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27 Jan 2012 22:14:54
nottingham forest are looking at a few names as a replacement for wes morgan. If they cant find a a replacement wes will be staying.One possible replacement will be jason pearce from Portsmouth

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27 Jan 2012 20:55:16
lcfc fans reporting wes has signed and they will annonce tomorrow.
800k is going back to ND,cotterhill will only be allowed to sign loan players.
From an ex forest player whose said two more to go next week, he is close friend of Wes and expects Chambers and McGugan to go.
I believe this to be true and its the real break up of BDs team

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Morgan, Chambers and McGugan were all at the club before Delighted Davies.

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Sounds like a good move to me. The team is in a rut and needs a good shake up. To many players take too much for granted.

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27 Jan 2012 16:04:24
2 Swedish 19yr olds on trial.Centre half and Left winger.Sunderland and Everton have looked at them in the past.

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Where did you hear/see this? As there are 5 agrees, I presume for once it is not made up lol

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27 Jan 2012 22:30:45
Nottingham Forest gives a trial to Swedish players Emilio Rossi and Sandeep Monkoo

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Its true - in norwegian papers too...

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More like 2 swedish masseurs

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Both were handed trials at sunderland recently and the club decided against signing them, everton also been interested as well as west ham,rossi an exciting left winger and monkoo a centre back being lined up for swedens u21 squad could be worth a punt two needed position fillers?

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27 Jan 2012 12:43:57
Frank Clark will be on Monday's Late Kick Off stating that he's confident we can stay up and then push for promotion next season???
Is he for real.
Looks like he's been bought into the same ND/MA Bullsh*t to try and keep fans positive so they buy season tickets again next Year.
We as fans have had enough!

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Speak for yourself mate its easy to support a winning team the club and players need us now Anyway here is one for you now we have Sean O Dismal (donny fans name for him ) will Billy Sharpe follow him or am I behind the times and he has gone elsewhere Keep the faith roll your sleeves up and sing untill your throat bleeds {Ed001's Note - that was not the Donny fans nickname for him, at least none of the ones I know, they almost all worshipped him. It was a nick given by opposing fans.}

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I stand corrected think it was a reflection of his media skills not coaching {Ed001's Note - could well be, he worked wonders with Donnie to be fair, they played some fantastic footie and he had pretty much the smallest budget in the Championship. I think Forest are very lucky to have him at the club, personally I would put him as No 1 and never have Cotterill anywhere near any club. But that's just because I can't stand him as a person, he is like a mini Neil Warnock.}

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I agree mate rather O Dismal than S C or B D

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O'Driscoll is an excellent coach and is still highly thought of at Bournemouth. Slagging him with no knowledge just makes the poster look stupid. With SOD at the helm Forest would stand a chance of staying up and of developing the young players something which SC is incapable of!

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Sooner a SOD than a DISMAL lighten up duck I wasn't slagging him off quite the opposite

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O'D will be runnung the show before the end of the season!

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27 Jan 2012 12:02:22
Apparently Frank Clark is being wheeled out tonight for East Midlands today at 1830 with some optimistic comments.
Any thoughts on what the comments will be regards?

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27 Jan 2012 11:48:22
Just a thought but why aren't "the powers that
be" at Forest asking our sponsors Victor Chandler to make a contribution to assist our cause? Surely a team remaining in the Championship has a higher profile for them than one in a lower division ?

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They are, they pay us 200k a year. That doesn't even cover the lowest first team salary though.

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Exactly my point ! I think Mr Chandler got more benefit from that particular deal.

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27 Jan 2012 09:45:55
Leicester have mad a 3rd bid 4 wes for 800.000 forest should accept this offer, wot do fokes think REDMAN

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Agreed and use the money for players wages on loan signings all the other clubs do it why can we only have a left back on loan?

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Think we're selling the wrong defender.
Surely we should be moving out players we dont need even if at no profit to get them off the wage bill to free that up for loans rather than getting rid of one of our key players?
Relegation to Div 1 will cost us more than 1m.
How can MA still be in a job his running of the club is a joke!

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Let him go use the money to bring in some quality loans and tie up some contracts

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We will go up without that slow red muppet, he wont be welcome here!!

