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04 Jun 2012 22:50:39
Forest on the verge of signing striker Mido after only 4 games this season at Zamalek. He only wants a low wage as he feels he needs to prove a point in England.

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Not good enough to wear a forest shirt

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I love football manager too...

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Not the first times he's been linked with Forest, heard this 3/4 years back

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I hope not!
I don't care if he plays for free. He's hopeless.

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I wonder if it's the same people who think chris gunter is a world class fullback who think mido is not good enough for forest? {Ed034's Note - I don't think anyone's ever said he is world class, but he is certainly good enough from the prem

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Gunter is good enough for an average team in the prem

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Gunter way short of world class but would do a decent job in Prem for a lower team. Replaceable.

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04 Jun 2012 22:07:35
Spoke to a friend of mine who works in the marketing department at forest. She assured me the kit is again made by umbro as there is one year remaining on the contract.

So it won't be Adidas and certainly NOT Macron!

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You sound a lot more promising than the Macron dude!

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I think you'll find the umbro deal has expired as of the end of the 2011/2012 season

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It WILL be adidas and the sponsor is still VC

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Yeah Umbro deal has expired

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Well she was wrong, umbro deal has expired!

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Nike are looking to sell umbro. don't know what this would mean for signing new contracts but i suspect they will be looking to preserve existing deals...if ours is expired itd seem unlikely at this point that they would be in a position to renegotiate

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05 Jun 2012 09:11:09
Nike will sell off Umbro

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Let's see what happens then shall we!

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I've heard from a Kitbag employee that it will definitely be Umbro, no sponsor has been agreed as of yet.

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The kit is deffo umbro again

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Shuddup about the kit already, this should be the last of our worries right now:)

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Ed can I ask why you won't post my link? {Ed034's Note - You can. Which link was it???

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It's going to be Nike, I should know I am Nike's marketing manager

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Who cares!!

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May not have a team to wear it!

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04 Jun 2012 10:13:10
Just heard when forest are getting taken over by fawaz that paladini is going involved with it as well the takeover should be done by Wednesday by fawaz the kuait business man an paladini former qpr owner

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Just heard, scroll down the page you would of found out days ago.

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He is not the former QPR owner he was an employee and if this nonsense were true it would be a disaster. Anyone who saw the QPR documentary can see he had no idea how to run things, was dishonest with passing on conversations and information and in general terms was a complete joke.

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Havie to agree but qpr still got promoted...

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If 3 years after Paladini's appointment we're where QPR are now, I'd take that

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And the difference between him and MA is ? please answers on a postcard ! at least this guy has a clue where as MA hasnt had one since he's been here apart from letting numerous players go for free and still letting it happen, McClearly, Lynch, Anderson etc etc etc so pullllease don't talk to me about not having a clue.

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QPR got promoted AFTER he was sidelined by new Chairman...toldon documentary toshut up and stop being negative about team and players. New Chairman got in Warnock and gave him money. Not Paladini...nothing to do with him at all. He is the guy who sent Dex to us on loan without telling the manager!

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Got to get something in about MA eh? Not talking about him this is about Paladini who bought players off his agent friend to line pockets...undermined manager and sent players out on loan without telling Manager. MA is a tool but this is not about him.

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04 Jun 2012 10:03:11
Forest ace Paul Anderson set to complete move to Blackpool
Monday, June 04, 2012Nottingham PostFollow
PAUL Anderson is today expected to complete a move to Blackpool, as Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cotterill continues to see his hands tied by the club's uncertain financial future.

The Reds boss was keen to offer the versatile winger a new deal to remain at the City Ground.

Paul Anderson

But he was unable to do so, as the estate of Nigel Doughty continue their search for a new owner for Forest.

Cotterill has not yet been given a budget to work with for the coming season and, thus far, the club have only been permitted to offer new contracts to Garath McCleary and Joel Lynch.

McCleary was quick to reject the deal in favour of a move to Premier League Reading – and now Anderson is expected to follow his fellow winger out of the exit, with his switch to Forest's Championship rivals expected to be officially announced in the next 24 hours.

The Tangerines' interest in Anderson only came to light late last week – but manager Ian Holloway has acted quickly to agree a deal with the former Liverpool and Swansea man.

Anderson does not turn 24 until late July and would not be allowed to leave on a free transfer if Forest had offered him a deal that matches his current terms.

But, because they have not been able to offer him anything, Anderson will be allowed to walk away for nothing.

Anderson cost £250,000 when he moved from Liverpool permanently in the summer of 2009, following a season-long loan at the City Ground.

Injury limited his impact last season, when he made only 19 first team appearances. But, prior to that, he had played an integral role in two successive top-six finishes with the Reds.

His departure will leave Cotterill with another hole to fill in his squad – although Anderson is unlikely to be the last player to depart on a free-transfer.

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Anderson is not a forest ace.

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Anderson is a forest ace...comparatively speaking...thing is theres not much to choose from now loanees have headed home :(

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Hes abit like tyson can run fast, but thats about it, wouldnt say forest ace, forest need a change get rid of the rubbish and we have about 6more yet, hopefully get new owners in few weeks get some lads in that want to fight not just sit there getting paid allways on injury list

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Likely to sign chinese winger zachary Li Pierepont for next to nothing as replacement, dont know much about him but apparantley he's got quick feet {Ed034's Note - Where did you get this info??

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Did you just make up that name ?

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If he didn't I'm a China man.

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Haha I know zach. Probably one of his mates having a joke.

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He runs like he's chasing a penny that he's dropped that's rolling away

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04 Jun 2012 06:13:44
Luke Chambers will not be joining Leicester as they are more interested in signing free agent Fitz Hall.

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Chambers not proving to be as in demand as he thought he would be. Leicester are interested in Wilson with an exchange and fee for Matt Mills.

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Chambo is poor, Mills is poor also
Lynch is twice the player of either of these two...for gawds sake hold onto him

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Taking oxford utd centre back jake wright for less than 80k on a 4 year deal

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