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04 Apr 2012 19:18:28
Forest are offering contracts to Lynch, Chambers, McClery & Anderson (not sure why though) this week. Forest aren't confident in keeping McClery though as his agent has been offering him to clubs. MJ

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Anderson is a quality player

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Anderson a quality player? He promises loads and delivers next to nothing.

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I would happily use ando's wages too keep G'Mac

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04 Apr 2012 13:44:15
JP McManus is taking over infact he is just tryin to get another irish millionaire on board called denis o brien who will drill in big money aswell even if mr o brien doesnt come on board jp is taking over either way and has huge plans to promote us worldwide it is his new venture as he is putting family members of his in charge of his horsie empire. good times around the corner

Forest forever

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JIZZZZZ no that is uter balls

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Another dreamer. Just making it up. No proof of anything. Again.

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Where did you get your info from?

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My jack russel told me.........or maybe he just farted and I misheard!

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I heard Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgler talking about this in Burger King.

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It would give your story some credibility if you had any sort of proof....complete bull as usual

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04 Apr 2012 13:37:17
Forest are to sign greg cunningham and danny higginbotham in the summer when we get new owners in, they will also attempt to bring in guedioura, others will be targeted but not sure who else, marlin harewood, matt derbyshire, george boeteng and 3 youth players will be released at the end of the season

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Marlin? Do u mean merlin?

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Where do you dream this up. It is what you think and only that.

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Derbyshire is not leaving at the end of the season, FACT.

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Derbyshire is leaving at the end of the season, FACT.

Says its all really...

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How do you know who we are 'signing' if we haven't even been taken over yet?! Donut

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I wish people would stop making stuff up, how do you know who we will sign even SC doesn't bloody know

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I spoke to 3 people last week who, at one time have all been employed by the club. Each told me a totally different story as to who will own the club next season. The first we will know is when the ink is dry on the contracts.

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Elokobi would also be a good buy.

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