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28 May 2012 19:08:28
heard that we are on about swapping freeman for kystian pearce by the way any news on take over?

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Rather stick with what we got

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Freeman is much better than pearce!

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28 May 2012 17:56:12
Some news i have on possible players that Nottingham Forest Football Club may be intrested in? First of all Steve cotterill is looking to replace McCleary with a move for Hugo Rodallega. The other four players on the list of targets are as folllow. Paul scharner-Heurelho #~Gomes-James Chambers and Michael Bryan.

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No chance!forest aren't signing any1 anytime soon!

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Meanwhile in dreamland

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Hugo Rodallega? Who next? Michael Owen, Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi? Get real, we're skint, nobody knows anything about the takeover or any, if any, possible targets.

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Rodellega, Scharner and Gomes? boy oh boy.

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Accrington Stanley are more appealing than Nottingham forest unless we get took over. Lets face it who wants to shell out all that money on a season ticket? {Ed034's Note - Forest supporters will, because that is what we are.....supporters

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You may mock this post but mark my words the takeover will happen. Forest are in major talks as i type this. i can understand the doubt but doubt no more it will happen.

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I really want to beleave you but im afraid i might get hurt again

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Agree with eds note about supporters getting season tickets but i aint paying for mine cause im getting it for free suck on that ******* {Ed034's Note - I will leave it to your imagination on the last word

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'You may mock this post but mark my words the takeover will happen. Forest are in major talks as i type this. i can understand the doubt but doubt no more it will happen.'

I will mock this, because how the heck do you know? Are you working with Seymour Pierce? No you're not, so you have no idea what's happening at the club other than some cheer blind optimism. {Ed034's Note - there are a few rumours knocking around the City Ground, but that is all I am taking them as at present.

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28 May 2012 15:55:39
forest reportedly have had talks with agent of martin cranie from coventry about a
bosman move on 3 year deal to repla
ce chambers.

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Hope so, good player!

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This was posted on talk forest were you the guy?

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28 May 2012 13:49:00
ashley westwood from crew and kane ferdinand of southend are two of forests main targets this summer

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Again? It's like Whittingham & Pratley all over again!

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They should be

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It's just like whittingham and pratley except they are like Ferraris and we are now looking at KIAs.

Agent 279 {Ed034's Note - Nothing wrong with Kia's, I drive one. Reliable, does the job, surprise people and hold there own. The Chris Cohen of the motorworld :-)

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Could contain some truth as lower league players

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Reminds me of NLN

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Shame miller's not a kia they come with a 7 year guarantee we could take him back and get him fixed!!

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Yep. He's an 8 year old Kia...

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28 May 2012 00:42:16
Is it just a coincidence that forest are going to America to play Orlando and so are stoke and the guy who owns a percentage of Orlando also is involved with stoke and that the other owner supports forest and is believed to be interested in buying the club (John bonner)

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Maybe a coincidence.
SC has been there before, which could also be a coincidence.

However, how did we get the cash to pay for it?

A group of 25 people including coaches, woul cost around 25k to fly out; plus the accomodation, training failities.
It must cost close to 50k to finance the trip

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Wow! Firstly, that sentence (if you can call it that) was one of the hardest I've ever tried to read.

Secondly, what relevance do Stoke have to us in ths situation? Are you suggesting we are going to be bought out by somebody connected with Stoke? Or maybe by the Forest fan who is a part owner of an American club in their 3rd division? I can't see that happening at all

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He took Portsmouth last season so nope

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The people who run the club are incapable of making a good business decision. while we are messing around all other clubs are signing up free transfers.

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No it's not I said this last week but it wasn't posted for some reason. He is the new owner

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I wouldn't read anything into it he took pompey there last season and they were skint too

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Bonnet is paying for forests trip as we can't afford it

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He took Portsmouth to America, NOT Orlando!

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Every team hes taken there have gone down the following season???

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There was an interview with Chippers where Cotterill said hee'd been pulling some strings and was getting the flights, basically, for free.

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Ven if your dad was puppet, I doubt if you could pull enough strings to get an entire football squad and coaches etc over to the states for a tour on a shoestring, That's just a cover statement to maske how the tour has actually been funded. another thing is, why would a club struggling for money like Forest think the most important thing them was a to book a trip to America? A day trip to Skeggy would be more appropriate. Its bonkers, insane...unless they know something we don't. {Ed034's Note - I think the fact we are struggling for money suggest either SC has got the trip for next to nothing, or it has something to do with a possible takeover. I don't think we would spend silly money on a trip like this in the present situation, do you??

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Agree with the editor. it's one or the other. either cotteril's done an amazing bit of business or it's linked to a possible takeover

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I think the poverty angle is being a little overplayed... Forest have for years been breaking even except for transfer fees and the occasional exceptional salary. The estate has promised to cover the latter so only it's only transfer fees we can't raise. In a club where the weekly wage bill is over 150k I really don't think funding a short trip to the US is going to be an issue. They offered mcleary 10k week: simply not having to pay this for a month will easily pay for the trip.

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Ed 034 i agree either cotterill is an expert blagger or this is to do with possible investment or takeover prefer latter. i heard while back there was strong american intrest as well as canada & middle east, at weekend was told bonner & sutton were intrested with an american hedge fund manager. if this true hope bring burnley chief exec from orlando city back to replace mark arthur would be great start in my opinion {Ed034's Note - There has been interest from various people and of different continents, but the American one and Irish one are the two I have heard are most serious

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