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29 May 2012 21:05:17
Chris Gunther will be sold for no less then £3.Million pounds. Swansea are looking odd's on at the moment to land the right back from Nottingham Forest. the money will go towards wages for lower league players and one or two loans.

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Gunter will not be going anywhere he love forest he a forest lad chambers going to derby been told by a few people he want a new challenge Anderson going to blackpool or Leeds not takeover yet going be long hard season for forest ! {Ed034's Note - I have quickly asked around and none of my contacts have heard of chambers to derby. There is a strong rumour of both Leeds and Cardiff though, the latter being the favourite

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Chambers will not be staying at forest, he made that very clear at the end of the season. infact i dont think we will keep any of the out of contract players. whats happend to the 10 k a week we offerd McCleary ? why can we not offer other out of contract players both at forest and from other clubs a contract with that ?

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Chambers looking for a new challenge. He seemed to find this season pretty challenging.

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Chambo did find it challenging thats because hes not really good enough for championship

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Chambers to Norwich, Lynch to Southampton, and with Brendan Rogers going to Liverpool Gunter to Swansea would seem unlikely.

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"Chambo did find it challenging thats because hes not really good enough for championship" That was the point of the previous post.

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29 May 2012 21:00:24
Richard Branson to told talks with the club

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What, to try and get them to change their internet provider to virgin media?

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He's probably trying to get us to pay for the flights to the States as he's heard we've tried to blag them for nowt...

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I think we should start a facebook page letting him know we want him it would be great but it's not going to happen we won't get sold at all!!!!

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This rumour is Virgin on the Ridiculous

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We could actually start a facebook page. if it got enough members it would snowball. there's no way we'd get branson but we'd get the club in the news...(i am still drunk from last night btw but if anyone wants to start this group then let us know)

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29 May 2012 20:48:51
If Forest have no money is there anther Gary Birtles waiting to picked out of local non league?

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Yeah, Gareth McCleary, but he went for free :P

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29 May 2012 20:48:29
There were a lot of rumours that The Canadians linked with us are in discussions with Leeds United.
This is now also on their official website:
And Ken Bates has a better track record of selling clubs than the numptys in charge of our club.

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The statement does not say anything about this being the Canadians and it only says they are discussing investment, not necessarily the club being bought out. If it is the same people then not sure I want someone buying us who is just jumping from one club to another until they've bought someone.

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29 May 2012 18:58:06
I have a contact within the playing staff at forest who is still under contract who informs me that we will be searching the lower leagues for players to bolster the squad

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Cheers for that one

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As we have for years... eg McCleary, Chambers, Cohen, Lynch etc

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Chambers Cohen and lynch were hardly us scowering the lower leagues, they were the best players we could attract at that time from teams around us...northampton yeovil and brighton were all league one at that point

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And "at that point" we could probably offer higher wages.

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29 May 2012 17:37:45
larry tanenbaum has made an offer to buy forest FACT! and is only RUMOURED to have put an offer in for leeds utd, check his wickipedia its all on there {Ed034's Note - I'm not saying the is true or false, but wiki can be edited by anyone, so I would not suggest you use it as a place for facts

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My Nan could post on wiki that she has invented time travel, doesn't make it real(although is probably is).

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Another one of those posts where people post " - FACT" at the end of it, thus making it 100% true

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29 May 2012 16:33:40
The Canadian billionaire being linked with us if you remember, he is having a conference regarding buying a football club and he said its not Leeds soo it could be us just saying and don't go hating because its a rumours site !

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And where did you dig that information up from?
Unless you're sat there in the conference call how would you know it is taking place?
Utter garbage mate.

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Can you say more about the conference please. Where is it, who is attending and when was the statement made?

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I hate you simply for using the phrase, 'don't go hating'.

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It is to do with the Toronto Football Club getting a new sponsor.

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Unfortunately the announcement is just about naming rights of the soccer team they own!

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How do you know!

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'I hate you simply for using the phrase, 'don't go hating'.
ABSOLUTE CRACKER I almost soiled myself laughing.

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Was the above attempting to be funny? If so, you failed.

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This guy is rumored to be buying every championship club, dont believe a word

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Sorry lads all it said was there was a conference about a club didnt specify which one soo I took a guess at it might having something too doo with forest so sorry for making up a rumour on a rumours page soo don't go hating

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Or was in a club in the Conference

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29 May 2012 00:20:53
Reading make 2m bid for super sup[er Chris Gunter...
Obviously GM has said how he can only play on the right if Gunts is behind him...tell Brian McD to stuff it...cheapsake...5m of nothing. Gunts is one of our best...Reading are quids in so they can bloody well cough up

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Best right back outside prem by a mile

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2.5 or 3 will do give youths a chance

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Being young enough doesn't make you good enough

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Sell for 2.5m - 3m and the money will fund our signings for the summer (freebies but wages covered)

Freeman and Moloney are there to setup up

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Money from this sale could also go straight onto ND`s estate and nothing to new contracts or players...

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The estate aren't looking to reclaim by selling our best assets, that would make the club decrease in value at sale

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The money for gunter will vanish,remember when we sold wes morgan for 1 mill and bamford for 1.5 mill.To bring in loan players and offer players new contracts.No new contracts were agreed and do you think it cost 2.5mill for 5 loan players to play for us from january to april?

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With Chambers and Lynch both out of contract, Gunter our only senior defender at the club... with Freeman, Moloney and Lascelles still very much regarded as youths.

Despite this I still think selling Gunter (who is far above Championship relegation-fight material) wouldn't be the worst thing that's happened... He's a great player but with no defenders and the McClaren's flops still clinging on, selling Gunts might be the necessary evil to have more than 4 defenders at the club next season

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Moloney older than Gunter anyway? We have to remember he's still very young and should be the future of the club. I think Moloney may be out of contract in the summer too.

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Won't miss his finishing ;)

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Maloney is simply not good enough sorry.
As for selling Gunts to get in 4 others...are you mad ?, sell the family silver to get lots of cheap tacky tat...bonkers

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Give youth a chance Gunter is 22 hardly a seasoned pro and is easy best RB outside prem keep him in fact offer him a new contract!

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I think Chris Gunther should/will be rewarded for his loyalty at the club if/when takeover is complete.

In this day and age its so refreshing to see a loyal player they are few and far between. FTID

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