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31 Mar 2012 11:29:51
Rumour has it forest will be selling naming rights to the ground in order to raise extra money, goodbye 'city ground'

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That would be a sombre day but if needs must...

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I heard it 3 years ago. It was ballcocks then and it's ballcocks now.

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Maybe true as it seems it will soon be the norm to sell naming rights to produce extra income to spend on players + wages so if that makes us a better team then so be it. it will be a sad day if it does happen but we will all know it as the city ground

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The victor chandler city ground

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The City Ground is a rubbish name and who cares if a corporate wants to pay lots of money to rename it.

Let the corporates know it by some cac name and the fans should use another name such as 'Psychoville' :¬)

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We should do it & take the cash. It would only be the sponsors name on paper. The fans wouldn't stop calling it the city ground. Newcastle fans made a big fuss out of it.

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Sounds good

Forest v Bristol City at the Pyschoville Stadium

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How can they sell rights on a ground they don't own

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We own the stadium, we don't own the land it is on.
It's a bit like owning an apartment, you don't own the land it's on.
Whatever helps bring in money, I'm all for!

Hoppers u1

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It will always be the city ground to all of us. man city,newcastle,leicester(still s**t) have done it.Maybe it might be a good idea if we get to buy some new players with the money?

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Yep. Sponsors may change (as at Leicester) but the City Ground tag will stay whatever they chose to call it.

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Yep but if you want to bend the financial fair play rules it's the way forward, why do you think stadia get renamed? ? ? ?

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