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We need to sell and move on and give
the youth ago now, bring them through
ready 4 next season

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Wes is the best defender since Des Walker, that Forest has had from the academy. Loosing Wes is like loosing two defenders instead of one because he is awesome when on form. He will be a huge loss, without him we are going down, ans Leicester will go up

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Good luck to the lad if he goes which is looking likely. Just one question though, who's his replacement?

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I think its terrible because ifwe were where we was this time last season we would be asking for at least2-3 million but as things stand we are not going to get much better than this and we need the funds i would at least hold out for 1 million though.

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Leicester are exploiting us this is true not only are they offering poor money they are leaving it till the end of the window making finding cover harder - what goes round comes round Pearson you plick

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We havent enough defenders and we are selling one of our best ones ! no its stupid let him go for nothing at the end of the season and let him help us stay up...its worth more than 800k to stay in this division...Cotterball will never play Lascelles (or Bamford for that matter) so if Wes goes its either get someone who isnt as good as him in, or play someone else out of position.....of course if it were chambers we were talkin about Id drive him to fester myself...he really is poor

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The fee is 800k rising to 1M good deal if u ask me hes fat and slow!

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Please analyse the amount of goals we concede when Wes is playing, most are down to him either not picking up his man or has conceded a free kick prior to the goal. Dont even mention what I think of his distribution! He is a 100% commited defender who will always go for the tackle but in my opinion, is very limited! I dont doubt he is as good as we have got because the rest aint that good either! While I am on one, how many goals have we conceded down the left hand side when Cunningham has played? Too many is the answer!

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How many more times you red thicko's, We, (the fans) do NOT want Wes here, we hope the deal collapses, we DONT need him and we DONT want him, we are a side thats trying to play football (do you lot remember that!) we dont want or need an overweight clogger launching it to the opposition goalie or giving freekicks away willy nilly around the box, wev'e already got a penalty giver in Mills, we dont need two of em at it!.....seriously, keep him, he'll be more wanted there than here, we remember the last fat failure you saddled us with Alan (tank) Rodgers, useless guy!.....this is why it's very rare that we come shopping at your ground, you've (more often than not) got nothing we need and, to be fair , in this instance there are more decent defenders around for hire at the moment so god knows why Big Nige is looking at this florist dope, we are being sold a pup!!

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Try lynch and lascelles in cb instead and spend the money on wages and maybe a good loan signing?

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Take the money and run. Can't fault Wes's commit and loyalty over the years. But in my eyes he is an average championship defender. And in reply to a post earlier about Wes being the best centre half since Des Walker that did make me chuckle. Have yyou forgotten the likes of Chettle, Cooper and Dawson!

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To the bitter lcfc fan, can you just move back a bit..... And a bit to the left.... No it's no good your still in our shadow.

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Leicester play football?? Yes Nigel Pearson's team always do this. You must be blind.

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4-0 only one side played football in that game, eh?........crawl back under your stone, your webbed feet and seven fingers on each hand are getting cold.

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He's on good wages. We could pay for a another couple of players with what he's on.

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Easy decision, sell Wes, sack Cloternill, pay him off with the money and BRING BACK BILLY!

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At the end of the day what we are getting for wes is near nothing it wont do anything for us if we do sell him at 800,000 once we sign resign a players contract we are left with near nothing all we are ever going to get not is players that no other clubs want as we can be out bidded by the smallest of clubs. also each and every year we say that we will give the youth a try ok were has that got us in the past no were we pull out 1or2 good players a year we give them the run in the first team and then the following season we sell or let them get to confident like mcgugan. what we need is 3 simple thing
1)players that want to play for forest and not just a wage
2)fans that will say what they think more but also back there team no slag off a player but when he scores suddenly think hes god
3)money lots and lots of money at least 10 million

now i am proud to be a forest fan as we was once one of the best supported clubs and a great place to be on a saturday yes we are in trouble but we need to back our boys.

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Define how it is 'simple' to acquire 10 million please...

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Dont you just love everyones analysis of whats going on at the City Ground. Wake up and smell the coffee people. We dont no what goes on behind the scenes. You've got people on here blatantly just making up stuff, which dont help. What we be will be, so stop the "I know all" talk.

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Forest set to get liam Lawrence on loan till end of season. He's buddies with SC and will make a good impact on the rest of the squad.

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