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27 Jun 2012 21:41:43
Luke Chambers will join Ipswich Town on a free transfer next week after his contract expires with Forest.

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Thank goodness

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Best news we have had for a long time

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Great news, he was a liability and doesn't deserve to be in a forest shirt

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Bye bye, thanks for your efforts. BUt tbh we dont you..

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Step back in my eyes,at least we'll have another 6 points next season from the tractor boys

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27 Jun 2012 21:38:57
john percy has tweeted that luke chambers is signing for ipswich next week {Ed034's Note - Have heard the same. After his outbursts last season and his end of season 'I'm used to being at the top' comment, I think it's best

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Good riddance wasnt that good anyway

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So why is he going to Ipswich?

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Good riddance.

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Glad he's gone as he should of been stripped of the captaincy last season anyway after his comments lumping us loyal fans in with the odd moaners.
This has no bearing on whether the TO is going ahead or not, We wont offer out of contract players deals as the new owners/new manager may not want them.
Chambers gone, New owners and new manager and new players soon methinks!
Cant wait!!

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27 Jun 2012 21:26:07
Reckon Forest should look at Alex Nimely on loan. (On loan at Coventry last season) and Olivier Norwood from the Man Utd youth system. Great lively players, exactly what need now McCleary has gone and cost next to nothing. Would also consider Alan Sheehan from Notts County, natural left back.

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Alex Nimely looked good last season especially playing for a poor Coventry team I would play him out on the wing where McCleary played.

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Leeds take over was on sky sports iPhone app yesterday! Fact {Ed034's Note - This is the forest page mate, no Leeds and your comment has nothing to do with the op

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Norwood has signed for Barnsley already.

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27 Jun 2012 21:14:22
this was just posted on twitter a few mins ago just trying to find out if this guy is legit

Eddie Taylor ‏@EastStandUpper
BREAKING: Fawaz al-Hasawi is buying NOTTINGHAM FOREST... he is flying to London tomorrow to confirm. #lufc #nffc

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This is a retweet from weeks ago

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Adding to my post i can confirm there is a kuwait airline flight landing at heathrow at approx 13:25 wether fawaz is on it is another story

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Mate... It was posted in MAY.

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I've seen the "East stand upper" in a twitter account before.
Can't recall if its legit or not.

It would be an interesting wind-up given the posters username.

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This clown has posted before with this name.more nonsense.back me up here Ed.this guy has spread BS before {Ed034's Note - I quid love to but I cannot remember sorry

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I expect all your apolagies for all the abuse i have recieved since posting about Fawaz and the youth players by Monday 2nd. Thank you

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There is nothing on Eddie Taylor's Twitter that's anything like this, his last tweet was 6 hours ago....

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No it hasn't !

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Don't you think that if this take over was so close to getting finalised, that sky sports would have put a note on sky sports news just like they have done about LEEDS!?!? You can't keep evrything under wraps for no reporter to shout about!?!?

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My error just seen the date of the tweet d'oh

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27 Jun 2012 20:18:28
apparently the arabs have pulled out at the last stage apparently the didnot have the money the said the did {Ed034's Note - Source???

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No this is wrong, where getting some person that does not have much money

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Clearly a Sheep writing this comment.

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Get billionaires out your head, its not happening. Itll be an arab worth around 700mil

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27 Jun 2012 20:00:32
Simeon Jackson will be signing a 3 yr deal at the city ground. Norwich is now a un happy camp with Paul Lamberts surprising exit. He told Sky Sports he no longer wants to be an impact substitute and wants consistent starts. The deal is said to be worth around 4 million which is a good price for the ,25yr old.

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And where exactly are we going to find 4 million? We can't even afford to pay the milkman!

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Rubbish no transfers can be sorted while club is in take over stage dont you read anything

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I heard us and Blackburn. Would be a great signing

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4 million coming from? forest dont have 4 quid let alone 4 million

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Yer Blackburn, west brom, Everton, stoke, wolves, alot are after this kid. I think it's when fawaz has gone public and the spending budget is released before anything happens. But would be just want forest needs. True Red.

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They will have deep pockets when fawaz gets announced, just you wait.

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You guys need to forget about fawaz; it was a wind up.

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27 Jun 2012 14:59:48
The take over will be announced on Friday at 12 o clock, i have no idea who the owners will be, all i know is when it will be announced. Source: Intern (Forest's digital media department)

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Let's hope so.

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Well, your last post said the two parties are still trying to buy the club and now your saying it will be done by friday, come on my the lie's a bit better

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I've heard this a few times. Could be true, but I doubt it. This is only my opinion though.

