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28 Jun 2012 18:54:48
Chippers, Paul Taylor and Nat Jackson all saying on Twitter that things seem to have moved forward/lack of statement is not a negative sign. Taylor seems to think that it's just down to the lawyers having to work through a minefield to make the statement just right and it should be up soon.

Also, anyone notice the Forest Vs Derby announcement to have dissapeared? Could be a technical fault, and could be because the club closed at 4pm for the torch running through Nottingham?

Just my thoughts, but I do think things have advanced today. I hope we're talking days to a possible takeover rather than weeks. {Ed034's Note - I thought it had been removed ready for the statement, but I may just be going mad

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Don't know if the Forest Derby game might have something to do with Robin Hood marathon being that day as well?

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What ever happens needs to be done quick or the only take over happening will be end of season when a league 1 team gets promoted and takes over our place in the championship

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There speaks a man who knows nothing about business. This is a complicated procedure and will move at the correct pace not be rushed to feed the need of a bunch of internet trolls.

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28 Jun 2012 15:22:57
natalie jackson just posted this on twitter

Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJacksonsport
I am now hearing no statement today re #nffc but clearly the takeover is a step closer

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Paul Taylor reckons its postponed but expect it tomorrow or weekend

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Have just spoken to Colin hazeldon in the market square, he says they (bbc east midlands) know nothing concrete about the takeover, he did say his sources dont think its a Kuwaiti though.
He also said the club appear to know nothing either, seymore pierce are playing their cards close to their chests and he has no idea when things will emerge.
He also said warnock wants out of Leeds too.
This is straight up, no bull. I am just as desperate as everyone else to know whats happening. Chas.

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The club do know whats going off cos the takeover was completed last week they not going to do a press release until new owner has tied up loose ends from their side i didnt use no sort of internet till this afternoon but was told this earlier and also know the press release will b before july 1st i cannot release my source as i promised not to post on certain sites like fb and twitter but all i can add to this is this time next week we will be millionaires

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Well I hear worrying rumours of Palladini being part of the interested party with the idea of wiping the debt by putting us in administration. Yay, minus 15 points next season, that will please the fans! {Ed034's Note - I thNk this has been said many times, but we only owe the doughty family money and nobody else. Do you really believe they would sell the club to someone who is going to do this?? Come on

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Why would you disagree their is proof in the post it isnt made up? check the acount if you dont

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"this time next week we will be millionaires"
I will hold you to that!

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This time next week we wont be billionaires.

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Warnock states again leeds are his final challenge, he's there to get them in the premier

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The deals already been done, loose ends are being tied and will be announced soon, the new owner will be a rich kuwati man and he will be the chairman being hands on, will be sacking most of the board, MA etc.

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And his name is, oh you don't know, obviously, as you made that rumour up

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The deal is not done if they are still sorting out loose ends

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Told you we will be rich lol

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28 Jun 2012 14:57:29
fazwas is the new owner and hes bringing in new people to run the club.

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Whats your source?

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That's the most boring rumour I have ever seen on here.

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28 Jun 2012 14:51:59
Forest takeover is not complete yet however they have accepted a number of bids !

The accepted offer will be the one who is willing to invest the most in the club...

New managers, players and upgrades to facilities are being increased and new idea's are being created every day to try and impress the people behind the deal !

The future is bright but for the time being its a tug of war so it could drag on a bit...

Expect more rumours and bigger names to be named in the press over the next week. {Ed034's Note - This doesn't sound lie what is being said elsewhere. It sounds like that we have chosen the new owner and it is a matter of ironing out things.
May I ask how you know this?

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It's on twitter in Arabic that forest are for sale (price) 75 million there's a surprise fatwas has an agent in London who is negotiating for him , I told you some time a go it was mrs doughty who is the problem she wants the whole loan back {Ed034's Note - There's a lot said on twitter and the doughty estate will try and recoo as much money as possible, like you would if you sold an asset

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The rumours tend to point towards a one horse race.
Who are these 'other bidders'? I just hope Marthur isn't a part of the Forest setup once the TA is complete.

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75 million?

i don't see how the club is worth a tenth of that and i don't see any sane minded individual buying forest if that is the asking price.

