going frees up money to keep game changers like McCleary.

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Everyone's forgetting that freeman has yet to prove himself in the championship. sure he's been great at county but defending in league 1 is not the same as defending in the championship. i think it would be risky to ship gunter off blindly hope that freeman can do the job. because if he can't, moloney certainly can't either.

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The club is overspending on wages... Gunter will be a mid high earner. Take the money to reinvest in the squad. Freeman is a gamble at championship, but much lower wages.
we need to keep mcCleary though, he will negotiate and become a higher earner within the squad but the cost of his wages will pale into insignificance when compared to previous high earners like greening and earny

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Gunter isn't the best fullback in the league, but I'd try and get as much money as possible for him. I'd get rid of him as long as we can tie down Lynch and GMac on contracts, and use the money to buy Adlene, or at least try to.

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Also, why the heck are we comparing Gunter and Freeman for? Freeman is a LB, and he's played one FA Cup game, he's not proven.

Come on guys...

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Freeman plays right back for U19 and also for Clownty now....a bit of knowledge around own players could be handy for a fan...

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Lmfao u guys make me laugh. Chris Gunter wouldn't leave forest. He could of in the summer but didn't want to. Also he has a great rapport with the true fans. And as for mccleary well typical nffc fans tbh last few seasons all u lot were saying he's s**t lol but now he's god all of a sudden. But then u all said the same with lynch

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Freeman is a RB look where he's playing at county. He has also been named player of the Month in League 1 where? RB!

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Freeman is a right back who was played out of position at left back in the academy side because we didn't even have a left back at age group level.

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