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03 Jun 2012 21:13:54
The Qatari's who bought the Chelsea barracks and the Olympic village have put in a 32 million bid in to buy Nottingham forest. You heard it from me first. Redman

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And where did you hear this. I hate it when people post without backing it up. I'm not saying its not true Redman, just how have you come about this info.

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Utter rubbish. Why would anyone bid 32m for a club that does not produce a trading profit, has no tangible assets and has a debt of 75M+!

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Shut up about the debt

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Leeds fans on again? Stop being so negative. It might just happen. Anyway go back to your own site!

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Name a club that makes a profit? and don't say man utd or man city because they don't

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Why would it be utter rubbish? someone's got to buy the club, i love how half the people on this site hate on most comments it's a rumour site! not the BBC News!

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That pretty much describes all clubs.

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If that's true its a disaster...last thing we need is foreign ownership of our local football club. Aand the price you quote is will be c10m, but new owner will have to subsidise the wages bill so that the poor darlings can continue to earn beyond the club's income.

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Because they may have offered a 1 for the shares and the rest as 50p in the for the debt. Also the Doughtys may wish to keep some of the shareholding to protect the club during any future sell on, ie so that the club goes on to the right sort of people.

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But a rumour gotta come from somewhere, and it would be nice to know where people hear it from.

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Arsenal makes a profit every single year and they are a top 4 team in principle.

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Arsenal only make a profit because they're still selling flats from the highbury redevelopment. As soon as they're all sold they will go back into loss and paying off the 150m they borrowed to build the emirates (with 19m interest a year).

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Why are people so against foreign ownership? So what? I'd sooner have foreign ownership than see forest tumble to the conference after selling all the decent players. With the manager we have answer lets face it he plays very negative football. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face people.

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Im sorry di'd man city have tangible assets before it was bought...........yer thought so...shut up.

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No tangible assets? Is that I presume excluding the ground, training complex and players?

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I doubt selling a few flats a year is keeping them in the green, having a huge fan base does help a bit. Newcastle didn't sell 1 flat and made the best turnover last BOD

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03 Jun 2012 19:48:10
In the last few days according to sources in Kuwait in the paper and the TV. Mr.Fawaz is set to officially buy Forest in the next 10 days.
His sister has apparently confirmed this.
it was between Forest & Leeds but Fawaz wanted a club with a rich European history and since Forest won the European Cup/Champions League twice he has opted for the Reds.
Also, Leeds are though to be being taken over by a American based consortium who have held talks over a deal with United’s owner and majority shareholder.
Forest are in talk with other Potential buyers aswell.

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Its all hear say and apparently ive heard this n that when the truth is no one knows owt apart from the people selling n buying the club its a case of just waiting now till its officially announced

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You've repeated exactly what has been said from the past week.Nothing we don't know already.

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It was made public knowledge last week that Fawaz does not have a pot to p*** in.
Is that the the type of owner Forest want.

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Rich European history in the 80's maybe, does he want a Ford Capri & mullet haircut too because these wre also big in the 80's.

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Yes just hear say bt what is not hear say we are loosing players bit by bit. the question is our squad but WHAT SQUAD. this is getting worse with anderson going to blackpool now,regards if people like anderson or not it's the fact another player is going. whats to be nobody knows until its in black and white that we do have a buyer and been on the local news.

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Rich in european history ,ur funny,lol

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Why is it only leeds fans know about the money problem maybe ken is pulling the wool over the eyes of leeds fans.

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03 Jun 2012 17:06:21
Not sure I this is true. But a friend if mines dad, scouts youngsters for forest and said about 3 weeks ago some Arab people where at the city ground. They asked for a michillin star chef to be brought to the city ground pitch diner to make halal food for them. Like I say hit an miss not sure.

