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04 May 2012 17:01:11
Sasa Papac leaving Rangers for Nottingham Forest !

Forest forever

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We are broke... NOT gonna happen

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I work in cash converters and SC has not been down here recently trading in the European trophies so this is probably not true :)

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Released by rangers. yes
joining forest. unkikley
he's likley looking at upper championship/lower prem
nice shout though

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04 May 2012 16:18:50
our new kit has been designed, FACT. it is half red and half white, vertically, like blackburn's kit. BUT, they haven't yet found a sponsor to pay for its manufacture. FACT.

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Its pink and orange actually. FACT. see putting FACT at the end of the sentence does not make it any more true. FACT.


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I believe it is red and white stripes with a touch of blue and 50 stars and that's a cotton pickin fact! :)

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I believe it's red and white- (with an incy wincy little photo of Billy Davies in the tree on the logo)

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^^^ U forgot to add. "FACT." at the end to make your post true.


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04 May 2012 14:51:00
News on the last few games:

McCleary has -NOT- yet rejected a contract, but is allowed to enter talks with other clubs seeing as Cotteril is yet to offer him a new deal.

Also, as for the Press Talk of the Arab Owners, I honestly cannot see it happening, as Arabs are rich, and look at [Man] City, they were taken over by Arabs, and within 2 years they were transformed from relegation fodder to title contenders today. Can you honestly see Arabs taking over Forest and giving S.C a £20 Million + budget for transfers? I honestly cannot. But please, give me feedback and feel free to counter my argument.

-Rhys The Red

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If cotterill hasn't offered him a contract then he is publicly lying about it, as are all the papers.

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04 May 2012 08:21:10
Nottingham Forest'splayer-of-the-season Garath McCleary is in talks over a possible free transfer to Reading.

The 24-year-old winger scored nine goals this season, including four in one game as Forest beat Leeds United 7-3 at Elland Road in March.

Quick, powerful and skilful, McCleary is out of contract this summer and is allowed to talk to prospective clubs.

A former non-league star, McCleary was a trainee at Oxford United before he was released and snapped up by Slough Town both former clubs of Royals boss Brian McDermott.

Reading, though, will face competition from fellow Premier League clubs West Bromwich Albion, Norwich City and Wigan.

McCleary said recently: "It would be nice to play in the Premier League.

"I think any player would want to play there at some stage of their career.

"If it was with Forest, then brilliant, but I can't say what the future will hold. We'll see what happens."

McDermott has wasted no time in planning for life in the Premier League, but has taken time away from footballing matters this week by joining the rest of his squad in Marbella, Spain.

Reading return from their promotion party today and McDermott is expected to get back to work with director of football Nick Hammond as they try to bring in their first signing of the summer.

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Getting to big for his boots

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Why is he getting too big for his boots?

Just because he wants a crack at the prem?

Grow up. If it was any other player, at a different club, you'd say fair play to him.

Good luck mcCleary!

Hoppers u1

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I agree, if he has a chance of playing in the prem then he should go for it, but if he goes to Celtic then I believe it would be the wrong move for the wrong reasons.


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At least he's not going to sheep.

Agent 279

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Agent 279

He still might go derby he has a kid to feed if more money coming his way he not going to say no

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Unlike kc and nt, he has the choice to get himself in the prem, therefore the money side will look after itself. Personally I never pass up the chance to earn well so I don't expect mccleary to do that. I heard he was on his way to WBA btw, but last. weeks activities may affect that

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04 May 2012 07:42:36
Matty regan-CB-Liverpool/loan
Chris Clements-CM-hednesford town/50k
Forrester-ST-st.partick undisclosed
David Norris-CM-portsmouth/free
Greg cunningham-LB-man city/250k
Paul Taylor-CM-Peterborough/600k
Adlene guedioura-CM-wolves/undisclosed

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4 centre Mids and no wingers?

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Making up lies

Rumours based upon anything other than wishes :¬(O)

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Matty regan is training with forest and
out mccleary lynch chambers and gunter is leaving to join mccleary

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Arse! Taylor for starters has a 2 million price tag.

