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04 Feb 2012 13:49:49
Players dont like Cottrell, he also has 3 games to turn things around or he is gone and SOD is taking over. I'm not sure how this will work with having to pay him off (Hopefully like the Steve McC deal with no compo) but from a very good source.


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HP or Daddies?

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It's true the players don't like Cotterill & don't have faith in him... But I don't know about Cottetill having 3 games to turn it around... I hope that's true! Frank Clark was/is part of the LMA so I think it would take a lot for him to sack Cotterill

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Just heard the very sad news about Nigel Doughty, a man who whilst not the most popular figure within Nottingham Forest at the moment, never the less saved the club from administration, put up plenty of his own money and did what he thought best for the club. Thoughts and condolences go out to his family at this time.

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Three games cotrell has to turn this club around and heres what i say BRING BACK BILLY!

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So what does.this.mean for the club now does any no what happens next when the owner dies

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"So what does.this.mean for the club now does any no what happens next when the owner dies"
You heartless Bast**d!

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I'm sure the b45t4rds who have been hounding him will be happy now.You must be very proud.

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How is he heartless? He only asked what would happen to the club now they have no owner which is a very good question. I suspect his family will now sell the club on the cheap. RIP mr doughty

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The guy who asked what happens when the owner dies is just asking the question that many of us want to so don't call him a heartless bŁ&@@&d.

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I am not heartless just worried about the club i no the man gave a lot i am just wantin to no what happens so get of your high horse bet you called for head at least once c#&k

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Exactly he put everything he could into the club, he should go down as a legend.

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What should never be forgotten is that he stepped up to the plate to rid the club of scum in 99. No matter what people say he will in (in my eyes) be a legend.

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The thought crossed my mind, but there is a time to ask "what's gonna happen to the club" and that time is not now. I don't have a horse and No I didn't.

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Doughty has been hounded by fans but anyone who did this was hounding the wrong man....Can you not all see its Mark Arthur who is behind all the crap ND did his best to keep the club afloat, his only mistake I feel was getting rid of Billy. I also think McClaren would have done a better job than Cotterill if he'd have had more time. I didn't think we could have a worse manager than Megson or Platt but I think we have now

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I was there at the birmingham game when it all changed , to be fair the protests were more getting the wally with the brolly out and Marthur that guys a right current!

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Talk of BD coming back and SC going is as pathetic as it is inaccurate. Read FCs interview from last week, read his past comments when at LMA about clubs not sticking with managers. Stop living in a fantasy world and show some respect.

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Martha out NOW!!!

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