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If we don't we only lose lynch the rest out of contract can go away money grabbing people.

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Why do we lose Lynch? the Moose's contract lapsed last year, he came back to the club and re-signed.

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I heard it will be announced tomorrow before 12. ..... its wrong ,,, very wrong that we have been kept in the dark for so so so long.....a disgrace.... not even,, please be patient, its all guess work and utter BS...

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If we believed everyone who came on here and has claimed to know the exact date and time of the announcement because of some inside source then the clubs takeover would have happened over a dozen times by now. Just because you name the sources department (which you wouldnt if keeping their identity intact) doesnt make it so.
What I dont get is why people would come on here and make stuff up and do it incognito also??
No news is good news these things take time but noone came on here and knew about John Pye before the announcement and noone pre-empted the Umbro away kit so why should we believe anyone on here who apparantly knows about the club takeover and timeframes.

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I heard it will be announced tomorrow before 12. ..... its wrong ,,, very wrong that we have been kept in the dark for so so so long.....a disgrace.... not even,, please be patient, its all guess work and utter BS...

^ How can you blame the club, when they don't have ANYTHING to do with the takeover?

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The poster who stated that no-one predicted the Pye deal before it was revealed is wrong: the deal was broken at least 24 hours before it became official.

Also, why would an intern within the digital media (or whatever) department be privy to such information?

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The team in digital media would know because they are the ppl who will be updating the website creative etc.

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Well, yes, of course.

However, unless the OP is referring to himself as "intern" i take it his source is an intern within the department.
If thats the case, do you seriously think an intern would be knowledgable of a takeover more than 24 hours before the news is made official?
I think not...

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When and by whom was the John Pye sponsorship broken 24 Hours before the official announcement??

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When? Err, 24 hours before it became official (thought that was obvious).
Whom? A well known forum.

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12 hours and 15 minutes left, although Forest were going to update the fans today they decided to retract the statement because the take over will be announced tomorrow at 12 like i said earlier this week. I know this because tomorrow the intern will be specifically be working maintaining the website and monitoring traffic to ensure the website doesn't go down/crash due to the increased amount of people visiting the site.


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27 Jun 2012 12:39:12

I can give you an update on what is happening.

1. There seems to be two potential buyers, neither have reached an agreement with the club.

2. The Doughty Estate continues to serve the club as laid out by Nigel Doughty himself before Christmas. All contracts will be honoured.

3. While the club is in talks there is a transfer embargo. Players out of contract are not to be re-newed but the players have asked for patience.

4. Players will not be sold, all bids are declined unless Arthur, Pelling and Clark, believe the offer is significantly above market value.

5.Loan players - there is no budget to pay a fee, I am unsure of a budget to pay for salaries.

6. The cub are aware of the existence of 2 parties, but no one, REPEAT no one has had a tour of the facilities, and the executives of the club are not aware of who the interest is.

7. The manager has a list of transfer targets, the list is formulated from out of contract, lower league players and players who might be sold cheaply with a salary to fit a modest club.
The players are removed from the list when they become unavailable.

8. The club will be taking trialists both from abroad and the UK. They will be examined and those successful will be given a chance to play during pre-season. Nothing more.

9. No one at the moment is going through a process of due-dilligence.

I am a Forest fan of 30 odd years, I love the club and hope we are "rescued" shortly.
The information I am given comes from a number of sources to the club and has been cross-verified.

Furthermore a hierarchy of "need-to-know" has been established.

1) Doughty Estate
2) Club executives
3) All staff
4) Supporters and contractors

This has been established because issues relating to employment and contract law.

It is likely the club will release a statement immediately after the staff have been notified; this is to make sure facts are correct, and not leaked.

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Well I could've wrote that myself. It is not an update on what is happening, just a compilation of publicly available information, well known facts and realistic assumptions. I'm afraid you're going to have to do a little better that this if you want to feel like you're important or appear to have inside knowledge.

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You are simply stating facts that we already know about. Not really a rumour.

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Nor is it anything to get excited about.

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I have been told by the chairman of a fairly local football club that the front runners for the takeover are in Italian led consortium. The group already owns a serie B club and also has some backers from Argentina. He knows this because his club have also been talking to them about investment. The idea is to provide a testing ground for young talent from Italy and Argentina. He also said that the likely time scale would see an anouncement next week. Dave.

