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30 Jan 2012 23:17:24
forest have inquired about the availability of leon barnett from norwich on loan

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30 Jan 2012 21:31:25
forest close to signing james perch on loan till end of season very good source any time now it will be confirmed

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30 Jan 2012 21:16:13
Forest are interested in Stokes Danny Higginbotham

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30 Jan 2012 20:27:43
Bamford's representives have had an agreement with Frank Clark & Steve Cotterill. Bamford has now been offered to Liverpool & Arsenal. This is from a very reliable journalist that is close to forest

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Venger has been told to develop his already young squad and theres no new funds to buy. Source - arsenals website

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30 Jan 2012 20:20:53
Bamford has agreed to sign a 3 year deal. Great news at last!

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30 jan 2012 16:42:38
so forest sell defender wes morgam and loan in wolves midfielder adlene guedioura does not make sence we go enough midfielders and no cover at the back wot the hells going on at this club. redman

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It will make a lot of sense when you see him. Better than Henry , O'Hara, Hunt, Edwards,Milijas but MM won't play him.

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30 Jan 2012 16:25:19
As I stated earlier,
Guedioura is now confirmed on OS on loan for the rest of the season.
Good signing, hopefully a defender on the way next.

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30 Jan 2012 15:53:21
Wolves midfielder Adlene Guedioura is poised to join Nottingham Forest on loan.

Guedioura has struggled to hold down a regular place in the Wolves side and is keen on a move away in search of regular first-team football.

The Algeria international has made just three starts in the Premier League this term and Wolves boss Mick McCarthy has granted him the chance to go out on loan.

A number of clubs were thought to be keen on landing Guedioura, but Forest have stolen a march on their rivals by agreeing a deal to take him to the City Ground.

Guedioura's arrival will come as a boost to Forest boss Steve Cotterill as he looks to steer his side clear of trouble at the wrong end of the Championship table.

Guedioura could go straight into the Forest squad for Tuesday's home clash with Burnley if he completes his move in time.

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30 Jan 2012 15:24:58
Sky Sports understands Wolves midfielder Adlene Guedioura has agreed to join Nottingham Forest on loan. More on site soon...

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Been confirmed

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Forest Fans you have signed a great player. Wolves fans think very highly of Guedioura. Hope he does well for you.

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He sounds like a wicked player

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You've got a cracking player there. Don't know what MM is thinking about. Hopefully does well for you and MM sits up a takes notice. Could all be to late by then.

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30 Jan 2012 15:04:23
Steve Cotterill has confirmed at a meeting this afternoon that Patrick Bamford has rejected two contract offers from Forest.
Looks like we'll consider bids from the big boys then.
Horrible news.

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Dont talk rubbish

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Hes signed a new contract, will be announced tommorrow

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30 Jan 2012 10:41:59
also it says on the forest website chelsea have bid 1.5mil for Bamford.

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Where does it state that, nothing on O/S

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No it doesn't

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Press talk.

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And the evening post. I bloody hope not though. Couldn't stand to lose big wes and bamford together(albeit bamford has never played)

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Bamford can also play in midfield so its a no brainer. Heard he signed a 3 year deal to

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Who signed 3yr deal bamford for us or chelsea?

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30 Jan 2012 10:38:18
just read that Leadbitter from Ipswich on his way to forest.
before you start having ago and saying why would we sign him, like i sed i just read it.

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That would be about right.Ipswich are about the only club worse than us!

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Leadbitter is a well beast player.

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30 Jan 2012 09:48:18
Forest accept bid of 1m for wes from wes, good luck and thanks 4 the great service 2 the club. REDMAN

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29 Jan 2012 23:45:12
Chelsea bid £1million for Bamford & Wes Morgan 10 year spell at Forest is over according to the mail

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I think this is good business we need mOney to strengthen the team now we
Can't rely on an untried 18 year old however good he may be in the future. the 2 million for him and Wes will
Hopefully enable us to freshen up in a few areas. I like the idea of Matt Tubbs

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Must be true then.

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Matt Tubbs is totally untried at our level.He was a late developer that has scored goals at a lower level.We might as well sign him though cos we will probably benefit from him in league 1 next year.Mind you I would like rid of 1 or 2 strikers first before signing another.

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Tubbs has signed for Bournemouth

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29 Jan 2012 22:51:52
More bad news, chelsea have bid 1 million for patrick bamford

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If this is true forest have got to put some kind of sell on clause in the deal,but saying that they havent got a clue so i'm wasting my time

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Aye and he doesn't want to sign a new contract.

Tapped up he has been.

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Kind of guarantees he will play tomorrow night though.

