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27 Apr 2012 18:50:59
I know that the new prices come out in the programme tomorrow but is there any rumours on the season ticket prices for next year ?? Newark Red

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I'll give you a fact about season ticket prices, they won't be cheaper.

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I think after this years poor standard of football we should get next years free

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27 Apr 2012 15:53:08
Stuart Gray linked to Forest after losing job at Portsmouth. I hope this doesnt mean BOD will be going!

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Wouldn't think so, considering the upturn in results once SOD joined. Unless he moves on, that is...

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Who's BOD

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Brian O'Driscoll

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Maybe confused with Brian O'Driscoll

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BOD is friends with Farmer Barleymo! remind you of anyone from the west country! Oh Arghh!

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You mean Shaun O'Driscoll

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Here comes BOD... The little bold kid off
70's early 80's kids telly. Cl

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And these people call themselves fans!

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Forgot to mention AUNT fLO

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And here comes PC Copper...

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Brian o'driscoll?

we could do with scoring a few more tries if we're honest.

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27 Apr 2012 15:01:52
Forest to win tomorow and end what has been a poor seasan for the club. Now the work begins on making the club better next season. weather the club gets new owners or it stays as it was i think forest have the squad to do better but do need to make at least 1 or 2 additions. A stiker is 1 area that needs to boosted with goals being a problem most of the season. also a centre half and another winger. wot areas do people think forest need to strethen. REDMAN (sorry bout spelling

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Centre half and also Geodiora (or however you spell it)

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I think we all know that a combination of youth, finding talent in lower leagues and unlocking untapped talent in other reserve teams is our future.

I think that this change in ethos will be good for Forest as we need to have players who want to play football and further their careers rather than pick up a larger pay packet than they deserve based upon their efforts.

In my opinion, based upon this seasons performances, I would not miss these players (in order of magnitude and I am really disappointed to include some of the names in this list):

McGugan (where was he this year!)
Camp (I thought he was our best player the previous season)

Saying that, we have played much more relaxed and organised football in the last few months which bodes well for the future.


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How anyone could put hunter on a list of player they would be happy to leave, other than if we get 3m for him, is beyond me.
Great full back, links up well with mcCleary, is versatile and gives 110% every game.
We would have to spend good money on replacing him because malony is not good enough for the championship and making freeman our first choice full back might put too much pressure on him.

Hoppers u1

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Prefer Gunter myself.......

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Who's this Hunter player, never heard of him lol

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Agree Gunter is one of if not the best right back in this div! The point is he is a right back not a winger and for me his worst games have been when he has played on the Wing against a half decent left back

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Moloney is good enough !

Gunter is prem quality though !

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Chambers should stay but not as skipper and Gunter would be missed as he is one of the best full backs in the championship. Not 100% sure that Camp should go but the rest unfortunately i do agree with

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Gunter camp (bar bristol game) mcgugan moussi and chambers have been ok since february

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Gunter is a good RB...still makes fundamental mistakes though , like showing attackers inside instead of out to the line...if a coach finally addresses this he could be great...2mil-3mil and id let him go

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Moussi are you serious?!?!?!

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There's no middle ground with moussi, he's either good or mince.

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Him and guedioura are a perfect midfield partnership though....if we could sign guedioura itd be immense...moussi as the anchor adi in front of him cohen out left and mccleary on the right

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27 Apr 2012 14:52:30
Forest looking abroad for cheap replacements for McCeary, Lynch, Guedoira and at last a Left Back

Sisi, right winger, Spanish
Carlos Garcia Badias, Centre Half, Spanish
Joel Sami, Left Back, DR Congo
Belkacem Zobiri, Midfielder, Algerian, recomemended by Adlene Guiedora

Heard it here first folks!!

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Spell mclearys name right

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I'll just fire up football Manager to see if they are any good

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U also spelt McClearys name wrong....

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LOL - Palm Face!


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Let person season begin!

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Hey Mr did you!

McCleary's name is spelt McCleary

What we all know is that we don't want to lose him.

CMon U Reds

Does that look right?

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