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31 May 2012 18:08:31
suppose we do end up being taken over..would you rather see us splash the cash on big name players or shop in the lowe r leagues? Let us know your thought's and also which player's you'd like to see in!

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A mixture but generally, younger players, lower leagues.

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I agree, players who will want to play for the love of the game rather than money.

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The daydreamer in me wants to splash the cash, but the heartfelt realist who wants to see business done the right way wants to see low transfer fees and the youth system to be used

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I would like to see louis saha as he has been released from spurs. He has good at most former clubs he has been with. Micheal owen will be a good shout

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Id like guedioura back and cunnigham, i don't want prem players that haven't been playing i want championship players that play every week and are good quality. then a few young promising players from lower leagues so it is a good mix

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Id like to see us bring back guedioura and elokobi for one, then mix it up

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It doesnt matter as long as they are good enough to take us forward and play the forest (not cotterball) way {Ed034's Note - I'm not sure if you came to any of the quarter of games, sc had us playing some fantastic stuff

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I moan at man city for it, but i want what they have, above their rivals and fighting at the top, don't we want that?

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Guedioura would be my first buy. No to Saha for me, and Owen; Owen even said Championship isn't an option for him but I wouldn't have him to be honest.

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Splash the cash on experience. Not George Boateng experience, but sort of good Prem and Championship players. Look for lower league talent and hunger.

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What?? If weve got got loadsa money lets splash the cash and go on a roller coaster ride all the way to the premier with a pcked City Ground!
Lets live the dream!!

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I think with the ffp coming in, any money spent will have to be done so with that in mind. we wont be just blowing millions on wasters. like fester or like smc was trying to do. perfection for me would be bringing back billy and giving him money. i know it wont happen, but it would be nice. cotters brought in some stunners tho on loan. id like to see what he could do with cash instead of ditching him for niel warnock

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How's about this idea if the take over goes through chuck marthur in the trent make the phone call to billy and have billy as home team coach and steve as away we would p*ss this league if thats the case cos billy won at home and rarely away and steve cant win at home but wins a lot away

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"splash the cash" there isn't any cash yet

lets not be counting any chickens yet

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Can some one nut shell what the ffp thing will mean?

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In a nutshell, FFP means that clubs can spend no more 60% of their overall income on player wages. There's probably more to it than that, but thats the basic principle.

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As much as Warnock is a quality manager and I'm sure he would do a good job for us, Cotterill deserves a chance

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FFP Clubs will have to ensure they make enough money, sponsorship, ticket revenue etc to cover the running costs of the club

the aim is so all clubs live within their means and pretty much break even every season, in the first few seasons there will be some leeway I believe...
Good rule for the football league, should ensure all teams are run responsibly and perhaps stem the tide of ridiculous wages

However it will probably see the likes of Man City move further and further away from lower premier league teams as they can cover any losses using "sponsorship" from sheik mansours assosciates, same probably goes for chelsea.
Football league will be responsibly ran, Premier league will move further away from the rest of us

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I'll tell you what ffp means, it means you have to live within your means. Personally I like champagne, but at the moment I'm drinking lemonade. It's just the same in football, ie you can't be spending 1k a month on a fish tank like a team in n York's once did. Allegedly.

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I think all these fans who keep berating coterill are arm chair heroes who listen for 20 mins at the beginning of games then switches off because we were playing badly, grow up and get down to the city ground once in a while, he got a definatly getting relegated team and got us battling for results then towards the end of the season got his loan choices and got us playing football. can you tell me that the players he got in and favours off other managers (tony pulis for higgingbottom) didnt help? Of course they did and that was coterills doing so dont give me the coterills useless nonsense.
Season ticket holder - upper bridgeford

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I would like us to carry on as we have but keep players insted of letting them go on as a free and possibly get the loan players on perms e.g. ade, george, higginbottom. we could have signed bertrand a while back but now impossable, on paper we have one of if not the best team in the division we just need to get them playing at full potential and then spend if we get to the prem. As for Cottrill he seems like a good mananger but he could do with someone who's not a yes man as an assitant.

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Cotterill definitely deserves another chance, he may of got us into a big hole, he was using McClaren's team. After January, he seemed to be more at will with his loan signings and with his player input he was able to pick the team up and keep us safe. Give him the money, if we get any, and just give the bloke a chance.

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I think we should bring back schteve mclaren as the first team coach......they could take out his teeth and put in seats :-D

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31 May 2012 17:04:23
sources from doughty family say it is forest to be bought by kuwait family for 80 million.

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80 million? no chance
thats more than doughty was owed and there are premier league clubs that could be bought for less
Details of sale will be kept quiet im sure but 20 million is a more realistic figure and im plucking that out of thin air

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Fawaz Al-Hasawi,has mentioned if he buys championship team,he will be bringing in a lot of football asia players in to the squad.So i don't think this will be a good idea for us {Ed034's Note - Whys that??

