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04 Jan 2012 23:11:46 understands Nottingham Forest are targeting a move for Sheffield United midfielder Stephen Quinn.

The 25-year-old Irishman signed for the Blades in 2005 and has been a mainstay in the side since the 2006/07 campaign.

Forest are currently struggling in the Championship relegation zone and have targeted Quinn to help them move away from the bottom three.

United are gunning for promotion from League One but may be tempted to sell the player for around £350,000 due to financial difficulties.

Quinn has made 27 appearances in all competitions this season, scoring three goals for the Blades.

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04 Jan 2012 16:38:10
Early on in the day there was rumours/talk of Stephen Quinn being sent to prison and 8 hours later Sky sports and other sources reporting Forest are targeting him. Rumours i've seen are for 350,000 or for a swap with Tudgay

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Doubt it. Cotterill loves tudgay

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Would not involve tudgay, but may involve mcgoldrick

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Swap tudgay?? hes playing really well under cotterill ,he scored two great goals against ipswich on monday.I dont think they will swap him,tell them they can have derbyshire or mcgoldrick lol

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What a great move by Forest another midfielder??
So much for Cotterill's were unbalanced comment.

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If this deal comes off, I can only see it meaning mcgugen is being sold.
I personally think if we can buy this guy for less than 500k and get 2m for lewis, it would be a cracking bit of business

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We need mcgugen to set up half of the goals

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04 Jan 2012 16:30:54
Nottingham Forest are targeting a move for Sheffield United midfielder Stephen Quinn.

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Am i the only one who would like to see this guy come to forest ? always caused problems for us when we played Sheffield united

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04 Jan 2012 17:04:27
Forest are targeting Sheffield United midfielder Stephen Quinn.

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Not good enough for us...and no we dont need anymore bloody midfielders

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Poor mans Cohen and ginger

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04 Jan 2012 16:53:03
I see MacClaren is going back to twente... Think he'll take Derbyshire & Greening with him?.... We can hope

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Greening playing well we should keep him

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It would be magic, if that happened.

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McLaren ? i wish him so much bad luck...tosser
the rubbish he came out with about mis match of ambition etc after he left made me sick...he's full of sh*t. ONly able to do well if hes got bottomless pockets...rubbish coach rubbish tactician...i wish someone would shave that irritating bit of hair off he has at the front as well

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As bad as he was for us, the fact he walked out and didn't ask for any sort of payout, means he doesntndeserve the abuse he gets.
Good luck and I hope it goes well for you, even if it was a disaster with us

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Greening as stood out in last few games and looked class.Do you go to games or are you just jumping on a bandwagon?

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The rubbish who came out with?

mcclaren was promised funds in order to recruit him and then doughty reneged and left him without the tools to achieve promotion. doughty didn't even bother having any of his lackies deny it.

mcclaren had his faults but the club shafted him, not the other way round.

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04 Jan 2012 14:02:39
Gunter has said to the press that he is staying as he is not fussed on moving he just wants to play football which he is doing at the moment

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Flog him and the rest of em and start all over again. We miss out on many players when they are starting to make a name for themselves. LETS CHANGE THAT.

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Flog him and the rest of them.........very sensible comment. I can just see that happening. It's a pity youve not got the money to buy us and take us forward with that sort of clever, well thought out comment lol

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"We miss out on many players when they are starting to make a name for themselves."

Picking players is easy with hindsight (or when you can see their stats on champ manager).

Gunter is a pretty good pick, his next club will be a prem one.

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This may be a little controversial but I think Gunter is overrated, maybe not for wales but definitely for us. He didn't have a great end to last season and Moloney came in and at times did a better job. This season Gunter has allowed far too many crosses in the forest box which led to all those goals we conceded under the Mclaren reign when the centre halfs forgot how to head the ball and he's still at it which led him to be played on the right wing with chambers at right back under the early SC reign. He's very good going forward and providing the overlap with his pace but most of the time his crosses in to the box are poor. From watching the highlights, his defending against Ipswich was poor, allowing the man at the back post to get away from him far too easily and not stopping crosses. He seems to be a little too comfortable at Forest and doesn't put the performances in he does for Wales. Moloney is more than capable and If we can get 2-3 mill for him it can help build a new team.

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No player looks good in a team playing as badly and as low on confidence as ours (eg see Demba Ba at Wet Sham vs Demba Ba at Newcastle).

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Demba Ba was amazing at West Ham.. scored like every time they played him they were just worried about his fitness which now doesn't seem to be a problem.

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If you say Gunter doesn't put in enough motivated performances then you clearly don't watch! Behind Cohen he puts in the most effort and actually cares about the results and the club

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Obviously don't watch a lot of footy cos Demba was excellent in a poor West Ham team. Get yourself 2 the odd match rather than just reading online reports. Played a blinder against us too!

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I agree that Gunter has let way too many crosses get into the box. He is ok going forwards but a bit of a disaster at the back.

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Are u mad? maloney is Ok but streets behind gunter as defender and as wing back..if gunts went we would be crying about lack of natrual RB same as we often are regarding LB psotion. Maloney is only good enough to be a sqaud player

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I was at the west ham v fprest cup game and although we played really well and lost 3-2 Ba got a hatrick, he is quality.

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It was obinna who got a hat trick actually mate so you clearly didnt go...

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..ha ha, my mistake, I go my na's and ba's confused, I was there 'mate' but was in a hospitality box and was making the most of the free booze. Ba is a great finisher and has a good touch regardless of your nonsense flim flam.

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