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That's too dull to have been made up

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Why us it people don't understand what a rumour is? A rumour is a possible eventuality based on an actual event, occurrence or sighting. Not, I repeat not what most people on here post - something they dreamt of last night that is completely fictitious with no element of fact or truth about. Anybody making stuff up, claiming to be in the know isn't spreading it discussing a rumour, they are telling fairy stories and should be called Hans Christian Anderson.
The above post covers what we all generally know to be public knowledge but doesn't add completely made up stuff to it. No Hapanese business man, no consortium led by Marthur, no Hasawi or Canadian billionaire, no Italian consortium and not Pork Farms either.

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Rehashed old nothingness.

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Come on this is complete rubbish that any person with an ounce of common sense could write. There is a process of DD going on at the moment, and SP are the only people who are truly IN THE KNOW. Although some people do know what is going on but as there are jobs at stake nothing can be said until on or around the 1st July when it will become public. When I say jobs are on the line, my source is a very close friend of Jay Arthur (The CEO's Son)

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Hello I am the OP

I agree it is dull and it is not exciting.
I do not mind if you think it is from a "source" or from a collective of common beliefs. It happens to be true, I posted it, you don't have to agree with it.

Point of clarification re-transfers.

While we do have a list of players we would like; we can only bid once our situation changes.

Finally I am not here to make ridiculous statements.

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I worked at forest for 9 years and know people at the club. They know nothing. I can't believe how much crap is posted on here. People need to get a life.

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Why call it an update then if you yourself realise it isn't?

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"I worked at forest for 9 years and know people at the club. They know nothing. I can't believe how much crap is posted on here. People need to get a life."

At last some truth! Well done Sir - totally agree!

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Truth? Regurgitated hearsay that has been told time and time again, but you reword it and try to sound like you know something that we don't. No one knows jack. Boring, predictable and lame.

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27 Jun 2012 10:20:46
forest have signed adlene guedioura

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Nothing on the website, so is your source any good?

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Have we signed Mamadou Bagayoko and David Villa as well for our terrifying new attack next season? Will Ali Dea be our new coach?

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You cant sell or sign players during a takeover unless this has been done on a pre-contractual agreement {Ed034's Note - only when the takeover has been handed over to the football league

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What with? Peanuts?

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We can only wish - again making up lies

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As much as i hope this to be true what planet are you on!!

Untill we get this T/O all sorted we will not sign anybody.

I just hate the fact that Leeds will come out and openly tell their fans that they have a company conducting DD on their club and we tell the fans nothing. Great!

I appreciate that MA and FC are saying that they know nothing but SP could give a statement.

It makes it worse when other clubs are signing players including Leeds who are at the same stage as we are in a T/O bid.

AHHHHHHHHH. Frustrated........

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Wow so clubs and players accepting IOU's now! Great now we can build a squad..... {Ed034's Note -

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So why can't Forest sign players when a TO is happening and Leeds can {Ed034's Note - i dont think leeds is a full takeover, but an investment.

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How would we pay his wages? we can't even offer new contracts to our existing players because we can't afford it

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SC said the other day on sky sports that until the TO is complete he Can Not sign any players having already Missed out on a couple of players he would have liked to have signed

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10k a week is our very tops, and I'm not sure Cotterill will get him for that, even when he gets a green light to start selling and then buying.

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Wolves would be crazy to sell him. He's clearly a top Champ player.

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27 Jun 2012 18:54:01
ED can you post this link for the people who disagreed with my previous reply

FTID {Ed034's Note - Of course

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27 Jun 2012 08:57:07
ed the is reports that gunter has left for villa and it will be revealed tmra can you confirm or anybody else if this is true {Ed034's Note - i have no idea, sorry

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I work at McDonalds and just seen a helicopter landing into the city ground.
hopefully something on the news later

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Well i live near the ground and not seen or heard of no helicopter

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It wasn't a helicopter, it was Marthurs desk fan taking off then landing when he realised he might be out of a job soon...

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I am working in the Czech republic this week and have just seen a helicopter flying over our building. most be on its way to Nottingham..... come on why bother

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He is in our pro shop now having a lesson he said how can i go anywhere when the takeover is going through on the 1st why else do you think we only have 8 players and we have brought no frees in as yet and if you disagree come to Ruddington Grange Golf Club in 2 hours and ask him your self!! he is having a playing lesson

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8 players.....let yourself sown with that...was a plausible lie until then.

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That is what he said just repeating him i suppose he means first team and fit! and i do not care if it does not sound plausible it is the truth not a rumour from the Horses mouth so to speak ! and he is not a million miles away take out keepers and injured players and Mcgoldrick it is 10 so he got it wrong by 2 and he is a footballer Bless him!

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I believe the guy about Chris being at Rudd golf course today because Joe Garner tweeted earlier he was meeting Chris there today.

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This one literally made me lol

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