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He might well have a 2m price tag but I can guarantee he won't go for that much. He is a cracking player however. Cc was interested before Taylor had his "problems"

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Taylor is a striker

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Seeing as there is a thousand rumours about lee camp leaving just thought joe lewis of peterboro might be an option
im sure i saw that he's been release/transfer listed along with
Grant mccann (8 goals and 8 assists last yr) ,Paul Taylor and George Boyd

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Training where? The rest have gone on holiday so he's training alone!

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Regan is only 19 he is training with youths look on forest site his name is their

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How can this Regan fella be training with us if the team aren't actually training as they are in pre season break?

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Like i said check the site from last week he playing with the youths

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04 May 2012 07:28:28
Mccleary in talks with Reading. ( Newsnow )

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Martha out now!

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As much as I don't like the guy, this is not his fault.

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Newsnow says Celtic are after him.

If he goes it proves that he is just in it for the money!

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What else would he be in it for?

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No loyalty with these pre madonnas 1 good season and they jump ship, what about all those tears they have stuck with this pri(7 ? When he was a no body he was happy to collect his wages he never earned now its time to pay back rather than leave! I fckn hate these mercenaries thank god they are bringing in FFP not before time

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Newsnow just show all the story reports from other website and newspapers

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He's surely too young to be pre-madonna. She rose to fame in the early 80's and Garath wasn't born until 1987, well into madonnas 'hey-day'

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Please tell me you're using irony. please.

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He obviously is using irony

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Half a good season not full 1

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Too right about loyalty,playing well for half a season dont make you a messie,not good enough for the prem but will get big money for being a bench warmer

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No loyalty. Wat did you want him to do, stay with us in the championship on less money than he's being offered in the prem?
Don't talk wet about no loyalty.
If he went to the Cardiff, Leeds or any other championship club, then fair enough, but he's being given the chance to play against the best and he's being offered more money.
Good luck to him!

Hoppers u1

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As much as every1 likes to think they would stay loyal, if you were being offered more money, let alone possibly prem football, there is not a chance anyone would turn it down. If anything it would show a huge lack of ambition on his part. Would like him to stay, but if he goes then good luck to him.


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He should at least give us another season and prove he is really any good before moving on and failing. He's really not that good.

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Why should he?? He's good enough, because premier league sides are saying he is. Who are you to say he isn't??
I'd love him to stay, as thre re not many players out here that can frighten defenders and that's why prem sides are willing to take a gamble on him.

Hoppers u1

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And why would we only offer him a 1 year contact?


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Bond to stay with such loyal fans eh§§§ A crappy little made up rumour and he is slaughtered by a 'fan' calling him a mercenary. What a prat. He is a a professional sportman in a short career he has a right to secure his future and it may yet be with us despitmorons like that.

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He's right, it's in the Reading local rag.

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To be fair, footballers would stop you changing your job based on loyalty and players leaving is a natural part of football!

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So it is down to the money then ? he will be a bench warmer in the prem but a very well paid one,when they all say its not about the money they talk s**t

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I think he is living in A "material world" and will jump ship faster than a "ray of light" which would be "music" to my vogue

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Mccleary will fall on his arse reading wont stay up

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Who cares if he is a bench warmer, if someone said to me you will get paid more to teach kids (im a PE teacher) but the kids want moan, argue and will just get on with it (aka the easier life, less pressure) then i would bite there hand off, i wouldnt give a crap what school i was teaching at. Why would it be any different to a footballer?

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Why will he fall on his arse and why will he be a bench warmer??

The guy has got huge potential and if he does well, which I think he will, he canto a long way.

If it was a league one player coming to forest, you wouldn't be saying s**t, so put your dummy back in and get in your cotbed for a nap

Hoppers u1

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G Mac - Scout Report.
Two footed. Has genuine pace. Skilful, will engage and beat defenders regurlarly. Unusually for a winger is decent in the air. Good goals game to ratio.
Yep, no chance in the prem?

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McCleary will be found out in the prem within 5 mins....he is not good enough. He has had one half of a good season where he was made to look better than he is by players backing off him. He lacks the power or ability of a Moses who made the step up well. He will be a bench warmer but so what it is his choice.

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Sc is the only manager to give him a run in the team, the last half a season and he has won games on his own.
why are you being so negative about him? would you be the same if he was staying?
grow up my friend

hoppers u1

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He will end up like fabian delph for villa

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