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Not true mate. My girlfriend works in the pitch diner and she says none of the staff have been called in to work since the end of the season... Unless of course these Arabs brought their own staff or requested different catering staff

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Btw when I say none of the Pitch diner staff were called in I mean waiters/waitresses and pitch diner event staff

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Any meeting with Arabs surely would take place with Seymour Price at their offices in London?

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The meeting place may be an indication of how far they are in the process.

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They usually bring in their own catering staff, experience in doing Arab and Asian wedding receptions, this rumour has been around for a while, not the first time that this has been mentioned

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Well they'll meet with the bank in London, yes, but theyre gonna want to look young the ground and stuff aren't they

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03 Jun 2012 11:33:06
according to an anonymous source, sir alan sugar has launched a takeover bid.

he has a shortlist of around 10 potential managers and the job will go to the man who can sell the most pram components business to business and who can design the best packaging for a range of microwave ready meals.

you heard it here first.

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I heard Ikea owners are buying us

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No mate that's derby mate

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Things are so bad that material which is suitable for the banter site is now being allowed on the rumours site... {ed034's note - sorry and you are right. looking after the little one while adding posts, but will be more vigilant

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Your Fired


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*You're hired


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Person yed!

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Mr Sugar taking over - sounds too sweet to me

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03 Jun 2012 11:18:49
It seems funny that this Kuwait dude would resign from his current club... You wouldn't do it for no reason?! Anyway, I found this on a Kuwait newspaper site. Apparently he'd just like an English club so he fits in with the big boys...

The acquisition of a football club would give Al-Hasawi automatic membership to an elite club of Gulf investors that own European football teams. Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development Limited, led by HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, acquired Manchester City for a reported US$321m in summer 2008.

Qatar Sports Investments bought a 70 percent stake in French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in June last year. The investment firm became the sole shareholder of the club after purchasing the remaining 30 percent stake in March.

Dubai’s Royal Emirates Group owns the Spanish La Liga side Getafe.

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Whats your point? you telling me abu dhabi only bought man city to be in the elite club? no, its just an added bonus.

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03 Jun 2012 08:37:27
Gianni paladins could Join Nottingham forest as part of a Kuwait takeover.businessman fawaz al Hasawi is closing in on the deal for the championship club that could. R completed by Wednesday and people sport understands he would like former qpr chairman paladini on board at the city ground paladini who has been out of work since leaving rangers seven months ago would offer the new owner insight into the English game and contacts the Italian was made to look silly in the clubs documentary qpr the four year plan and claimed he was stiched up by the makers as he was portrayed as a yes man to flavin briatore he has been keen to return to the game though {Ed034's Note - Any link to this story??

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Think it's in on the people website Ed. {Ed034's Note - Thanks mate

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Can we have a link to the story then? been on the people website and can't find anything

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You know when you went to school did you realise that it carried on after dinner time?

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No it's not, unless you can prove it with a link.

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Link us? I just scoured people sport and found nothing :(

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No one wants paladini to be apart of the deal because of what went on at qpr and that documentry, but it may be unfair to judge him on that. and after all we need a buyer as soon as so if he is part of the deal if the deal exists then lets welcome them to the club as this would be better than no owners at all

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Wow, sounds like its back on. In fact I don't think it ever went away!

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Yes agreed we don't want anyone like Paladini involved at our club!
God forbid we end up getting promoted to the Prem and have pots of cash like QPR.

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I carnt find it on website but ive just seen it in the newspaper version of the people

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Did you not watched the documentary you wont want him any where near the club

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It is in newspaper

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I dident see the documentary when was it on (years) as I'm only 15 so I won't know what did he do ???

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Thanks to him we got qpr top goal scorer at the time

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It was on near January 2012 haha

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His sister seems to think done deal

was that documentary past your bed time?

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Friends with an agent and he basically got the club to buy the players on the agents books. The agent also got a tonne of money through the frees, it was basically like Italian transfers.

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No it's just that I don't really take a interest in tv much I'm mostly out

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It was on after motd on sunday near 11:30

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