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02 Apr 2012 05:07:54
Forest already has new buyers waiting in the wings. The deal is already agreed, provided they stay up. The confirmation will come at end of the season.

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I don't mean to be rude, but any chance of letting us know how you know this??


Hoppers u1

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Easy - A crystal ball !!

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Big pat and Martin newby ,

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Business friend of mine knows someone high up. I'm not prepared to say who as i'm sure employees of Forest check this site out and these things are said in confidence. He was very tight lipped as to who the buyers are, but the announcement may come earlier if we become mathermatically secure.

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Another pack of lies. It is amazing how much people know but they can not say anything until a later date. Why say anything at all.

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Who are Pat and Martin Newby? never heard of them

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Making it up then

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My aunties, sisters, brother-in-laws, dogs friend who knows someone who used to work at index who is related to a man who knows the shop assistant who once worked with the dad of a man told me this was true as well! You can see this is clearly 100% FACT! How can you deny the source?

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I got told the same thing about potential buyers but only if forest stay up,hope this is true because if all the players out of contract walk and when the loan players go back.We wont have a team next season

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Yes who is this newby lot people/person are going on about??

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Have spoke to my aunt who lives in Kent ,dartford , she has looked in her phone book and they are both in there , they are pig farmers and are very well off , pat newby is the owner with her husband Jim , Martin and Gary , there boys now run the buisness , but pat is the main person

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They should bring home the bacon then...or are you telling porkies?

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Pat rigby is dead. martin is her son.

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Rigby...or Newby? Elenor Rigby's dead.

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Who's Eleanor Newby?

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Pat is dead, but Martin was Pauline's son

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Sounds like a play on Pat Butcher and/or Mutha Bacon of Viz fame. Ultimately, it is a load of rubbish. Was going to say you couldn't make it up, but clearly you can

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If you read viz and admit to it how sad are you , I was also not sure on this but whilst at the club shop tuesday there was a Audi 4x4 black with pat1 on plates and security moved me as I was about to take pic on my phone !!?

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So Postman Pat's buying the club then? OK....

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So even Leonard Rossiter is in on a takeover…cuh, whoever next?!

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