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No he won't. He'll employ an English manager, most likely, who's not going to use Kuwait, will he? Works permit won't help either.

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He has told he want to give Kuwait players a go, probably means youngsters into youth teams.

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There are a lot of quality players in Asia - but I belive they could struggle to fit in in UK and Championship....Sign Guedioura first and we`ll be alright:=

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I agree with the earlier post saying it'd be nice to have billy back I like his fight cotterills too nice he really annoyed me when that derby player got injured and he was sending him get well messages, did they give a carp about Cohen?

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We need the best of the championship, plus just one who have been released from the prem. Splashing the cash on big names will just bring up a team of mercanaries. We need a team of players hungry for the prem. (though lets not get carried away nothing has even been announced yet!)

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1 chicken
2 chickens ...
609 chickens
Im bored of counting my chickens now

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Man City were accused of putting a team of mercenaries together and yet look at the team spirit and what they have achieved so far.
Buying the best available can work if they are managed correctly and but into the clubs vision.

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31 May 2012 14:57:01
Latest on take over rumours is that the recent reports are way off the mark, i was really hoping it would happen but these sources seem sure that nothing is happening, i think im just gna shut my self off from all this rumours stuff untill the start o the season ! Cant take all this getting your hopes up for nothing {Ed034's Note - Which source??

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Good Question Ed, name your source!!

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Journalist John Percy (twitter) and Paul Taylor (twitter) sources

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John Percy, Forest supporting journo and journo from NEP have both said on Twitter there is no truth in the rumours .

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Right.. And why would journalists know when it's trying to be kept as secret as possible? Even people at forest won't know.. It's trying to be kept 100% classified until its 100% done

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So people believe twitter talk when its a journo but not when its anyone else??
Paul Taylor for starters is usually about ten Years behind the rest of us and his info is frankly useless, John Percy to be fair is usually on the money.

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There is a video of the camel jockey mentioning nottm in an interview remember local journo's are kept in quiet until things are sealed not even the club knows whats going off and thats a good thing cos it keeps marthur away from things

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Percy is on the money usually? You being serious?

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Yet kenny burns has now said on his twitter something suggesting that something is happening ! O just dnt know what to think !

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It's not really kenny burns he cant use email never mind twitter

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Only thing post Reporters get right is the date........the first thing marther and his overpaid gang will no about any takeover is when they are told to clear there desks,and that cant come soon enough.

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31 May 2012 11:30:28
On the official Forest website:
'The Board of NFFC confirm that they are unable to respond to media speculation regardinging the clubs future ownership.'

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If it were untrue speculation they would have just dismissed it straight away but they haven't :) {Ed034's Note - That was my first thought. I've got a couple of feelers out there, but even the players are not 100% sure

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I see Paul Taylor from NEP is saying his sources are telling him it's not true. So it must be nailed on, he never gets anything right! {Ed034's Note - Where does it say that?

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This is the most realiable news yet that the rumour could be true. If it was nonsense then the Forest board would have either kept quiet or denied the rumour. The fact that they have came out and said they cant comment is a strong indication that its true.


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Yeah, if it wasn't at least partly true, they'd dismiss it and we'd be all in a bit of a mood.

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Clutching at straws maybe?

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Paul Taylor posted it on twitter and has since been abused for it! LOL

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Bet this takeover is today's exclusive in the NEP

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31 May 2012 10:48:05

Kuwaiti super-rich businessman Fawaz Al-Hasawi is closing in on a takeover deal for Nottingham Forest

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Looks promising but i haven't got a scoob where kuwait is haha

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31 May 2012 06:30:19
Kuwaiti businessman Fazal Al Hasawi is reportedly closing in on the takeover of rivals Nottingham Forest and is eager to put Neil Warnock in charge of the Reds next season.

Al Hasawi was rumoured to be one if the interested parties in buying out Ken Bates but a report in the Sun claims that his focus is on Forest, who of course inflicted last seasons record-breaking 7-3 defeat on us under Warnock's tenure.

However the quote that will have Leeds fans quaking will be the One about Warnock. He reportedly said "The same coach that propelled QPR into the Premier League...We are now negotiating with him to coach the English team I am buying"

Leeds own takeover rumours are shrouded in mystery, although a Chicago based consortium have emerged as the speculated front-runners at the moment.

Forest however have apparently confirmed that negotiations to buy the club are being conducted through Seymour Pierce, a London bank who have worked with wealthy Arabs previously.

Warnock announced last week that he was "frustrated and disappointed" that he had only managed to sign Jason Pearce last week, when he had targeted three or even four new signings. There were rumours towards the end of last week he was set to quit his Elland Road post just three months after arriving in Leeds. However is a return to Nottingham on the cards for the man who successfully led Notts County to promotion to the top flight 20 years ago?

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The Buy Out - Let's look at the evidence (as Lloyd Grossman would say).