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How ridiculous. Forests' price is not 75m. You can buy a PL club for that with promised investment. The price paid will be that offered by the buyer and that accepted by the seller. Forests' share value excluding shareholders loans are not much more than 20m. The value of the debt owed to the shareholder is nil unless someone is prepared to make an offer. These elements ie shares and loans will be subject to two separate offers. Any potential owner will have to pay off/negotiate away the loan accounts before making an offer for the shares.
I repeat, no one and I mean no one will offer 75m for the shares and the loan.

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Why do you think the clubs not sold because of asking price don't forget doughty got the club for peanuts people like me (share holders)got sweet fa 6000 shares 3,000 grands worth gone {Ed034's Note - He may of gt it for peanuts, but he put some serious cash into it

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Rubbish. May be lost in translation, but no-one except the top five teams in the Prem are worth 75 million.

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I heard from a friend that forest sale is like how Barcelona and Real Madrid president are elected the best investment wins basically.

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28 Jun 2012 13:22:51
Journalist on Twitter expecting statement today saying exclusivity has been given to one party for takeover. We shall see.

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Dont lie there expecting something by the 1st july on the official site {Ed034's Note - He is not a liar. He has said journalists on twitter are saying this and they are.

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This is on for today, From a good source.

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This was twittered by a certain Arab gentleman in the last two minutes
Fawaz_alhasawi: Some think of my comments that I do not like the final of the team or Msaleht Qadsia God knows that I die at the Club Qadisiya and I wish him all the best

Does this mean he had concluded his business at home and is free to concentrate on Forest?

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Paul Taylor has just confirmed the statement to come from Forest. Deal not signed but progressing with one preferred buyer.

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Hands up my mistake they are i do apologise to the poster @nffc and paul taylor just said so happy days

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Its all over twitter reporter is from evening post

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Just read on twitter that the statement is no longer gonna be released. Think same journalist as OP states

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According to Ian Edwards on Twitter, there s now no statement being released by the club. He doesn't sound to pleased.

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Paul Taylor the guy who originally tweeted it says he's been told by a senior official of Forest that the statement has been postponed until tomorrow or weekend as the statement has to be scrutinised and assessed by a group of lawyers to make sure it's worded properly

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28 Jun 2012 12:19:33
i was listening to talksport today and at about 10.50 a.m some bloke was on talking about leeds and forest takeover,he said its believed to be a done deal at forest with the kuwait buyer,but then he started talking about the warnock story,so he's prob just read what we've all read

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Who was the "some bloke" ?

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I didnt catch his name it was on keys and gray have a listen on

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Tom hopkinson

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28 Jun 2012 12:16:03
Coming from a reliable source of mine. It seems that Nottingham Forest will be signing three players once the takeover is complete. First on the list will be heurelho Gomes- Rah Ahan striker Iman Razaghirad. And Damash Left back Ali hosseini.Does this mean that Al Hasawi has had an influence with the potential signings?

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Hope it's true? We could do with a decent keeper and Leftback,Not heard too much about the Forward tho is he any good?

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28 Jun 2012 11:44:24
Was talking to lewis mcgugan on phone this morning and he said all the players are buzzing as thay have been told the future is bright for nffc with huge investment being made but he has no idea who it is gonna be.I have been friends with him since school and i can tell he was as excited as we all are.

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I got off the phone to him to, he said he's looking forward to staying with the players that's coming in

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I'm best mates with Dex and he said nothings happening ???

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What school did you go to??

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Thats funny i just spoke to lewis he said players not been told a thing and told to hold tight and wait like the rest of the fans

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I never speak to Lewis, I feel left out :-(

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I spoke to him yesterday and he said he was getting frustrated as things moving slow and we were losing out on players whether our own or one to get in as the free players who are quality will be getting snapped up and we will end up with the dregs!

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Sarcasm is wasted on some people!

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I was speaking to him on Facebook chat and he said the new owner fawaz will be announced tommorrow

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I saw him in meadowhall and he's really excited about the up coming news

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Last thing McGugan wants is quality players coming in..that would mean he never gets a game.

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I saw lewis at the Trafford centre with his lovely girlfriend Natasha, he said fawaz is the new owner, the deal was done weeks ago

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I rang Lewis and he said get off the phone my agent might be trying to get through cos I'm off mate!

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Lewis rang me and he said this is completely not true, he is really busy with his detective series on ITV currently.