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The Daily Mail is the worst reporting newspaper on anything relating to football.Chelsea spent 18 million on an 18 yr old striker earlier on in the season and scour the worlds best clubs for young talent.I'm sure that clubs have now heard of Bamford after 9 goals in 2 games but nobody is going to buy him based on 2 games.

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Like selling the family silver CHEAPLY!
Nice one MA/SC/FC

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NFFC aren't looking to sell (obviously). They want to offer him a new deal and try and get him first team football, probably out on loan. Chelsea's reputation for bringing through youth is poor compared to likes of Man Utd and Arsenal. It would be a mistake to move there.

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ONly forest could be soooo crap....the future is in youth is it? Cotterball says hes too untried to play in 1st team.....but if we let him got o Chelski...tell me please exactly wot youuth were we thinking of relying on in the future...oh perhaps the crap ones who no one else is interested in....Keep Bamford and sell or sack some of the McLaren first squad additions...things are going from bad to worse

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SC has got NO track record for bringing youth through and NO track record for playing nice footy.
MA/FC hang your heads in shame!

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What a bunch of negative idiots you he sold? No! So what if they made a bid does not mean anything...Money from Wes will be used to give him better terms and push SC into using him. Negative foold like you are why the club is in so much trouble.

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You really are blinded to whats going on at Forest.
The reason why the club are in such a mess has nothing to do with the fans, It's the missmanagment by ND/MA over the past 12 Years NOT the fans that pay hard earned cash week in week out irrespective of the performances on the pitch!

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What we all have to remember is ND has poured millions into the club, however i do agree with MA he has made so many poor decisions and seems to be happy to just hold his hands out and get paid without giving a damn about Forest...ND will soon go then MA then maybe BD can come back (IF he wants to and IF we can afford him) That only my opinion but heres hoping eh :-)

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I am only blinded by keyboard warriors feeding off crap posts like yours and attacking the club. Here's a novel idea...get off your backside and go and support the team..also wait until things are official before you slag off the club for selling a player they intend to keep. Sure as hell know you would not come back and apologise if wrong!

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Poured in millions - but it all started with the out of controll buyings from David Platt and the horrible managers after him that spent money on wrong players. Billy Davies is the only proper manager since Clark and ND is just paying heavy on his wrong investmensts in mangers and players.

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I agree with you it was out of control spending from the likes of Platt but he has put in so much money into the club I have to feel sorry for the guy the way everyone has turned on him...I agree with you that BD was the best manager we had for years and that was a HUGE mistake from ND to let him go.....Anyway theres so many ppl on here that know much more than me its only my personnel opinion thats all.....YOU REDS.

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'Of your backside and support the team'
Considering I haven't missed having a season ticket for the past 20 Years and travelling away to most then I'd say my support has been better than most so dont make comments when you dont know the individual.
You will find that the real fans like me do have a better handle on whats going on as we are much closer to the situation.
We as a club are being slowly dissmantled since the clownish appointment of McClaren and the dissruption his overpaid overrated players being allowed in has caused.
I just hope that FC is true to his word and sorts out a wage structure and hopefully weed out the real current issues such as MA and SC.

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Close to the issue, what a clown. If you knew anything you would know MA is going nowhere unless he decides to or ND says so. Try being a real fan and getting behind the team not posting negative made up conspiracy theories!

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He has turned down two improved contact offers from Forest, they need to cash in, if he is aloud to leave at the end of the season it will go to a tribunal, if that happens financially we will not recieve anymore than 500k for a player that has only made 12 mins of first team football.

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29 Jan 2012 22:44:43
It has been confirmed to me by a players mrs that wes has gone.

Thanks wes and good luck

Hopers u1

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What a sad day and a sad post...its all over Sky and internet pal.

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30 Jan 2012 12:59:49
Looks as though we've accepted Festers bid for Wes.

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Not gone yet though...

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I heard last night.

Wes was one of the least paid players in the side, even though he was a first choice player for so long.
He sees this as the last time he can ask for big money on a contract and even though he is earning double Money at the foxes, it was still a huge decision for him.

Good luck to him and lets hope the money we have got for him, goes into getting players to help us beat the drop.

Hoppers u1

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Bye Wes, your still a red x

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"Wes was one of the least paid players in the side,"

That isn't true. He may not have been the highest but he was far from the lowest.

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I didn't say he was the least, bit out of the usual 16 hanging around the starting 11, he was one if the least paid.
This is the reason for him going, because he wants to put some money in the bank. This has been told to me by first one if the players other halves and now by a player himself.

Hoppers u1

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He was a lump of lard anyway

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Megson , despite all his faults, got wes on a decent diet, unlike kinnear, and he was alot fitter ever since

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