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03 May 2012 20:10:09
RT By Justin Heaton on Twitter - Matt Regan (liverpool lad) to sign with us next week. Centre Back


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I dont know if he ment it as a joke or not to be fair

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This is 100% true he was in the reserves game against sheffield united an impressed, only youth player tho so not much money involved before people kick up about how can we sign when we have no money etc etc

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How old is he?
is he better than Jamaal?

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03 May 2012 19:22:07
If we're talking priorities, it has to be a 20 goal a season striker. We have decent strength in depth in both Defence and Midfield (hoping we can keep Addy, McCleary, Cunners, Gunts and the CBs) but upfront we need a young, willing striker - not an Ishmel Miller.

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What an absolute waste of money Miller was...said it at the beginning of the year...hoped I would be wrong....disappointed that I was not!! Unfortunately can't see any other suckers out there willing to buy him....I certainly wouldn't!!

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03 May 2012 16:39:11
Can we have some players with some solid unwavering passion for the club please ? Reading had them, norwich had them and swansea had them its what we need more than anything, too many players at forest are no where near passionate enough and that showed this season, so lets get rid of these money grabbers and get some players in who want to be here and stay here !

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Not exactly a rumour.

I agree and disagree with the statement.

In the last 3 months I think the players showed both heart and organisation.

In my opinion quite a few players showed that they do have both a passion for football and the club.

The news about Greening delaying an operation for 4 months so he could help us stay up is an excellent example.

Also, personally, (feel free to disagree), I can not criticise the effort and loyalty of Blackstock, Cohen, Lynch, Reid, Moloney, Lascelles, Smith and Tudgay.


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03 May 2012 15:21:58
Leeds center back alex bruce will move to forest on a free transfer

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Hope he brings his mrs with him!
HOT AS HELL {Ed020's Note - gotta agree with you there, top totty!!}

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Will he play for free? If not then he will need to look elsewhere.

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Leeds center back Alex Bruce will move to Forest on a free transfer
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03 May 2012 12:52:07
Gunter to be sold for undisclosed fee. Money will go towards contracts. Arab investors signing a deal to buy the club. Going to give sc 20million to spend

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If carlsberg did bull***t................

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If the 'arabians' are investing 20m, why sell Gunter?

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You mean Americans owners forest are travelling to america

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I absolutely agree with the post about going to America. We are skint, yet we are shedding approx 50k on a training and bonding trip to the states.

I don't know what SC has done in previous training bootcamps but he doesn't seem like the person to go to the USA. get some sun in south Europe and a few local friendlies...but not the USA.

I to smell something cooking

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He said he's wangled that trip by 'wheeling and dealing' lol i have no idea how. i don't think it has anything to do with american investors though, because why would they commit to flying the team out before committing to buying the club?

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Unless they've all but bought the club already........maybe?

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Stop jumping the gun

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Wheeling and dealing, did we fly with RyanAir?

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I doubt any american investors are close to buying the club. the NP said a week or two ago that a deal wasn't even close to being made

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"give us 20million to spend" we can spend a max of 6 million this summer due to financial fair play.... not that we'd spend anywhere near it mind

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03 May 2012 11:20:16
The start of the bad news has arrived im affraid.
Garath McCleary has rejected forests contract offer and looks set for talks with celtic and norwich. Chambers has all but said he is wanting to leave unless new owners can be sorted which just isnt even close. No new news on lynch either so i wouldnt be suprised if he left too. I was optermistic come the end of the season but in typical forest fashion that never becomes a reality

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Well done you are another to think they know it all yet know f*ck all, for your info on chambers i dont think many fans care if he goes your just stating what we already know on chambers

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I hope we can keep McCleary & lynch both have had a good season & should repay sc faith in them,as for chambers,camp & the rest of the i should be playing for a bigger club lot they should all f**k off because if they were as good as they think they are we would be in the prem by now

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It looks like the original post is correct (it sometimes happens on this site!) so the abusive responder should apologise!

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