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28 Jun 2012 09:24:31
This is the latest I've heard from someone connected with the sponsors 2 parties were interested 1 middle eastern the other Scandinavian this is now down to 1 although he didn't know which group it was. The paperwork is all done and he expects the top brass at forest to be informed by the end of the week with a general announcement made next week. He also said that the time scale Adam Pye was using when he said imminent was within 4 weeks. I've no idea how reliable this info is but thought I would pass it on.

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Scandinavina? Not likely... {Ed034's Note - Why do you say that

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Because there's no such thing as Scadinavina haha! {Ed034's Note - You know what was meant

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Haha cheer up Ed I'm only having a laugh ;)

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That infers it was funny......

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28 Jun 2012 08:03:29
Theres been alot of uneasiness and speculation in both Leeds UTD and Nottingham Forest camps in recent weeks. Takeovers are on the cards for both of the sleeping giants its very interesting how this as all panned out with rumours of Kuwaiti's taking over both the clubs mentioned. I can confirm it is 100% true for one club, and the reason for the hold up is because of Ken Bates.

He was holding out for more money on the deal which would see him release all ownership from Leeds UTD effectively, the reason for this is because he and Mark Arthur current CEO at Nottingham Forest are heading a consortium who plan to take over the vacant seat left by Mark Arthurs close friend and previous owner Nigel Doughty.

From what i can gather the crucial factor in this was the signing of Neil Warnock Leeds UTD current manager, he was reluctant to leave leeds after hearing that one of the potential Kuwaiti buyers wanted him to manage the club theyre purchasing.
The fact that Nottingham Forest would have to pay their current manager severance pay along with paying Leeds UTD compensation didnt bode well with kuwaiti's so thats why theyve chosen Leeds over Forest and will see Ken Bates take over the reigns at the City Ground in the next few days.

JH {Ed034's Note - Lol really??

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Source first please and if ask me biggest load tosh i ever heard

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Got to be the worse statement ever made

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Oh, I forgot.


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Ed says this isn't a Leeds site do can we stop talking about them please!!!!!!

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Just when you think the rumours can't get any sillier...

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BRILLIANT! Best one yet,keep em coming!!

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Yea and Messi will be the first signing!

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Surely Bates will have to completely (rather than effectively)leave leeds as they compete in the same competitions as forest? I hope this isnt true anyway

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Ken Bates is ducking out of Leeds because he's properly poorly, so doubt he's going to be embarking on a massive new venture!

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I believe the first bit, about the uneasiness, but from then on, i felt like a leeds fan, and that didnt feel good

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Forest have nothing to do with our takeover, it's seymour pierce. so this rumour is bulls**t.

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Best rumour yet, Bates and Marthur, I've supported Forest for 35 years, but now I'm off to follow someone else......if this comes true I am deadly serious!!!! Dream right on pal

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28 Jun 2012 04:52:52
Nottingham forest have appointed
a NEW OWNER Source Daily Mail.

Leeds Utd Have NEW OWNER Australian
Bussinessman Frank Lowey

This will now be announced on Friday

As for Neil Warnock he stays at Leeds

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If you read the comments left on the site its been republished from 3 weeks ago.

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Where on the Mail website does it say this...or anything about Forest? You don't appoint a new owner, if a bid is accepted, someone becomes the new owner.

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Daily Mail also reports that NW will become a target after the TO by FAW according to sky sport app!

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The Mail is old news from last month thats been doing the rounds for the red tops but your correct on warnock staying at Leeds and new owners for both clubs is definately on the cards

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The only thing the daily mail says is an article this morning saying fawaz wants Neil warnock if his bid is successful... That's it.. Nothing about it being announced Friday, and nothing about fawaz being the new owner

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28 Jun 2012 10:41:52
I think this is the article being reffered to.

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28 Jun 2012 01:16:48
Scholari is apparently flying in on the Fawaz private jet and will be the new Forest Manager come July. With previous links to Al Qadisiya Fawaz seems he as the guy to take us back to europe.

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28 Jun 2012 00:54:46
22.00 Daily mail online says Fawaz wants to persuade Warnock to be Forest manager as he ties up the loose ends in the deal but then the mail said this back in May. Not really a rumour but they must get this info from somewhere. Lets hope its true and he boots MA from the club

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