• American and Arab consortiums have figured in the mix.
• Luiz Felipe Scolari had two periods of managing the Kuwaiti team, Al Qadisiya where the Chairman was Fawaz al-Hasawi, until he recently resigned.
• Scolari is a big fan of Nottingham Forest, according to his profile 'He is also known to have a particular passion for English club Nottingham Forest, whose stylish football he followed as they twice conquered Europe under the legendary Brian Clough'. So would, ostensibly, have conversed with his Chairman about everything football related (although it was some time ago)
• We could conceivably be described as fallen giants - it doesn't get much bigger than back to back European Cup wins (that was also a long time ago)
• And the biggest mystery - Just why did Apple figure Nottingham Forest in their latest advertisement? You can laugh, but it is somewhat of an enigma. Could Apple have been paid by someone who wanted to raise the profile of NFFC?

Of course, it could all be 'Chinese Whispers' - as in the old phrase - 'We are going to advance, send reinforcements, which finishes up 'We are going to a dance, send three and fourpence.'

So, as one fan put it - we will just have to Kuwaiti and see!

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Would love the takeover part to be true but not the Warnock part.New manager should be somebody younger that the players can relate to and grow as a side.

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Whether this is true or not, surely it should say:

"The quote that will have FOREST fans quaking will be the one about Warnock".

We obviously need the takeover but PLEASE, anyone but Colin.

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Leeds fan here - I never saw NW release any coment about been dissapointed about signings - post a link

Also how many clubs have signed players, not many at all.

Also i hope this guy buys NF and not Leeds - I dont want to become another Chelski or M City and just buy titles, that said i would love to see the back of Bates {Ed034's Note - really?? you wouldn't wadn't want a billionaire to come in and give you the chance of bringing better players to what you have and give you a chance of reaching the prem??

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Why dont the press just ask Warnock....simple

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Also...News reports quoted Hasawi yesterday as saying that a deal for “a second tier English club was indeed imminent”. According to report in an online newspaper, Hasawi’s negotiations will be about choosing a coach first, and that Hasawi was eyeing a former coach of Queens Park Rangers - if this reference is indeed to Neil Warnock - he would already have him in place if he were to buy Leeds??

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The thing we have to remember is that even if this deal does go through (and it's not definite yet. he may pull out), FFP dictates that we need to reduce our losses each season until we break even. so that means that player wages will have to be sensible. so I don't think if the guy does takeover the club then we're going to see a revolution a la chelski, man city or leicester (ish). as a lifelong supporter of my club, I'd like to see -in the words of tony hayers- evolution not revolution. i think we should steady the ship. i want the club to be sensible. i really don't want to have to be in that position to defend having a rich sugar daddy. because it's unjustifiable. it would be safer and more beneficial in the long term, as well as better for the fans, to see the ship steadied before launching any kind of mad promotion push. also, cotterill should be given a chance this season. if it's not working then fine, he'll have to go but he deserves to be manager of our club after what he pulled off last season. i'll be really peed off if the new owners come in and sack him

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Billy davies return?

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Billy davies to swansea

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To answer two previous posts:
You dont buy a club because a certain manager is already there! Think about it that would be insane, You buy the club you want then go after the manager you want!
As for the FFP restricting teams iwth cash it hasnt bothered Leicester or West Ham and wont bother any Prem relegated teams? , If we have a rich owner he can pile in as much cash as he wants and then take the financial hit etc etc. There will be ways around it through sponsorship etc.
Also if a new owner comes in and wants his own man in charge then its tough and its the owners choice, Frankly I would rather get a man in charge who has had a number of promos from the Championship than stick with one who hasnt.
Either way it's raised the profile of us being sold.
Here's to an exciting few days although am not getting carried away as are still unsubstantiated rumours.

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Hi Ed - Of course i wouant PL but i do not want to be another Chelsea or City - I personly like to see youth given a chance and that will never happen if some Billionaire comes in. {Ed034's Note - I get what your saying, but you need to build a squad first, then you do what Chelsea, man u, arsenal, man city do and loan out e youngsters, before integrating them into the team. Look at cleverly, sturridge, Bertrand, wilshire, hart. Agree with wanting youngsters throuh though

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In reply to: "To answer two previous posts" If you are referring to the point about Neil Warnock already being at Leeds - you missed the point - It was another signal in favour of Forest, meaning if the buyer was eyeing someone already in charge of a club (one he wasn't interested in Warnock/Leeds), he wouldn't bother making the statement - it suggests his intention is to tempt him away to manage the club he is intending to buy (hopefully Forest!) Obviously you don't buy a club because a certain manager is already there - that was the whole point!!!

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I don't believe this Warnock rumour and I'll probably get flamed for this, but he has a proven track record at this level. I know a lot of fans don't like him but I think he'd be excellent for Forest (if we could get him), especially if new owners gave him money to spend

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So now someone is moaning saying they dont want leeds to be bought coz the money then will spend. well im a leeds fan and i would rather get someone in and spend money on players then sit in championship for another 10 years

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